A continuation of Sienna’s Sensual Massage (Part II)

Just as he did in the last massage, he directs my girl to turn over and holds the sheet up as she rolls over.  He drapes the sheet so one breast is completely exposed with the sheet resting lightly across the other at her nipple. The sensation of the crisp cotton edge against her firm, sensitive nipple leaves both aching for his touch. She feels a rush of excitement knowing he is taking in the sight of her exposed breast and hard nipple. With a pleasing scent of lavender and mint filling her senses, her mind begins to drift with anticipation of what might come next.

Sienna 77

Moving behind her, he works her left shoulder and upper chest. He is getting teasingly close but is careful to not touch her breast. Ahhhh, the erotic swirl is killing me! Would he touch her or would that have to wait for the next appointment? How will she feel as another man makes contact with her breasts?

Sienna Says – At this point I realize I am exposed and the thrill catapults me to new levels of excitement! Not because of my exhibition with a strange man but my heightened awareness of Michael. His desire and spiritual presence in the situation is real for me.. I want Him here with me…submitting my Daddy as he gives me to another for my pleasure. Michael’s physical absence only creates a stronger connection to him. It is my connection to Michael that excites me and drives me to give him what he wants.

He moves around behind her and she soon feels his strong, warm hands on her shoulder. His touch causes my girl’s heart to race as his hands move along her neck and shoulders. He descends in a strong, sensual motion from her shoulders down to her chest and stop short of my lover’s breasts…so careful not to touch. She arches her chest in an inviting pose…my sexy girl is almost begging another man to touch her breasts and nipples.

Sienna Says – Daddy, I was so, so wet. I could hear your voice and feel you close. I was feeling so nervous and excited by what you would do in this moment. I imagined it was you removing the sheet and revealing your girl’s breasts to another man. Your voice would fill the room as you took my breasts into your strong hands and gently pulled at my nipples…marveling at how response they are to Daddy’s touch…teaching another man how to touch your girl. 


Moving from behind her, he comes to her side extends her left arm out and eventually pulls it up and back beyond her shoulder. She feels something hard against her fingers. “I didn’t move and just let him control my hand. I couldn’t tell for sure…but I’m pretty sure it was his cock. It felt really hard and thick.” When he finishes with her arm, he places her hand against her exposed breast in a position where her thumb and index finger come to rest on her exposed, straining nipple.

Sienna - Massage 36 v2

God, I love the tension of this moment. He knows she is exposed and he knows that Sienna knows she is exposed. Yet, they act like it isn’t happening. As Sienna talks me through this moment, my eyes are glazing with smokey heat. Nothing else exists in the world except my little girl’s voice. I know she really wanted me in the room with her (and I appreciated that) but was open to more if her masseur would be bold enough to make it happen. Would he?

He repeats the same movement on her right side but this time he presses his hard cock more firmly against her passive hand. As he moves her right arm out and then up above her shoulder, the sheet falls away and now both breasts are fully exposed. He guides her hand along his cock a little more this time. She definitely knows his hard, thick cock is all over her hand and fingers and can hear him breathing deeper. Sienna heart is pounding with excitement but she remains passive and doesn’t grip his manhood.

He leaves her breasts exposed (who can blame him) with the sheet well below her breasts, he begins to work on the front of her right leg. At times he runs his hands along the length of her leg, across the top of her waist, along the side of her tummy, and upward along the outside of her breast. While she can’t look down and see, her right leg is uncovered and it feels like the sheet might be barely draped across her pubic bone..if covering it at all.

Damn, the visual is so intense for me. My sexy girl is basically laying there with her left leg covered and token draping on her stomach. Other than that, her full breasts, eraser-like straining nipples, gorgeous hips, and silky wet pussy were all in clear view. He must have felt like he had died and gone to heaven!

Finishing up on her left side, he covers Sienna up entirely with the sheet. He announces they have 15 minutes remaining and asks if she wants any other areas worked on? As we had discussed, Sienna requests that he work on her abs. He pulls the sheet down below her breasts and allll the way down unit it comes to rest right at her clit. He rubs low along her hips and lower abs with moments of pressure on her pubic bone and inner thighs but is careful to not touch her pussy. His hands then make a sweeping motion up along her stomach and squeezes her breasts while be careful not to touch her nipples.

Sienna - Massage 8


He repeats this flow over and over. Sienna is too conflicted to ask for more but her body is screaming for more! She pushes out her chest when he handles her breasts and arches her hips as if pushing her pussy into her masseur’s skilled hands as he works her pubic bone and inner thighs. He wants to hear her ask for more and is pushing my girl to her breaking point…as time expires.

Sienna - Massage 9


Left alone in the room and sitting in a pool of her own juices, Sienna brings herself to several orgasms before finally getting dressed. Her masseur had her on edge and, had he been more commanding, our fantasy may have been our new reality. He would have another opportunity though in the future.

Talking me through the experience, Sienna created such a dreamy, erotic vibe. Even as the possibility of another man pleasing her moves closer, our connection and desire for one another is evident. She guides me through the fantasy – she is my girl. She will allow him to take her but only as a submissive act to me. I am in control of the moment…and my little girl’s pleasure…even if it comes from another man.

I reassure Sienna that I love her dearly and found today’s adventure to be so breathtakingly exciting. She had taken a big step today in bringing our fantasy to life. I was aching to fuck my sweet angel for being so damn naughty! At the same time, I want to hold her tight, make her feel emotionally safe, and surround her in my adoring love.

Sienna says –  This experience was all about US and OUR shared moment.  I love what we share in our unique and loving bond!  Mmmmm Michael, my sweet baby…I’m loving you so deep! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘. I wish I were in your arms right now feeling so secure and sooo loved!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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33 thoughts on “Sienna’s Sensual Massage (Part III)

  1. OHHHHHH MY !!!!!!!!

  2. Larry Archer

    She is such a bad girl, teasing him like that! Next time tell him to take off his pants so that he will be more comfortable and I think after these sessions, it would be okay for Sienna to be a little more aggressive and tell him what she really needs.

    1. I’m sure it was interesting for him not just in an aroused way. This spa is a professional place of business with many people roaming around quietly in the halls just outside the door. For all he knew, Sienna could have been an undercover (well not much under) officer. He probably had a lot of that going on inside his head. Plus, as you suggest, there were plenty of moments where Sienna could have eased him over the line…if she was ready for the next step. There is more to come with this therapist… 🙂

  3. Damn! That will get the juices flowing for sure. I know how erotic it is when B gives me a massage but for a strange man to do it and so intimately, the senses you must have been feeling Sienna had to be in overdrive.
    I may have to switch from the lady I go to and find a man to rub me down. lol 🙂

    1. And Michael! How the hell you could sit through her describing this without coming unglued and blowing your seed is beyond me?

      1. Tis, I did mention the creamy, hot lava building within my erotic volcano…just not the eruption, ha! Seriously, I came so hard that day on the phone with Sienna and that night…over the weekend…daily for weeks after… Hell, I came several times just pulling this post together today! I’d reach a point where I couldn’t write anymore until I took off the edge, ha! 😉

        1. Oh my the visuals your comment to ‘Tis creates… :-)

          1. He IS a master creating visuals!!!! I remember when he meticulously moved the sheet around to photograph me (in this shoot in particular), I lay there thinking ….. “Hmmmm, this doesn’t seem like it will turn out at all…he’s cutting off half my body, oh well, maybe he’s checking the lighting”… Then voila!!!!!! Damn! My creative and amazing Love!

          2. Right? All I keep thinking about now is this http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hKoB0MHVBvM

          3. LOL!!! OMG! This was HILARIOUS…especially in this context. And yes, that about captures how I felt and feel about my naughty Girl’s behavior! 🙂

          4. 🙂 hehe! 🙂

          5. Hmmmm, that gives me an idea for a post. Just need Sienna to lend a helping hand, mmmm! 🙂

  4. Babe, and yet the most amazing eruption of all is when we relive and re-tell the experience …as you are whispering in my ear while taking me! Just as you did several times this week. Does your naughty girl get herself back into “good graces”?…Like an early morning wake up pleasure, a warm mouth inviting, an infusion and release to start the day off in perfect harmony! Baby, the ultimate sensual massage is our own perfected “mapping” and knowing of each other’s bodies… How we caress, love and take care of each other’s bodies in the most perfect and sensual massage EVER! xoxo

    1. Mmmm, my sexy Girl! You ARE my eruption! My Love and passion explode and flow because of YOU! And, just when I think my eruption has subsided you take me from dormant to erupting again…and again just as you did last week! Waking up with you on Friday morning with your hand under my heavy, full balls and around the base of my cock…the rest of my cock in your sexy lips–damn Baby!!! You take such good care of your man! Sienna, we know one another so well and every time we are together is indeed the perfect sensual massage. But, the massage is much more than superficial touch…we touch one another’s soul!

      1. Holy hell! That’s a lot of eruptions! 😉

  5. Poetic Passions

    A very sensual experience…

    1. Thank you, sensual and naughty all rolled into one special gift–the Love of my life.

  6. Oh, the mind, how it wanders when faced with Sienna’s beautiful story 🙂

    1. I can’t help but wonder where your thoughts wander… 😉 We would love to know your naughty thoughts. 🙂

  7. Is it wrong that I want to give a ^5 to Sienna for a job well done. 🙂
    I am breathing just a little faster while I sit here at work… I need to go out for a quick walk… Let the night air distract me. :-)

    1. Sofia, you give her a high five and I’ll give her a low five on her sexy ass for being such a good naughty Girl! 🙂 Hope that quick walk was enjoyable… 😉

  8. I really shouldn’t read this stuff at work… You two are so hot!

    1. Thank you, Mel! This would have been quite a read at work. It’s not as easy for men to get away with it public places…the “rising” action blows our cover every time, ha! 🙂 So glad to see you back and extra excited about the wonderful news you are carrying! 🙂

  9. That was just ridiculously hot. How could you know giving a massage like that with a woman I don’t know is one of my continuing fantasies? You just described to me my own daydreams. Amazing. I could feel the connection between you two, the connection that made this event everything that it was. Michael, you did such a good job of relating it all. Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment between you two.

    1. Thank you, JK! I read your comment earlier today and have been thinking about it. I appreciate you recognizing the connection we felt in this moment even when not together physically. As you point out, it is this connection that makes everything else in this story hot for us…every little detail pulling us deeper into the erotic swirl! As I thought about this more during the day, a fantasy began to form… Sienna blindfolded, perhaps restrained…a man she can’t see coming to our hotel room to massage her…a man that will please her yet she will never see him and always wonder…

  10. That was incredibly hot. I love giving massages to Tis but to have a stranger do it and watch is on another sexual level. I don’t know if I could finish a massage like that without erupting myself.

    1. I totally agree. He has kept himself fairly under control…so far. If I was him, I would have never made it through the massage…who knows, maybe he didn’t either and just managed to conceal that explosive moment. 🙂 There is another visit that I am excited to share. I just need to take an intermission from the naughtiness and express my Love to Sienna in the next few posts.

  11. You two are just amazing. I hope that you can be together more often (or permanently)

    1. M, your comments are always so gracious…I’m humbled and grateful for your wishes.

  12. You two…..SMDH lol! You two all at once turn me on and make me smile…and sometimes chuckle! I swear, you two make being in love so DISGUSTINGLY amazing :D
find yourselves to Austin so we can go out partying!

    1. Jalen! We’ve missed you… Glad you are back!

  13. Angel Morals

    This one was a bitter sweet one for me there was some lines that reminded me in how I wanted to Please my Alan, and what I would have done for him, which brought me to tears, however, it was so erotic at the same time. Thank you… You both are amazing!!!

    1. Angel, thank you so much. Sorry this released some sadness but glad you were still able to feel the eroticism and connect it with your own journey. 🔥💫

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