It is a rainy, thunderous night at home for Sienna as we speak on the phone. Suddenly, she releases a burst of excitement! I imagine her energy is much like the electrical charge filling the skies around her. I felt that same charge when I first met her and its presence is even stronger today.

Her excitement stems from a picture taken of her with your girlfriends that she just came across. I listen with interest and adoration as she begins to explain why she is so excited but have no idea where the story is going. She shares that it was taken early in the night that we became one. How interesting to imagine her now in the midst of a thunderstorm while the recalling the chain lightening we experienced our first night.

She sends me a copy of the photo. I look at it and can’t help but feel drawn into her. She is breathtaking. I notice the same jeans that I would be sliding off her sexy legs in less than six hours. I look at her smile and eyes and wonder if she had any idea how that night would end or, in a sense, never end. Could she have known that after all the careful flirting between us that evening would end with her snuggled perfectly into my chest as we drifted as one into our afterglow? She belonged in that spot with me – forever.

As I go on about our first night, she calls my attention to the photo background. Looking closer, I’m surprised to see myself there. I had inadvertently photo bombed that moment. She asks if I was aware of how close we were in the photo? It may seem odd, but I have always been conscious of where she was and have always known where she should be. It was as if she existed as a dream before I even knew her. And, when I met her, it felt like I already knew her in a deep way. I ask if she was aware of my presence that night?

“Sweet love, I was always sensing your presence!!!  Always ❤️ I have always protected my heart…but couldn’t seem to resist you. I have helplessly fallen for you so deeply!” – Sienna

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I cherish her vulnerability and willingness to open her heart to me. Sienna’s words and the emotions that give life to them are so very meaningful. Each word, thought, action, and emotion is a gift that fills my heart and soul in a way I have never known before. I too have fallen helplessly for Sienna. I will always cherish her precious heart – she is my soul’s greatest gift.


I wrote this many years ago when Sienna were engulfed in the full passionate blaze of romantic love and first shared this on our blog – Sensual Shadows. You can find the chronology and story links here – Sensual Shadows.

4 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows – My Greatest Gift

  1. This is so sweet and beautiful; your declarations of love for each other expand my heart and make me feel such joy. Now, that I got that out! Hello Michael!!!! Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm! Nice to meet you and your fantastic ass. You are just as amazing as your Sienna. I swear the two of you are absolutely divine.

    1. Haha, thank you for the comment on my modest introduction 🙂 I certainly do agree though with your thoughts on…my beautiful, naughty Angel! We both enjoy experiencing and posting our naughty adventures but want to keep the blog balanced and in tune with our essence. The inspiration and experience of moments like this truly powers our soulful connection. As I recall, you are in a similar place with your man…such a magical, beautiful, and dreamy place….

      1. Modest introduction, you are funny. 🙂

    2. Your sentiments are appreciated, thank you! And yes, my divine Michael is amazing I agree. I’m glad our sharing brings joy and an “expanded heart”, this is the true reflection of the impact a “true love” can bring to others. Much of what we read and see in the media depicts the facade of what we dream. Our goal of posting our experiences here on WP is to share the true beauty of what CAN “be”. 🙂

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