Sienna’s Anticipation – Like Virgin White Pussy

* This story is backdated. In the future, I’ll create digital art and feature this post as a new release going with timeline for the Sensual Shadows story.

Sienna and I are getting closer to our first cuckold experience and she is eagerly (and genuinely) anticipating her first big black cock experience. As for me, it is such a hot mind fuck seeing my once sweet, innocent angel being so seductive with and turned on by another man. She appreciates though that this isn’t just about her and Jalen and also fuels my arousal by sending me copies of her messages with Jalen.

I am reading through an exchange of theirs from last night and one in particular immediately grabs my immediate and undivided attention. It contains a photo I had taken of her while she was giving me a blow job. She sent this to Jalen? I was surprised because it showed her entire face…with my cock in her mouth. Personally, I’m much more cautious about such facial images involving sex making it out into cyberspace. That aside, it was her face and her decision. What could have inspired the sending of this image. I read on…

Sienna – Two hands wrapped around and a mouthful! I thought I’d send you a photo of me with Michael’s cock in my mouth so you can imagine the contrast I will feel with you. I’m imagining how hot it will be to see and feel the difference between you and Michael when I have my hands and mouth on both of you! You were also commenting last night on ‘my eyes and my mouth’ so I wanted you to see them again – XX Sienna

Jalen – Oh gawd! My dick is about the size of your entire head. No shit, lol! Luv the look in your eyes. It’s almost as if you are looking at/for me. Hmmmm… Fuck you have some juicy lips!! Mmmm! I WANT!

Sienna – MmmmmHmmmm!!!!! YES, these lips WILL be wrapped all around your dark, sweet, yummy cock!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh….I WANT!!!

God, can you imagine seeing your lover lusting so wantonly for another. Sienna is into and definitely getting worked up!

Jalen – My dick alone is enough for you to have two handfuls AND a mouthful of this “dark, sweet, yummy cock”! 😉 Active as my imagination is, I cannot get your pussy out of my head. I can FEEL the sweet inviting warmth of your pussy wrapped snuggly around my girth. Every stroke pushing me deeper and deeper as you beckon for my seed to spill… DAMN!

Sienna – Yes!!!!!! I often think about your swirling tongue as you gently pull my petals between your lips…tasting my sweet nectar that flows in anticipation of feeling you. Then, your dark thickness opens me up and exposes my pretty pink virgin white pussy…Whew! Mmmmm, silky pink goodness surrounding your thick full head!!!!!

Jalen – YESSSS! I imagine you’ve always craved a larger cock. Even though you love how Michael’s feels, deep down you really desire something more…more substantial…in your hands…in your mouth…in your virgin white pussy 🙂

Reading Sienna’s messages has me rock hard! Gone is the bashful timidness and coyness. Now, she is exuding nothing but raw primal desire for this man. Jalen makes a size reference and suggest that I may not be enough to satisfy her. My heart is pounding as I anticipate how she will respond.

Sienna – Mmmmm, Yes! I do want more and you are the MORE I am craving!!! I want to know what it feels like to be filled deep with such an imposing black cock exploring parts of my white pussy no cock has ever touched…places only you will know deep inside me! This is what I NEED and only you can give to me!

We have shared many, many fantasies about her experiencing a large black cock and how this man would fill her in ways I am incapable of providing. It isn’t the first time I’ve heard it but it feels much more intense today. My mouth is dry and I am shaking with adrenaline and arousal like never before. Why?

It is no longer about some abstract man or experience. Jalen is working her up (me too behind the scene) and Sienna is now aching to his bigger cock. It has now moved beyond our intimate naughty fantasies and entered the world in a more public and real way. This goddess – my sweet Sienna – who once existed only as an untouchable fantasy to Jalen is now very real and soon she will be on the bed with legs spread and his huge cock buried deep inside her. My Sienna is now craving the type of sexual pleasure only Jalen can provide.

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