“Daddy, these photos are for you! xoxoxoxoxo” – Sienna

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With this post, Sienna takes her first step into the world of exhibitionism, another step deeper into submission, and one more step towards embracing the fullness of her sexuality. Walking in step with her, I will protect her heart, fill her with adoring love, teach her, discipline her as needed, and do what is best for my sexy girl as she sexually blossoms.

The first two months with Sienna have been an absolute love-lust whirlwind. Our last visit was no exception. As our loving connection deepened, we also had the opportunity to explore our fantasies. I introduced a big black dildo into our sexual play (Sienna’s First Big Black Dildo).

Sienna - Black Dildo 20

I also tapped into her submissive desires by restraining her – spanking and fucking her into submission (3:00 minute audio – Press Play: Again…Again)

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In the afterglow of that powerful visit, I begin looking ahead and thinking about what can I do to keep our light burning bright. I’m no stranger to long-distance relationships and appreciate the need to fill the aching void of passion between visits. How can we extend the excitement felt in the last visit as long as possible and then transition to building anticipation for the next visit?

While apart, we spend a lot of time writing to each other and, when together, we enjoy taking erotic photos and making sexy videos. We vest a lot of creative energy into these activities and it seems like such a shame for these moments to pass and never be seen again or, even worse, forgotten. Wouldn’t it be great to create a place where we could relive these moments, celebrate our love, and get worked up all over again?

The idea of a blog quickly emerges as a potential solution. Living the moment is hot, reliving the hot memories while writing about it extends the moment. Sharing it with others creates a third opportunity to dance in the erotic flames. This would be a great way to fill the void between visits and serve as something of a journal for us. I propose the idea to Sienna and she likes it. I took it from there and made it happen.

If you are writing about sex, it never hurts to have a few sexy photos or art to compliment the story. I ask Sienna how she would feel about having a few discreet images of herself on our blog? She was okay sharing nude pics with me in private but didn’t understand why I wanted other men to see her naked. It was a fair question.

I remind her that one of my biggest fantasies is to watch her with another man. It would turn me on to have other men looking at images of my sexy girl and lusting after her. There is also an element of pride. I am proud to have won the love and affection of such a goddess and wanted to show off my sexy girl. I enjoy also enjoy exhibitionism and hoped she would also feel the same erotic tingle I experience with it. If so, it could really open up some additional naughty adventures in the future.

After getting my girl somewhat comfortable with the idea and ensuring she felt safe, I turn up the heat.

“I’m glad you feel good about this but, in the end, the decision is mine…just like your sweet, little pussy. Isn’t that right, sexy girl?”

“Yes Daddy, you own my tight pussy!”

“Why is this the case, young lady?”

“Mmm Daddy, because my heart overflows with love for you and you fuck me sooo good with your yummy cock!!!”

“Good girl. Daddy is a fortunate man.”

“No Daddy, I’m the lucky one!”

Sienna 66 v2

I go on to explain that since I own her pussy, I will decide when/if she shows it to someone else and I decide who fucks it. This has her squirming with excitement.

“Daddy!!! It makes you hot knowing other men to want to fuck YOUR girl?

“Yes it does, sweetheart. You know it makes my cock so hard for you! Does it excite you knowing other men want you?”

“Honestly, I could care less what other men want or think about me! You are my Man and you are the only one that matters to me! I want to excite you and want you to crave me!”

“Well, in that case, perhaps you will enjoy an assignment?”

“Yes Daddy! What would you like for your girl to do?”

“Take some nude photos. Crop as needed and load those images into a draft post. Pick the title and add any writing you want to include. Then, post it.”

“Oh my god. Daddy, really??”

“Yes baby, do it.”

“Yes Sir, as you desire.”

Sienna works through her inner swirl and completes her assignment. It resulted in the three images at beginning of this post and the text, “Daddy, these photos are for you! xoxoxoxoxo”. The message was succinct and the photos were exquisite. 

It is interesting how Sienna wanted to make it clear to potential viewers that these photos were for me and not specifically for other men. Engagement around this post was modest. Our blog was new and we hadn’t yet developed the fun virtual relationships that would eventually make our online experience so fun. A few men did manage to find the post and reacted, but her replies to them were somewhat muted. 

Looking back on this moment, I can appreciate how she was in a difficult place. I was telling her that it made me hot to think about her being with other men. Yet, she was hesitant to flirt with other men. It must have been awkward for her to be falling so deeply in love with me (as I was with her) and then to have these random men hitting on her. I had some work to do but her comfort in flirting with other men would come in time.

Sensual Shadows is ongoing series. More to come…

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9 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Photos for Daddy

  1. Sex in Chocolate City

    Wow sienna you are stunning! Not only does it sound like you 2 have a great relationship, but he is just a fortunate man…keep posting

    1. Thank you… only wish we were together…always

    2. She was hesitant to post these and we both appreciate the positive comment! I am indeed a very fortunate man and she’s my once-in-a-lifetime Girl!

  2. Sienna, any time you want to post photos, you know, “for Michael”, you go right ahead. I won’t mind. :)
Pleased to meet you both.

    1. Our pleasure

    2. Nice to meet you JK, so glad you enjoyed her photos! Hopefully, there will be more to come. 🙂

  3. I can understand the hesitation but I also know that Michael is amazing and he cares for you very much. I enjoy reading your guys work

    1. You are too sweet! 😘 I’m writing this in present tense but this was from about 6 years ago. I’m only sharing the story now (again) ☺️

      1. Ah that makes sense. Lots of love to you 😘

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