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It is an early fall evening and I’m snuggled in with Sienna on the couch. We are enjoying some wine and our first fall fire. I have some mellow trance jams playing softly in the background which perfectly complements the dreamy vibe engulfing us. Sienna is dressed in a long-sleeve, soft cotton T-shirt and sexy little panties. The shirt falls nicely around her large, full breasts and teasingly reveal her perfect ass. Her long, blonde hair and blue eyes seem to shimmer in the firelight.

Sienna’s long eyelashes float like butterfly wings as she looks at me with bashful eyes and says, “I have something I’ve been waiting to share with you”. She snuggles in a little closer as one hand flows sensually across my bare, muscular chest. “I had lunch yesterday with a girl I work with and her boyfriend joined us”. My heart begins to beat quicker as a thousand erotic scenarios start flashing through my thoughts.

I ask her about the woman’s boyfriend. “Was he a black man”? She kisses me softly and purrs, “Yes, they are a black couple.” Here eyes then open a bitter wider with excitement. “Baby, he is totally the kind of black guy I fantasize about. He is a big man…muscular and fit.” She continues to give me soft, teasing kisses on my lips and cheeks. Her lips trail along my neck as her erotic words swirl around me. “All I could think about was how big his cock must be. He was so flirty and being such a bad boy with his girlfriend right there. At one point we were talking about their appetizer. He winked at me and said, ‘I like to share’. I’m was pretty sure he was suggesting that he wanted to share his black cock with me.”

I was getting really turned on by her story and it was becoming hard to steady my breathing and think clearly. It is surreal to be in a moment where the woman you love—and the woman that loves you—is kissing you sensually while confessing her attraction to and desire for another man. If you don’t have the cuckold fantasy, it’s impossible to understand the pleasure that comes from this.

I run my hands through Sienna’s hair and say, “Baby, his girlfriend might have wanted to share him as well. Her pussy is probably gaped and she might need a little down time for things to recover.” Sienna giggles, “You’re so naughty! That would be a great problem to have though and I fantasize about having that feeling constantly now.” Sienna rubs my hard cock through my boxers and it is clearly evident that I’m enjoying what she is sharing with me.

“Sexy girl, did you want him to share his big black cock with you? Sienna’s soft sultry voice frolics in my mind. “I did, baby. I was sitting there in the moment and could tell my pussy was soaked. I was thinking about the contrast of our skin tone and how his large muscular body would look and feel against my small white frame. I wanted his black cock in mouth, but I wanted him in my tight pussy even more.”

I couldn’t believe how sexy, naughty, and free she had become. “Did you ever imagine you would have a moment like this with your man? Sienna feigned confusion, “A moment like what?” I explained, “Did you ever imagine that one day you would be telling the man you love that your pussy became soaked when you were talking with another man…a handsome, muscular black man at that?” She released a breathy naughty giggle, “Never in a million years, but now you’ve changed me.”

Sienna slips off my PJs as my hard cock strains and bounces around. Her fingers flow sensually across my heavy balls before taking my cock into her hand and says, “Mmmm, I love how hard my naughty lunch story is making your little cock. It’s so crazy how excited you get thinking about a black man fucking me. It is all naughty and I love it!”

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Sienna places intermittent and teasing kisses along my straining dick as she casts her erotic spell. “Baby, I feel like I’ve become a magnet for black men. They seem to sense my desire and flirt with me more than ever before. In the past, if a black man was looking at me or flirting with me, I would look away. Now, I find myself discreetly looking down at their pants to see if can make out the outline of what I now crave. I can’t even help it…I just have to look and see. It’s like a primal desire has been unleashed within me.”

As Sienna shares her naughty confession, my mind and body are engulfed in the erotic swirl. The fire fills the room with shadows and warm light that seem to flow and dance with her erotic words as trance-like music caresses my ears. My cock is now dripping with arousal as she slides her tongue around my swollen, plump head to lick and savor my heavily flowing nectar. I can’t believe I have this goddess-like beauty stroking and sucking my cock while sharing her craving and desire for black cock. The pounding of my heart adds a deep bass note to the erotic swirl.

Sienna has my large heavy balls cupped in her hand and pushes them up towards my shaft. My balls fall heavily over her hand as she grips the base of my cock. I relish the sensation of her controlling my manhood in such a devouring way. She runs her lips along the side of my shaft and seems to deeply inhale the scent of my cock as she continues with her story. “Baby, I don’t even think about other white guys anymore in a sexual way. It doesn’t excite me. The only white cock I want is your yummy, delicious little white cock. When I do have sexual thoughts about other men, it is the contrast of skin tone, size, and the taboo that excites me. I want a bigger cock…a bigger black cock. Right now though, it is YOUR cock that I want.”

With that, she finally engulfs me in her hot, wet lips. Soon my entire cock is buried inside her mouth and I can feel her lips and tongue pressed along my ever-tightening balls. She continues working me over for a few minutes of divine bliss before pausing. “Baby, the first night we were together was so amazing and you fucked me so perfectly. You definitely knew what you were doing. It didn’t even register that your cock was small. I guess I should have noticed when I was able to engulf you completely in mouth. I was just so excited to finally be with you and couldn’t believe that we were finally going to have each other.”

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Sienna alternates licking my shaft and swirling around the head to engulfing the length of my manhood to the base. “You slip inside my lips so easily. It is such a great feeling to have all of my man buried inside my mouth with no more cock to give. This is how you leave me…always craving more.” My cock strains to give her more, my balls are firming up and preparing to release a torrent of cream for her to swallow. She backs off my cock and holds it as if to study and show it to me while continuing to stroke my length.

“Baby, I want the feeling of having a cock in my mouth that fills and stretches my lips with its width. I want a cock that presses deep in my throat as I struggle take even half of it inside me. It would be amazing to have that sensation from you. You could give me this sensation if you were longer and thicker but you aren’t. You have no more to give me.”
Fuck. She is mind-fucking the hell out of me and I am loving it! My cock is dripping heavily with pre-cum and she knows I am loving it. She also knows that I am so close to coming.

This once sexually innocent girl continues to lick, stroke, and suck my cock as she share her wanton desires. “I love you and I love your little cock because it is your cock. But…I need more baby.” Her voice is sensual and dreamy. We need to find a black stud to service me and give me what I need…a long….thick…black cock.” Having my lover sucking my cock and teasing me about the size while begging and pleading to have a big black cock is too much to withstand. Everything is becoming blurred and dreamy as I drift into the erotic purple haze. She continues to suck, stroke, and fuck my mind. “Baby, I need to be stretched…filled FULL…I’m begging you baby…pleading for more…I want more black cock…baby give me more…more black cock…your girl needs it.”

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I can feel my eyes rolling and her words become muffled as the volcano builds below. My nuts tighten as the first triggered pulses of an explosive orgasm grip my cock. An orgasm of the highest orders rips through my shaft as I jettison endless heavy ropes of my creamy seed into Sienna’s eager and hungry mouth. She is engulfing me and cupping my heavy balls…wholly committed to taking and devouring every creamy drop of her man’s seed. As the hurricane like force of my eruption fades, my vision focuses on Sienna.

She looks at me with the most beautiful, dreamy blue eyes, and batting eyelashes as my spent cock retreats from her mouth and hand. Not one drop escaped her hungry lips. Still looking at me, she releases my head from mouth and milks my shaft for one last drop which she plays with on her tongue before swallowing. Sienna comes up and lays on my chest. I hold her close and run my hands through her hair and across her sexy body. “That was such a hot story baby…damn, I came so hard!” She purrs, “Mmmm, I could tell you liked it. I liked it too. You know, it wasn’t just a story…it really did happen. He slipped me his phone number as I was leaving the lunch.”

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  1. I have not read this one before Sir Michael and every time I need inspiration I come to your blog because with one read I know my pants will be soaked. Sienna is so naughty and hot. Even the way she sucked your cock, it’s just so beautiful so sexy and incredibly hot.

    Loved this 🔥

    1. Samantha, I’ve missed you. 😘 Thanks for taking a browse around. Every now and then, I slip a few posts in the archive by backdating them because I’m not quite ready to put them out as a new release. This is one of them. I loved the way she would suck my cock while telling me about other men she fantasized about, about bigger cocks she craved…damn, it made me so turned on (still does)🔥And, you are being a naughty girl getting wet about such things 😈

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