In the afterglow of Sienna’s Sensual Massage (Part I), we enjoyed countless hours of erotic fun over the following weeks reminiscing about what happened and exploring potential scenarios and fantasies centered around the next massage. As the date for the second massage gets closer, I can feel some uneasiness building within Sienna. Our fantasies are one thing but she is struggling with the reality of potentially touching and being touched by another man in a sexual way.

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Sienna, like most of us, has always attached a lot of emotional meaning to sex. She has only been with a few men before meeting me and all of her sexual experiences have happened within those loving relationships and been “vanilla” in nature. She is struggling with the notion of separating sex from an emotional connection The thought of allowing herself to be exposed during a massage or, even crazier, having impromptu sex during a massage is something she would have never considered before. Behaving like this while in love with another man makes the prospect even more daunting and confusing.

Beyond her struggle with the “wrongness” of what she was considering, it also worked against her desire to be submissive to me. Sienna made it very clear that in her ideal world she would want me in the room directing what was happening. If another man touched her, she wanted to feel like she was allowing it to happen as an act of submission to me.

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I appreciated Sienna’s hesitation around what might be characterized as casual sex. Actually, I was glad she felt this angst. There is something very romantic and alluring about her feeling this way. At the same time though, she is also very excited about the prospects of her sexual freedom and, specifically, experiencing sex with a hung black man. She has repressed this desire for so long and never thought it would happen. Now, she finds herself with the freedom to experience this within the emotional safety of our loving relationship. I think it is the clashing of her romantic and naughty desires that truly creates the erotic swirl for Sienna. It feels so wrong but also makes her so wet.

It works in a similar way for me. I am deeply in love with Sienna…crazy about her. I love the romance and angelic purity of what we have and continue to share. But, I can’t deny the naughty urges that swirl through me. I want Sienna to cuckold me with hung black man. I want her to know what it feels like have a very large cock opening up her tight little pussy.

Cuckolding is a complicated fantasy. It isn’t a causal experience to know another man is fucking my lover…perhaps even fucking her better than I can. But, I see this as a gift of pleasure to my girl. As long as I feel like our love is strong and she experiences this gift of pleasure as part of our naughty adventure as loving couple, it all feels hot for me.

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One of the things I do struggle with in cuckolding is how the other man (the Bull) perceives the situation. I suppose it is a matter of pride. I can handle that another man might have a larger cock and may even make my girl feel sensations that I am physically incapable of providing. Actually, that makes it even hotter for me. But, I want him to know that she is in love with me. She is only sleeping with him because she and I both find the scenario very arousing versus her being seduced and unable to control herself. I make it possible for my lover to experience this gift of guilt-free pleasure, even if it comes from the cock of another man.

As we move towards making our fantasy a reality, Sienna and I are very in tune with how we are feel about one another and also the role of the other man. The therapist’s perception of what was happening is weighing on Sienna a bit too. He knows she has a lover and probably feels like he is casting an erotic spell and causing Sienna to lose herself in his presence. Sienna and I know otherwise and both wished her therapist knew the truth. She wants him to know that “all of this” was her submitting to my desire, not her being swept away by him.

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So, here’s my complete erotic turn-on and twist in all if this. I don’t think I’ve never shared this with you before. The hung black guy knows he is the deep, physically fulfilling pleasure I seek. He will think he has me and has all that I need. He thinks he is controlling the scenario and will become the center of my universe. Yet, the impetus for me is what it is for US…Our experience. It’s all about OUR pleasure seeking…part of our fun, captivating naughtiness. He plays a role that is not about the intimate, adoring love, and connection that defines Us!!!!! He may take my pussy, but it is our intimate and adoring love that can never be taken. What can’t be won over is the deep, heartfelt love and spiritual connection we have fostered and treasure. Mmmmm, this is my secret and real depiction of our fantasy and our true love babe!

We considered options such as me calling and talking to him before the massage and letting him know what we wanted. Having such a conversation would be great for Sienna and me, but I’m sure it would have freaked out our the therapist. He thinks things are happening in private. If he knew Sienna was talking about what was happening with other people, it would derail the whole experience and bring it to an abrupt halt. We also considered writing my name on her pussy. This would be a hot icebreaker and certainly get the conversation out in the open. Again, we felt like he wouldn’t have a good reaction to this.

We had a couple more options. We could call everything off and wait to arrange an appointment for her to get a massage when I was present. Being in a long-distance relationship, we knew this would take some time and require working through a complicated set of logistics to create the “perfect” scenario. Or, we could move forward with the opportunity before us. We decided to move forward.

The next part of this true story – Sienna’s Sensual Massage (Part II)



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