I awaken to the sound of rain gently hitting the window. Sienna is snuggled in tight against me as I savor the warmth of her soft skin and sexy curves. It will be a cozy fall morning for us with black coffee in bed.

I love waking up with you and snuggling up to your warm body…feeling your skin touch mine with a soft smooth brush of sensual passion. Our legs are so often intertwined with our heart beating in unison. These stirring moments of consciousness are filled with peaceful bliss as we drift back into our passionate dreams of sweet, naughty moments. 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥 – Sienna

It isn’t exactly a typical morning though. Sienna’s thigh has been draped across mine most of the night and I have felt the warmth of another man’s sperm dripping from between her legs and keeping my thigh wet for most of the night.

The situation really began a few months ago when we met and played with a younger black guy named Demetrius. He is very dark, tall, and lean…his cock is surely 10″ long and thick with, as Sienna often says, “a large, juicy head”. The good thing about Demetrius, besides his huge cock, is that he lives in a city we both travel to fairly often for work. Since our first meeting, I’ve watched him fuck Sienna two more times. She loves the way he fucks her and, given her new fascination with large black cocks, I’m sure it would be a weekly occurrence if we all lived closer.

At this point in our relationship, Sienna has been with four black men and describes the sensation of these men inside her as being completely filled almost beyond her capacity to open up any further. This feeling puts her in a state of transcendent ecstasy that has her orgasming almost nonstop the entire time these men are inside her. And, where she had once been so resistant to the idea, she gets crazy wild when she feels a massive black cock pulsing and erupting its seed deep inside her and flooding her little white pussy. Even talking about it while we are having sex makes her cum so hard.

Leading up to last night, Sienna had been going through a particularly rough month and had been quite sassy about needing to be fucked hard by a big black cock. Even though Sienna is now a self-proclaimed black cock slut, she remains hesitant to arrange situations for herself or to make requests of me for a specific man. Instead, she prefers that I select and make arrangements for her Bulls. I do have to get her involved in the process a bit so the prospective bull knows she is interested, but I handle the details and arrange these naughty rendezvous for her.

Having a few established relationships with Bulls certainly makes things easier for me.  Returning to our new favorite city, I reached out to Demetrius and he eagerly accepted an invitation to join us for dinner. He seems to thoroughly enjoy fucking Sienna and always frees his schedule for us. I can’t say that I blame him one bit.

Still in bed, my eyes focus on the chair just off the foot of the bed. I had been sitting in that chair last night stroking my cock while watching our fit black bull stretched out with Sienna in our bed. He was there for her pleasure but on this night she was especially focused on my pleasure. I have often talked with Sienna about how her eye contact with me really draws me into the experience and makes it feel even hotter. The reality though is that she tends to get swept away in the experience herself and our eye contact doesn’t seem to happen as much as I would prefer. However, she is getting better and more in tune with my needs as well.

Last night was a great example of this. Her eyes were locked on mine and I could feel her focusing in on me like never before. She was slowly stroking his long cock and licking all around his thick, veiny shaft and plump head with her dreamy blue eyes locked on mine.  I think she was feeling more relaxed with Demetrius now that we had played a few times so she trying some new things.

Still holding our eye contact and using her most sultry voice, she described what she loved about his cock. “Look how much thicker and longer he is. My pussy is sooo wet just thinking about having this big dark cock inside me.” She then takes his plump head in her mouth and works all around it while making sure her eyes remain on mine. It takes my breath away to see Sienna looking deep into my eyes with a large black cock in her mouth. My smaller cock is straining with arousal for my sexy girl.

I’ve already described in some detail what these nights are like for us when she getting fucked by hung black men so I’ll skip the details this time. In short, he had his way with my girl and gave her the deep, fulfilling fucking she had been craving. Exhausted and well-fucked with his sperm spilling out, Sienna fell asleep in my arms after Demetrius left. I slept somewhat peacefully knowing my sexy girl is physically fulfilled beyond her wildest fantasies while feeling so safe, secure, and adored in my love. But, I was also very aware that she was sleeping so peacefully with another man’s cum inside her for hours. As I awaken, I’m absolutely aching to reclaim my woman!

Mmmm, I love waking up with you anytime and love mornings like this even more! I was still feeling exhausted from the evening prior when you began to rub your fingers across my hard nipples. I was feeling so aroused and knew you were eager to sink your hard little cock into the same place our tall, dark friend friend had filled with so much thick cum.🐃🐓💏 You whispered in my ear in your deep voice and it made my already silky lips gush with an inviting surge of erotic tingle! I was needing my man to reclaim me and so wanting to feel the walls of my pussy closing in around you. I knew I wouldn’t feel as tight as I usually do but we both knew it was temporary and something we both found hot. By the evening though, you would feel me as tight as ever…🔥😘🔥😘🔥😘🔥😘🔥😘 – Sienna

I know Sienna is still dreamy and tired but a man has needs. Her eraser-like nipples are so hard and perfect! The memory of dark hands palming her full white breasts as he sucked on them and squeezed them while fucking her are seared in my memory. While I came several times last night watching them fuck, I’m eager for my turn to taste her…to feel and suck on her perfect nipples and gently bite them…to kiss my way down her tone sexy tummy as my mouth trails lower. I am flooded with the anticipation of her silky wetness mixed with his cum.

I remember feeling your cock awakening and growing harder and harder. I knew you were so eager to fuck your girl again and again…after she’s had MORE! I was so excited that you wanted to taste my lips and the remnants of black seed that had filled and spilled generously out of my pussy. I know this drives you crazy, and I like that it gives you a physical way to share in the naughty interplay. Sweet love, I wanted you to have cream from our Bull’s cock with your black coffee that morning. I Love You ❤️😘🔥💋 – Sienna

I have a lot of hot memories from the previous night and hot anticipation for this morning running through my thoughts. I remember the visual of her legs spread and pushed up towards the ceiling as he plowed his massive black cock in and out of my girl which she came over and over. I have flashes of Sienna bent over with her face buried in the sheets and ass arched upward as he fucked her into a submissive state and took her anyway he wanted. Let me tell you, it is incredibly powerful to your woman completely surrendering herself to another man.

She screamed and moaned in orgasmic bliss as her pussy spasmed and she told him she was his black cock slut. While taking her from behind, she reached under and massaged his balls while pleading with him to fill her pussy. All the while, I watched. This morning, I am slipping down knowing that a black man fucked her better and touched her in places I will never reach. I will be tasting what the black bull left behind in my lover’s pussy. And…I did.

Coming up from between my legs, your breath was warm and sexy against my neck. My smooth, waxed pussy felt freshly fucked and still slippery wet with black seed. I feel you moan with the delight as you enter your girl’s stretched open pussy. Our Bull’s lingering juices mixed with mine to offer a silky lube as you sink in easily to the base of your cock. I never seem to get used to how different it feels when I have to struggle so much to take a big black cock all the way inside me and then how easily your little cock slips inside. Mmmm, but you always know how to find our spot so quickly…our rhythm was perfect and our bodies in perfect sync. You have your girl screaming and coming in no time! The build up of the last 24 hrs has you barely able to keep from exploding everywhere. I was feeling so eager and greedy and wanted the cum of two men inside me! I was urging you to cum and flood my naughty pussy…and my man’s big, heavy balls more than delivered 🔥❤️💋😘 – Sienna


Though we never got to experience it, Sienna loved the naughty thought of milking a Bull’s cock and having him cum directly in my coffee cup…then she wanted to help me drink my black coffee with cream. We never did that exactly, but I came very close on this morning. You can find all of my stories (with links) about Sienna here: Sensual Shadows – Chronology

Sienna - Coffee With Cream v2

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