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We were fortunate. When a couple decides to experience a sexual fantasy, there is no guarantee for a positive outcome. Some discover it may have been best to leave things in the fantasy realm. We had discussed it a lot and ultimately decided we wanted live out our interracial cuckold fantasy. Fortunately, our first experience was incredibly erotic and every bit as hot as we had hoped it be. Sienna’s first taste of “big black cock” exceeded even her wildest expectations and left her pinning at the walls for more.

Unfortunately, we found it challenging to find another guy as a suitable partner to play in our sexual game. Most of the men we approached took Sienna’s attention too seriously. They acted as if she was wanting to date them and didn’t seem to grasp what we were looking for in our sexual play. Their confusion was understandable. Cuckolding can be a confusing mental space for an aspiring “bull”. Regardless, my inability to find a suitable “black bull” to service my sexy girl left her frustrated and impatient.

One night we were making out and indulging in some fantasy story telling when Sienna introduced two of my black friends into the storyline…Marquis and Terrell. This wasn’t really a surprise as both of these men have made appearances in our fantasies and it never fails to make us both cum so hard. I suspect the mention of my friends cranks up the intensity because they aren’t abstract men. I should also mention that I have seen these guys naked many times before in the locker room and probably made a mistake by letting Sienna know they both have large cocks. Since letting Sienna in on this not-so-little secret, it has only made her hotter for them.

We often have Marquis and Terrell over to grill out and have a few drinks. She likes them and thinks that either of them or both of them would be ideal for what we want to experience. When Sienna suggested that having “both of them” join us would be hot, it really blew my mind. In her mind, these are men we know, feel safe with, and she is really attracted to them. Further, they are black and both have large cocks which really adds to experience for us. From Sienna’s perspective, they are a perfect fit…in more ways than one. I understand where she is coming from and her reasoning is certainly valid. However, I also have a different set of factors to consider.

Cuckolding occurs in three forms. If a woman in a committed relationship sleeps with another man, she is cuckolding her primary partner. If this truly occurs against her partner’s will, we tend to think of it is as “cheating” on her partner rather than using the term “cuckolding”. If the woman’s partner is aroused by her infidelity, we are then entering the realm of cuckolding as a form of sexual kink/fetish where both the woman and her partner find pleasure in the experience. Cuckolding as a fetish is a lifestyle that is ever present in the couple’s relationship. Cuckolding as kink is an occasional sexual adventure but not a constant in the couple’s relationship.

As I explored in Cuckold: Minder Bender, the cuckold derives very little tactile stimulation when the actual cuckolding is taking place. Instead, some cuckolds (myself included) derive a bit of masochistic pleasure in the form of a psychological and emotional spanking that comes from watching our lover with another man. Because of the mental layers at play, I have always felt that I needed to keep a firewall up between my fantasy play and my actual day-to-day life. I prefer to experience cuckolding as a kink rather than as a fetish. This protects me from having to live my daily life under the psychological angst that can come from this kink.

When Sienna first cuckolded me, it was with a man that lived halfway across the country and we were all disconnected from one another’s real life. In Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna Confesses (Black Cock is Superior), I describe the erotic humiliation of my lover confessing that another man fucked her better and how it turned her on to have me lick his cum from her pussy. Once that day had passed though, I didn’t have to see this man on a daily basis or ever again if I chose. I wouldn’t be confronted with an ever-present reminder in my daily life.

It would be different though if Marquis and/or Terrell fucked Sienna. I would see these guys at work, at the gym, and socially. I would be under a constant state of cuckold angst knowing my friends had fucked my lover and, potentially, my future wife. What if she went into another black-cock induced trance and began telling them that she had never been fucked so good before? This is male competition at the highest level and they would know they have the edge on me. Guys love to engage in smack talk and friendly competition, and they would be able to drop one on me that there was no coming back on. I can imagine one of them grabbing their cock and saying, “Oh yeah, well Sienna said I was the best fuck she ever had.” There would be no coming back and topping that one.

In my mind, this would be clearly crossing the line from kink into fetish because my day-to-day life would be touched. People I know would know that I am a cuckold and this is very different from how I am perceived in the real world. I like Marquis and Terrell but things could go wrong and they might let my kink get out into wider social circles. There would also be the very likely outcome that Sienna would really enjoy herself and want to do it more and more…with my friends and possibly even their friends. Again, this would be pushing me into the fetish zone and I want to avoid that space. I don’t want to live as a cuckold, I just want to indulge in it occasionally.

There is also something akin to a mystical barrier between Sienna and those guys. To them, she is a sweet girl cloaked in a veil of innocence and purity. They admire her and lust after what they can’t have. As a quintessential goddess, she is source of pride for me as well. I have competed for and won the love and affection of this super-hot girl. She is mine, not theirs. This affords me some status with fellas.

The possibility of my friends fucking Sienna would shatter this barrier and my status. They will know that I’m a cuckold and that the girl they once perceived as so angelic and pure is a self-professed “black cock slut” that craves a bigger cock than I can provide her. Our naughty secret would be exposed. These men—my friends—will have had their dicks deep in her pussy…their cocks in her mouth. It is highly likely that they will either cum inside her pussy, mouth, or all over her pretty face and hair…which she loves. Who knows, they may even fuck her in the ass. This level of familiarity would dramatically change the dynamics between all of us and would, without a doubt, impact my mental state in daily life.

Opening up our secret sexual fantasies to my friends would be the equivalent of opening Pandora’s box. Once opened, our real world would change and there would be no going back. I had visions of what our future might look like. I could see my friends sitting on the couch while I was in my favorite chair. Whereas Sienna would typically come sit on my lap in these moments, she might instead begin sitting between them. Instead of watching the ballgame, I might be watching her give them blowjobs. Maybe one of them might slip off with her into our bedroom and fuck her in our bed. Who knows, there might random touching, blowjobs, and sex all over my home. The light will have gone from red to green and Sienna, if she wanted, would become hot pussy for the taking whenever my friends wanted…as a known cuckold, my physical presence would no longer being a deterrent.

As I consider the possibilities, I have to admit the thought of Sienna cuckolding me with my friends is keeping me in a near constant state of arousal. My persistent erections serve as evidence of this truth. This scenario would provide us with more opportunities to explore and indulge more frequently in our hottest fantasy. Either one of these men (or both of them) are fully capable of giving her the type of experience she is craving and one that I want her to have. In truth, I think I could handle and contain the situation as long as I was in control of any photos and videos that might be taken.

I should add that I’m not worried about Sienna leaving me. Despite how cuckolds are often portrayed, this is just about our sexual fun together as a couple. I am the one she loves and confident in our relationship. My friends, like Jalen before them, may supplant me in the sexual hierarchy but, as Sienna described so eloquently, love is the ultimate power and that is where I prevail.

Time passes and Sienna continues to work on breaking down my resistance. It is incredibly hot to have my sexy girl doing things like sucking my cock or riding me cowgirl while pleading with me to allow her to fuck my friends. The intensity of erections, thrusting, and orgasms confirms what she already suspects. I want her to experience them. I finally give into the idea with one caveat. It has to happen naturally. In other words, there was now way I was going to approach them directly about fucking her. It would be far too humiliating to do this. If it was going to happen, it would have to be an “in the moment” occurrence.

Each time they came over it was so intense and arousing knowing what Sienna wanted and what might happen that night. I could barely focus on the conversations we were having. A couple visits came and went with Sienna flirting a bit more than usual but nothing happened. She began to wear more and more revealing clothing and the guys were definitely checking her out in subtle ways but not crossing any lines. I think it was out of respect to both of us and our relationship that they behaved like the gentlemen they are. On the third visit and unknown to me, Sienna decided she needed to be a bit more open about what she wanted.

The topics and conversations Sienna engaged in that day clearly crossed the line of appropriateness. Really, this day and night deserves a telling of its own. I will say this for now, she made it crystal clear what she wanted and who she wanted it from when she opened up her clothing in front of them. We had crossed the point of no return.

City Living 1


24 thoughts on “Sienna – Point of No Return

  1. Oh, Sienna is my kinda girl. She says what she wants and doesn’t stop until she fulfills the fantasy. I like that. 😉

    1. Yes, I have a feeling the two of you are kindred spirits…✨ I write about her in the present tense in my stories but she is special love from the past. Now, her influence lingers as something of a muse I suppose. Glad you enjoyed her naughtiness ☺️

      1. ;P Always do.

  2. Mariuszebo


    1. Thanks for checking it out, so glad you enjoyed! 🙂

  3. oh, intresting, and they would pass as twins ;P
    Well done! :aww:

    1. In some ways, she will discover they are very similar…as she hoped. 😉🔥

      1. haha nice ;P

  4. The scene is very erotic and I love the colors! 👏

    1. Thank you. ☺️ The story is probably too much for most to read so no worries. It is there more for men/women that have a particular attraction to cuckolding. Glad you enjoyed the colors of the artwork. I did this one in 3Delight and was able to get a different feel that I kind of enjoyed.

      1. I’ve never used 3Delight. Do I have to select the uber environment to use it properly?

        1. I typically grab a random set of 3Delight lighting I find in “lights” file. They usually come with characters or hair. They have an uber environment, main light, and back light. Iray is more photorealistic and has definitely displaced 3Delight and the render engine of choice. Prior to say…12 months ago…almost every product came with 3Delight textures (characters, wardrobe, and props). Some still do but most going to Iray textures only. Probably not worth spending any energy at this point on 3Delight. It is faster though, a bit more cartoonish, and has zero noise.

  5. Yeah, it’s not worth the trouble really. I’ve been spending a year learning DS/Iray. No need to confuse myself now.
    My renders have zero noise with Iray but I make it a point to over render just for that point. 😉
    Thank you for saving me the 3Delight trouble but your scene looks great with it! 🙂

  6. Really nice art, with foreboding. She is foxy n sweet. Sexually to be lost to other men. Wow. Hot and intimidating and exciting all at once, and good art too

    1. Thank you brother…always appreciate your visits and reaction.🔥 So glad you enjoyed the art and the erotic journey she is about to go on with these men.

  7. LetMeSeeBeauty

    A beautiful party

    1. Thank you, the more the merrier. 🙂

  8. Great scene, and a very interesting read. Bravo!

    1. Thank you, really appreciate the feedback. I realize the story was a bit of a time investment…glad you enjoyed the read.🔥

      1. You are more than welcome!

  9. From the Voyeur Husband’s point (myself)… This is the ultimate erotic, arousing scenerio! You are able to convey in words my desires/wants/thoughts/feelings/emotions felt/etc… Have experienced the fantasy of sharing my prior wife several times under almost these exact conditions. She and I explored and fantasized often during our lovemaking about countless erotic situations/scenerios prior to our first actual time of when another guy enjoyed her. I am not bi or sub, but am very much the cuckold/voyeur hub..this fetish is my constant need..

    1. Stan, thanks so much for this thoughtful comment…your comment is really appreciated. If you are interested, I have a folder devoted to cuckolding and the bulk of it is based on my own experiences in this fetish. Like you, it is a constant fire burning within me 🔥 It is hot that you have been able to experience this with your lover too.

      1. Sounds interesting. Do find this to be of a special turn on, as I believe I may have expressed in my comment. How do I access this folder?

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