The journey into cuckolding is…well, a journey with many points of interest along the way. I tend to think about it involving the following phases:

  • Establishing the fantasy within the relationship
  • The transition phase from fantasy to reality
  • The actual cuckold experience
  • The erotic afterglow of that experience

Each phase offers a uniquely erotic experience that can fuel even hotter passion in a couple’s relationship. Even after the first cuckold experience, each subsequent naughty adventure offers a fresh new erotic rush for the couple in terms of buildup, the experience, and afterglow. Despite how cuckolding is often (and falsely) portrayed, in a loving relationship, it is ultimately about the couple’s experience and their journey together as a loving couple.

Being cuckolded has long been one of my favorite fantasies and I was fortunate to experience all of these erotic phases with Sienna and each one was delicious. In the afterglow of our first cuckold experience, it was time to experience how my sweet and somewhat innocent Sienna would feel in the erotic afterglow of experiencing her big black cock and if the experience would continue to infuse our interactions with the same erotic fire it had during the buildup.

I was going through a typical fast-paced work day when my phone lit up with a message notification from Sienna. I’m never quite sure what I will see when I open her messages so I make a point of reading them in private. When I open it, I’m greeted by a closeup photo (one I had taken) of Sienna with her mouth and lips stretched wide around Jalen’s huge black cock and a naughty message.

Sienna – “Remembering a mouthful of BBC! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Was it a turn on for you to see another man’s big, thick black cock stuffed in your girl’s mouth?”

Jalen is large man and, in the photo I took, he is standing powerfully over my sexy, gorgeous girl with his big, thick black cock embedded in my girl’s sweet lips. It is surreal to be in a space where the woman I love is sending me photos of herself with another man’s big cock in her mouth as a way to turn me and herself on. My cock stiffens with the realization my sweet, angelic lover is flipping through photos of herself with Jalen and getting turned on all over again thinking about her black cock experience. I assure Sienna that it was off-the-scale erotic to see her so eagerly embracing and savoring her dark desire.

Sienna – Baby, I find myself thinking often about out sexy tryst with Jalen and the erotic comparison of his cock to yours. You, my white lover—so confident, sexy, and open—wanting me to experience more for my hungry white-girl pussy. Mmmm, my sexy love, you make me so hot, wet and steamy!!! I woke up this morning with a moist, yearning pussy so ready to be fucked 💋 I’m craving my man’s heavy balls, hard straining little cock, and sweet cum!!!!🔥😘💋💋💋💋💋

Sienna’s hot teasing messages left absolutely distracted and filled with erotic daydreams. I slip out of the office to call my girl. She’s thinking about another man’s cock and needs to cum. I will ensure my girl comes hard. She just needs to hear my voice and a naughty story…

I imagine us in bed touching and kissing…our bodies heating up…my weight upon you and your is scent all around me. I’m whispering low and deep in your ear as I ease my manhood inside your soaked, inviting pussy. My cock is dripping and coating your pink silky walls as your juices flow down my shaft onto my heavy balls.

No words are spoken but we are both acutely aware of how comfortably and easily my cock is moving inside you. Missing is the sensation of a large black cock stretching your pussy open, filling you with sensations never felt before, and transporting my lover to a new level of sexual fulfillment.

Sienna remembers the almost uncomfortable feeling of being stretched so wide and deep and how quickly it turned into such intense pleasure. She whispers soft and naughty that she is missing this sensation and craving it. She wants that erotic sensation of having a large, thick cock head pressing fully and softly against her cervix and coating it with pre-cum.

I remind her that I love her like no other man ever will, but I know – we both know – that I will never reach those places and fill those spaces deep inside her like Jalen’s big black cock did. The realization and naughtiness of this situation has Sienna coming hard to sound of my voice and decadent memories of her first black cock.

Our erotic conversation lingered in Sienna’s thoughts throughout the day…

Sienna – I loved talking with you today…your voice had me so wet and mesmerized! I love how you sound when you are whispering stories of our escapades and hot encounters in my ear as you take me!!!! Babe, I’m needing your fully-stretched, little cock as you have me and strain to cum deeply. Strain as you may, we both now know there are places deep inside my pussy you will never reach. It is a space reserved only big black cocks. It makes me even wetter knowing your cock is just a little tease for what you’re about to give me—a tall, muscular, Black Bull with a big dark cock starving for my tight white girl pussy!!! It has me so wet and wanting for you!!!!!💋🐓❤️ Dreamy nights with you on my mind filled with naughty dreams and fantasies and a BBC eagerly awaiting in the distance!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Goodnight sweet love💋❤️🔥🐓😘

Big Black Cock was no longer an abstract fantasy in our relationship…it was our reality. Sienna now knew what “more” felt like and she craved that sensation. It was hot for me to know that I provided this erotic gift of pleasure to her…even if it took the cock of another man.



Hope you enjoyed and will share your thoughts...