Unveiled is a three-part series where my lover and I explore the fantasy of having another man join in our sexual play. While we are creating an erotic story, the moment is very real. For the first time, we are sharing in detail how we want to experience the fantasy and discovering one another’s erotic hot buttons. The first part of this series is available here: Unveiled (Part I)

Unveiled (Part II)

The sharing of sexual fantasies within a loving relationship is a delicate dance. We have a special opportunity to make the erotic dreams of our lover come true. We also want to be careful and protect one another’s feelings and ensure we each feel emotionally safe as the erotic layers of the fantasies are unveiled.

As Sienna kneels before her Bull, I am incredibly turned on. We have come a long way to reach this erotic space.

Sienna Robe 4 (Demo 3)

Daddy, I submit to you and kneel down before this large black man. I have fantasized about this moment so many times. The contrast of my white hands against his dark shaft is starting and excites me. The weight and thickness of his large cock is everything I hoped it would be. I open wide and take the tip of his cock in my mouth. Seeing my lips softly wrapping around the head of his cock excites you. The contrast of my pink lips and white face against his oversized cock and dark skin is startling.

It is impossible to fully capture the erotic intensity of this moment. Imagine your most desirable fantasy and then imagine having someone you are deeply in love with talking you through it for first time. Sienna’s vignette is mind-bending. It is dizzyingly erotic to have the woman I love fantasizing and describing what it would be like to suck another man’s cock.

I can sense him wanting to be buried down my throat as far as he can go. As I lick around his large dark shaft, the contrast of the milky white juice on the end of his cock dripping against his black skin turns me on. Mmmm, I am sucking a black man’s cock and pleasing him. He begs for more and pushes his thick cock deeper and deeper in my mouth…beckoning for satisfaction.

I anticipate that Sienna is feeling vulnerable and maybe even a little scared as she describes having another man’s cock in her mouth. This is a lot to say to the man you love. I want her to feel emotionally safe and free to experience the erotic heat of the moment.

I step into the fantasy with her and let her know my cock is straining with excitement. I am mesmerized by the sight of my sexy girl’s sweet lips wrapped around another man’s large dark cock. His large hands grip her head as he moans and tells her how good she is at sucking his dick. He pushes deeper and deeper into my girl’s loving lips as she struggles to accommodate his manly thickness and length.

He appears mesmerized as well as he looks into the sparkling blue eyes of this blonde goddess kneeling before him…his big, veiny black shaft buried in her mouth. I have always been drawn to her eyes. It is like staring into eternity. I feel some angst as another man now holds her lust-filled, sensual gaze.

Sienna 78 v4

The eyes and what I think of as soul gazing is such a powerful source of energy to me. In some ways, this eye contact between them and lack of eye contact with me is even more emotionally intense than it will be to watch them fucking. I am craving her eyes on me while she sucks his cock.

He asks Sienna, “You like this big black dick, don’t you?” His language is harsh but highlights the rawness of the moment. The contrast in skin tone and size is part of the experience. As I anticipate her response, I’m hoping she will tell him that he is much larger and that she likes it. He will understand that while there are many things I can give my lover, I can’t give her what he can – the deeper, fulfilling physical pleasure she craves. We all know this is why we are here. Her admitting it will only add to the mind fuck we are all experiencing.

One of the many things I love about Michael is his “other-centered” focus on pleasure and passion for His girl and what he is willing to sacrifice for me. Granted, this is truly a hot, steamy passion for him as well, but it is ultimately the fulfillment of our relationship in the most magnanimous and altruistic way. The confidence he exudes and his grounded sense of self is mind-blowing. – Sienna

Mmmm yes! I love having such a big cock in my mouth to please! And this is the cock I want to feel penetrating my wet pussy lips.

As Sienna expresses her desire to have another man inside her, my eyes glaze over with fire. Standing close to her in the room, I stroke my smaller throbbing cock which is now dripping heavily. I move close to my girl and present my hard cock. She treats my presence with difference and immediately replaces his cock with mine in her hungry mouth. She is excited to have her man’s cock but also very aware of the size difference.

Mmm Daddy, there’s nothing like the way you feel!!! The difference is apparent, but I feel pleasure in your touch and the unique feeling of Daddy’s cock. I look up into your eyes as I take you in and swallow my Man’s entire cock. You watch me as I enjoy ALL of you! This is such a thrill!!! Your cock is perfect for me, Baby!!!

When I first learned of Michael’s fantasy, I feared for hurting his feelings or saying something that I didn’t truly believe. Yet, as I realized his true fantasy and respect for the interpretation, it all began to make sense. It only solidified my true connection to Michael in a realm far beyond and much deeper than physical pleasure. – Sienna

I imagine the erotic swirl flowing through my girl. The reality of the size difference is now apparent and she has, for the first time, sucked her first black cock. In a matter of minutes, she has had the cocks of two men in her mouth. As I work my cock in and out of her mouth, I touch her face and look deep into her adoring eyes. I’m so filled with adoring love and primal lust for this sensual, beautiful soul.

I pull out of her mouth and guide her face back to his towering erection. He sinks a hand into my lover’s hair and guides her mouth back onto his thick, dark shaft. She opens wide and takes as much of him as she can. After so easily engulfing my length, she struggles to take even half of his long, thick cock. He moves his hips slowly as he steadily and powerfully inches deeper and deeper into the depths of her sexy mouth. Her eyes are beginning to water as he begins to gently gag her.

She pulls of his cock and then takes me into her sexy lips…all the way to the base. She savors the back and forth between the two cocks straining for her attention. He presses his large, wet head against her lips. Sienna gives her eyes to me as she licks the wetness from his bulbous head. God, it is so intense to have her looking into my eyes while working on another man’s cock. I then press my cock to her lips and work my head in her mouth…along with his. She now has two cocks in her mouth at once.

OMGosh!!! Baby, this is so crazy! Attempting two cocks in my mouth at once, mmmm Daddy!!!! My pussy gushes with this thought…

After a few moments, I stand her up and deeply kiss my girl. I taste him on her lips. 

I share the taste of another man with the Man I love.

I hold Sienna close and reassure her that everything is hot beyond my wildest dreams. I know my sexy girl needs this affirmation. 

I want to give you the fantasy you desire. The sharing of another man’s cum with the one I LOVE is part of this fantasy and, crazy as it feels, it is part of our connection. The eye contact is OURS and our kindred spirit and deep sense of oneness in this scenario defines US. There is no jealousy or fear. There is only our shared pleasure and vulnerable love!

At this point, we have covered a lot ground about how we want to experience the fantasy. Our sensual, steamy, and loving vibe is very present. We tapped into the erotic hot buttons around the size difference, her physical fulfillment, having two cocks at once, and the importance of our eye contact throughout the experience. It seems we are successfully merging Sienna’s submissive cravings and my cuckold desires into a shared fantasy.

The contrast between what is being given and what is received is amazing. The BIG BLACK COCK is purely about physical pleasure. It stands in stark contrast to the intense emotional and spiritual connection between lovers. Physical pleasure can be staged and experienced in a superficial way. But, what cannot be fabricated or ever replaced is the intense spiritual connection of WE. – Sienna

Next, we need work through the actual sex and how that plays in our minds.

To be continued…

You can find the complete Sensual Shadows’ chronology, brief story descriptions, and links here – Sensual Shadows.

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