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Three nights ago I saw Sienna cry for the first time and remember it so vividly. Our night had been filled with passion and, even more special, some really intense slow love making. You know, the kind where you look into one another’s eyes and see their soul…the type of gaze where you see the universe unfolding before your own eyes. To hold that kind of contact while I’m moving slow and coming hard is a divine experience. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

I had gone to the bathroom to get a washcloth and when I returned, her precious eyes were glassy and tears were streaming down her cheeks. I immediately rushed to her and held her close. I wanted to ask what was wrong, but I could sense what she was feeling. Instead of talking, I just held her tight. I feel the same pain.

Her breathing was desperate and she clutched onto me so tightly. I teared up with her. Words would have only been superficial at this moment.

I had been holding it in so deep for months. It was my true inner sadness and I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. The pain and tears were about gaps of loss and time without you. I want to spend so much more time with you and give you more…all of me. I want US to be in full bloom, always!!! The way you held me and how I melted into you was just so perfect and heartfelt. I Love You! – Sienna



I am in my car when a golden shimmer on the leather passenger seat catches my eye. It is a long, blonde hair…a little treasure Sienna left behind. I pick it up and look at it closely as it rests in my palm. I laugh at myself because I am so enamored with this woman. Still, I hang onto the strand. Even the touch of her fallen hair seems to whisk me away into dreamland.

I gently rest it against my jeans…the contrast illuminates her golden strand. I move it around while thinking about her and, without planning it, eventually form it into a heart shape. Damn, saying goodbye at the airport had been tough. After dropping her off, I watched her walking inside the terminal. I wanted to hop out my car and run inside for just one more kiss…to look into her eyes and glimpse heaven one more time. There was a lot of sadness in that moment, but there is beauty in that pain.

Yes, passion and pain are two sides of the same coin. If there wasn’t this feeling of such magnitude and depth, our time together wouldn’t be so amazing and it wouldn’t hurt so bad to say goodbye!!! I’m sorry I was sobbing as we said goodbye. It only gets harder and harder to leave you! I hate those days when I’m leaving. Every minute is torture because I know I will miss you so damn much! Baby!!!! Stomping!!!  I want to dream with you, love you, live with you…spend every moment with you❤😘❤😘❤ – Sienna

This visit had been a very emotional and deeply connecting time for us. Sienna shared some of the hurt she has felt in life by being repeatedly taken for granted and not appreciated for all she gives to others. I assured her that I would never take her for granted and that my greatest desire is that she always feel so loved and cherished. I love this sensual soul and do dream about a future with her. I believe in her. I believe in us.

Sitting here in my car playing with a strand of hair, I am flooded with emotion. What more could a man want from his girl? To know the depth of my love for her and to feel it returned and expressed with such beauty and sensuality. It is magical.

I had spent some time this morning browsing through some video footage we took during the visit and snagged a few screenshots. Flipping through them now, I see one that captures the magic. Her legs are wrapped tight around my hips and her arms are tight around my shoulders…we were truly melting into one. The sensual kisses, pounding hearts, and tears are not visible but they are there…in our sensual shadows.

In the winter of life, we will remember those who touch our soul. That flame is eternal, and I will always melt with you. Always.

Sensual Shadows – The chronology, brief story descriptions, and links for my loving, erotic journey with Sienna.

18 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows – I’ll Melt With You

  1. Priceless. And so heartwrenchingly beautiful. Love to you both.

    1. Sometimes it hurts…a lot! But, you captured it perfectly, it is “heartwrenchingly beautiful.” Thank you Desiree!

  2. This was such a beautiful and tender moment for US! These are the moments to take pause in any relationship and truly feel the emotion and deep feelings of one another! Thank you Michael! I Love You Sweetheart

  3. This was beautiful you two. Its not easy being able to confide in someone, even the ones we love and give ourselves too. But when we do, when we open up and share so much of ourselves the good and bad, our joys and fears, triumphs and disappointments and know that we will be taken care of and loved even more for it is an amazing thing. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Tis for your support and encouragement. 🙂 We all have our journey and challenges along the way. Like you and B have experienced, being able to open up and share…knowing your open heart will be met with love and the desire to understand is a deep and special gift.

      1. You are so welcome! It is a gift and I’m grateful everyday for it as I know you and Sienna are as well.

  4. When the love is that great, and the desire to be together that strong, there comes a certainty that, no matter how long it takes, somehow, someday you’ll be together as you wish to be. With that certainty, the departures, although painful, are bearable. The reunions, although overflowing with anxious passion, feel more like a natural course of being, how the world should be, as if you’re simply continuing a long, comforting book you put down temporarily when your focus was elsewhere.

    1. Baby, this was a beautiful comment to Michael and Sienna…

    2. Ah man, I love your thoughts on this! Such a soothing peaceful flow to your thoughts…words bathed in the wisdom of a man that knows this journey and shares a similar destination. I could literally feel my heart rate slow down as read this…thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, JK!

  5. Angel Morals

    I just find this so beautiful and tender. It reminded me of my lover and I expect that I wish he would express himself as you do. I feel it there is no doubt there but we both know that living our lifes together will never happen. Everytime we say good bye we both know that we dont know when we will see each other expect that we would want to one more time.

    1. Thank you for your kind words on the emotions expressed in this post. It must be hard with such uncertainty about a shared future with your lover. I hope that one day you will believe in a future with the man of your dreams. :-)

  6. Can I say ditto to what JK wrote? 🙂
    With moist eyes let me say I know your pain and bliss all to well. 
Sienna, I hope on his next visit here you will be able to meet him no matter where he lands. 
The kind of love you have together deserves to be together.

    1. Thank you for the heartfelt comment, Sofia. Sounds like you and JK just had a magical reunion…so happy for you guys and can’t wait to read about all of the fun you had! 🙂 Our next visit is long overdue, I think we have set a record for longest time apart and this is one milestone we never want to repeat. ;-)

      1. We did. It was just sublime.
        I don’t want to beat our record either… 7 weeks!
        So, yes I hear you….

  7. Michael & Sienna, Another wonderful post and photo. Your openness and willingness to share your relationship with us is remarkable. Not everyone finds a “soul mate” someone who is completely open, and willing to expose every vulnerability they have to really allow for a connection on a deeper level. You two have that, and your love shines through in your expressions of love for each other. Because my wife and I share a similar relationship, your words resonate with us. Thank you once again for sharing with us more details about your wonderful relationship! :)

    1. Thank you, Steve! I always appreciate thoughtful comments like yours. We all have a shared bond when feelings like this are understood by others. You see yourself and beautiful wife in these words…you both feel them and I love feeling that positive circle of energy flowing between all of us! I feel the same magic every time I am on your blog! :-)

  8. CP Mandara

    Pain can be beautiful, can’t it? The passion of parting such sweet sorrow and the joy of reunion such sweet bliss….

    1. So well said! The emotional pain and bliss come from the same place. Physical pain can be beautiful as well, and you capture that so well in your writing!

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