It has been almost 6 weeks since Sienna’s first massage with her new male massage therapist and our highly anticipated second appointment is finally here. Memories of the first massage have fueled hours of hot fun and countless orgasms for both of us. Despite our excitement, Sienna is feeling uneasy about this next massage. I explore the reasons for uneasiness in Framing Our Cuckold Fantasy and how we talked through any concerns and reservations.

With Sienna’s appointment scheduled for later in the afternoon, we are in contact throughout the morning. I know she is at least open to some exhibitionism but assure her that I am okay with her going further – touching, oral sex, and even sex. I want my sexy girl to feel completely free and uninhibited. I want her to accept this gift of pleasure and know it is okay…that Daddy will still love and adore. However, I don’t want her to feel pressured and make any type of assignment around this. If she feels uncomfortable at any point about what she is doing, I tell her she should stop and know that I won’t be disappointed.

Our on and off conversations throughout the morning go really well. After steadying my girl’s emotions, I turn my focus to setting her mind and pussy on fire. By the time she walks in for her appointment, she is soaking wet thinking about another man seeing her nude and possibly touching her in a sexual way. Is she ready to surrender and embrace the fullness of her sexuality? After today, would our shared fantasy become our new reality?

I am on the phone with Sienna up until the moment she walks into the spa and then there is silence. I sit anxiously in silence with my thoughts running wild as I wait for her post-massage call. The passing of each minute feels like a lifetime as I think about the flow of the massage and every possible moment, touch, and tingle of pleasure she might be experiencing. My cock is sooo hard and creating an embarrassingly large wet spot in my slacks. Sienna knows I find this hot but even she would be shocked to see how wet Daddy’s cock becomes when thinking about his sexy girl with another man.

Finally, I receive a text from Sienna…


The enthusiasm of her text floods me with an overwhelming rush of love-filled adrenaline! Sienna quickly calls and then takes me through what happened. As we had anticipated, he asked if there were any particular areas he should focus on, Sienna mentioned her abs, glutes, and “sit bones” as areas needing extra attention. For cyclists (Sienna rides more than just my cock), the area around the sit bones can become very tender and, for women, they are very close to the pussy and ass. I have had this area worked on too and it is waaay beyond the line of appropriate. That said, her therapist agreed to work on that area (he must have been pinching himself with excitement!).

He stepped out of the room while Sienna stripped down nude and slid face-down under the sheet as requested. He begins the massage with relaxing strokes on Sienna’s back along with some casual conversation. His deep manly voice, strong hands, and the visual of his dark skin against hers has her body on edge right from the start.

Sienna - Massage 32 v3

I could sense the tension in his lustful strokes along my back. I peeked to the side to take in the sight of his strong, dark hands sliding along my body. DeShawn’s skin tone contrasts starkly with my smooth, now glistening white skin and causes my pulse to quicken. The easing of muscle tension from my back and shoulders is being replaced by pulsing sensations between my legs. I’m getting turned on as another man – a black man – touches me and getting even hotter thinking about how much I am pleasing my Daddy – Sienna

Based on the first massage when he had exposed Sienna, he knew she wasn’t uptight about the draping of the sheet. As he moved down to work on her legs and hips, he carelessly flips the sheet up high on Sienna’s hips. She isn’t sure but it feels like her ass and pussy are clearly exposed. His hands find their way to her inner thigh rather quickly as he works with long, flowing strokes. He pulls up just short of her pussy – a fraction of an inch before her outer lips and far beyond the line of appropriate.

He flips the sheet up further and Sienna knows for sure her ass and pussy are now completely exposed for his viewing pleasure. She arches her back slightly and lifts her hips higher…an invitation to touch her soaked pussy. He continues to work between her legs but, even with Sienna arching, doesn’t touch her pussy. As Sienna describes this moment, I knew she was craving his dark, thick fingers inside her tight white pussy. I’m anticipating what happens next while slowly stroking and tugging on my straining cock.

He then moves both hands up a bit and focuses his large, dark hands on handling my girl’s gorgeous ass.

Sienna - Massage 12 v2

As he works on her ass, one hand slips deeply between her buns. It sends a jolt through her body which causes her to jump. He is startled by her reaction and moves away from the area and down to her thighs. She didn’t mean to startle him but it caused him to move away. Unfortunately, she felt it would be too overt to ask him to come back to the spot.

As he continues to work her inner thighs, I can almost see and feel my girl’s silky wetness flowing as his hands move closer and closer to her sweet pink. She feels the cool flow of the air-conditioner blowing directly on her hot, soaked pussy. She is so wet and is certain her juices are creating a large spot on the sheet below her. The sexual tension is high.

As Sienna shares the details I can feel her hesitancy in describing her reaction to him.

The entire massage was bathed in a vision of you by my side in the room and loving me deeply while taking in the erotic views that peak my Daddy’s arousal. The height of my passion and excitement is steeped in the joy of my beloved. This is something I would have never done before meeting you. Now, my naughty girl behavior feels like a passionate and shameless expression of love and pleasing each other through our fantasy. – Sienna

She is very purposeful in making in connections to me and our fantasy. This is more than just random naughty behavior between her and her therapist. It is an extension of our relationship and our erotic journey. It has deeper meaning to her…and me.

After completing her leg work, he asks Sienna to turn over…

To be continued…

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23 thoughts on “Sienna’s Sensual Massage (Part II of III)

  1. Larry Archer

    This is so hot! I share your excitement to find out how far he goes with your lovely and sensual Sienna.

    1. Thanks Larry, always good to know I’m not the only one being turned on by Sienna’s experience! She was driving me crazy when she shared this. I still get so hot thinking about this day and whole series of massages involved

      1. Larry Archer

        In an open forum, I have to be careful what I write but if I was you, I would be abusing myself nonstop. 😊 Have you thought about getting a small video camera that Sienna could hide in her clothes or somewhere it could record the massage? That way way you would be able to enjoy the whole thing and maybe get to watch her being taken by a stranger for the first time! If it was my wife, I’d be putting cameras all over the place. LOL

        1. I’ve worked myself over the edge many, many times thinking about these massages! 😈 The camera idea is a great one and it would be amazing to watch over and over. I’d never get anything else done, ha! In part III, we do look at some ways to get me closer to the fire.

          1. Larry Archer

            Michael, I hope you are able to get closer to the action unless Sienna wouldn’t feel relaxed enough with you there watching so closely. If she doesn’t feel comfortable going all the way, maybe jacking him off or a nice blow job would be nice. That would work for me! I know I love hearing my wife’s dirty stories as much as you enjoy Sienna’s.

          2. Love your enthusiasm around all of this naughtiness! You may recall that we aren’t sharing these in real time. Everything has already happened and these stories (though written as it was unfolding) are being released with several months of lag time. I’m hoping you feel the sexual tension and buildup as we did in the moment with a few orgasms along the way.

  2. I guess I’m insatiable because you always leave me wanting so much more! 😉

    1. Thank you Deisree, such hot feedback! While the realization that you are insatiable may just be setting in on you, it is not news to the rest of us, ha! Glad you enjoyed the story. 🔥 This desire for “more” seems to be an emerging theme among the ladies 😉

  3. Oceanswater

    Hot, very very hot!!!

    1. Thank you Oceans! It is so very hot and is getting fired up all over again going through it.

      1. Sweetheart, I was with you then as I am now…loving my beautiful Girl through every moment of every day! ❤️

  4. Mmmmm Baby! You were there with me the entire time… It was a surreal experience for US! I love you Michale! XO Sienna

  5. I can’t even imagine this kind of anticipation. It’s almost a catch 22, where you want her to be methodical in the details so you can relive the moment with her and yet I’d have to imagine you also just want to know how far it went. Like hurry up and get to the meat of it alrighty! 😉
    Of course I myself enjoy the torturous tease, so slow and methodical with a big finish works for me! 🙂

    1. Oooohhh, you so nailed this one! 🙂 Yes, it was torture…but exquisitely designed torture! I was dying to know the end but had to live the build up and experience every single erotic second of the rising tension and swirl! Of course, I realize that I’m telling the story the way I wanted to hear it…and some are probably wishing I would jump to end, lol! Really though, it isn’t the end that matters…it’s all that happens along the journey! 🙂

      1. I know I come off as insatiable and greedy and I am those things. 😉 But I also love experiencing every moment, every sensation. The build up, the peak, the fall into bliss. So please keep telling yours and Siennas story just the way you are, it’s perfect!

        1. Insatiable…yes, I think so! 🙂 Not greedy though…just naughty like the rest of us! 😉 Your description of the story flow triggered a thought. Each story has it’s own flow of energy and renewal within it. Collectively, they represent the seasons of emotion–winter excluded and heavy on the heat of summer!

  6. I am dying to know as well… Thank the sweet lustful gods I don’t need to wait for I see you posted another part. :-)
Yay for me….
BTW this is way tooooo hot for words.

    1. I am really enjoying your reactions as you flow through this series! So excited you are enjoying it so far and happy not to keep you waiting! The waiting was killing me, ha! 🙂

  7. I’ve got admit the therapist is one very lucky guy. The way that you tell the story has made the whole thing even more erotic. I love the way that you two are so in tune with each other. Your attention to the details has made my heart rate increase among other things. I need to read the next one and find out how far it went.

    1. Thanks for the hot comment, B! Yes, I agree…he was one extremely lucky man. Glad you enjoyed the details too. Since I couldn’t see it, Sienna really walked me through this so I create the mental imagery and make the experience ours to savor. When I had finally recovered from the increased heart rate (among other things 🙂 ) I remember scribbling the details down so I would always have them. This story still drives me crazy!

  8. Angel Morals

    Wow!! I think you just got me out of my funk!! I might be reading this later on tonight. I just find your love and sexuality amazing. Something I will be missing… You really did wake up the demon in me, I was afraid that I lost it… THANK YOU!!! BTW.. I havent forgotten your request but things have happened that is delaying that post.

    1. Glad this lifted your spirits if even for a moment 🙂 I know things with Alan have changed…so sorry about that. I am really interested in that post and the details of how the experience was…mentally, physically, and emotionally. Of course, I understand though that it might be tough to think about right now.

      1. Angel Morals

        Thank you for your patiences. I will try to write about it soon.

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