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38 thoughts on “A Fallen Angel

  1. It is so erotic! almost upsetting…

    1. Thank you Beata, I love the reaction you had looking at this and appreciate the comment. It may very well be the angst and tension we feel that fuels the eroticism.

  2. very good!!! love your work

    1. Thanks brother, glad this one resonated.πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‡

  3. Very erotic. Classic portrayal of light submits to dark or vice versa. Either way it’s hot passion not to be disturbed.

    1. Very cool comment! I like the erotic tension found in the pull between light and darkness and appreciate you calling that out. πŸ˜‡πŸ”₯😈 I like your twist too on who is actually submitting.

  4. WOW!!!! Remarkable pic!!!!

    1. Thank youπŸ˜ƒ We seem to enjoy naughty, fallen angels πŸ”₯

  5. we sure do. your art is excellent, both your men and your women are remarkably hot!

  6. Love it!

  7. Omg…the look on her face and reaction can only lead one to wonder…. Mmm

    1. Such a hot reaction…imagining the naughty thoughts that must be running through your mindπŸ”₯

      1. First naughty thought….filled…very filled with his exceptional penis. *blush*

        1. Mmmm, this IS a hot comment.πŸ”₯Thank you for digging a little deeper and sharing your thoughts…very arousing. I imagine most women crave transcendent ecstasy… She surrendered to her dark craving for more. For this naughty angel, the method for transport is his exceptional black cock.

  8. I’m glad you like. I’ll always try to bring thoughtful comment. Get me a couple glasses of wine and who knows what I’ll say. Hee hee. πŸ˜‰

  9. So intense!!! Superb render!!!

    1. Thank you again for the wonderful comments spread throughout the galleries.. Traveling for a couples days but look forward to exploring your page soon. Intense is exactly what I was hoped to achieve…adding the erotic layer that she was my fallen angel.

  10. Looks like fun πŸ˜‰ I would like to be her πŸ˜€

    1. And that, in my eyes, makes you so sexy and deliciously naughty… πŸ”₯

      1. Really? Well i think it would be fun πŸ˜‰ Looks pretty hot.

  11. Perfect. It almost looks like she is on an altar – or is it her (fallen) pedestal? It is truly an epiphany to understand that “Exalted Goddess”, “Falling Angel”, and “Incorrigible Whore” are nothing but the same thought, at the same time and place, about the same thing. This is a great rendition of that truth.

    1. KJ, I like you. I believe we have a similar awareness, interest, and curiosity in the grand patterns of thought driving certain behaviors. Your comment, as usual, is wonderful to read and ponder. Perhaps she is worshipping upon the BBC altar which is her fallen pedestal as he fulfills his goddess fantasy. And, in the view of the cuckold who captures this image, he is the grand conductor that made it all possible. He has created an erotic swirl for his own pleasure, his lovers, and the bull. Erotic theatre…Dionysus would be pleased.

  12. I’ll say it again, it so pure in purity of reproductive instinct, hardwired desire and energy.

    1. I keep getting pulled back into this image and also appreciate you returning to view and ponder it. Your comment drills down into the layers of the mind and even perhaps our primal wiring.

      1. I love her ecstasy and distress. It’s all about Her.

        1. Yes, the complete surrender of a sweet angel. Even her wings no longer resist and fall limply alongside the altar.

      2. So purely masc-femme. Deepest and purest eroticism

  13. Lucky wife !!!!

    1. Indeed 😈πŸ”₯

      1. black and white looks so gooood

        1. The best

        2. Yes, this had me so turned on while I was pulling together. Still evokes that reaction.

  14. So hot to know

  15. What an image… ecstasy, transcendent and delicious. Deeply penetrating and all from within your mind, which I am swiftly adoring to the point of blissful pain.

    1. Transcendent ecstasy and deeply penetrating (physically and/or emotionally) often go hand in handπŸ”₯πŸ’ž I may have mentioned it previously, but I find it is extremely arousing to know you are looking at these images, pondering the possibilities, and find them in some way enticing. The mind plays such a big role in my sexuality, and I can see that I am not alone πŸ”₯😘

      1. You are not alone…the mind connection is imperative for me to feel aroused, and you…you… As I said…I feel I have created you in my mind, and one day I’ll realise you don’t actually exist. Beacuse your mind, your intelligence is… perfection. Among other things.

        The images you create, both with your art and with your words are deeply, deeply ingrained in my mind now. So much so that you’ve painted them into my fantasies and I see them when I think of you.
        And I find … everything about you beyond arousing. It’s almost… insanity weaving its way through my mind and body and I can’t fight it.

        Well…I don’t want to πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😘

        1. You are without question an alluring woman…a seductress of the highest order…dangerously mesmerizing in the best way.πŸ”₯I am so fascinated by your thoughts and how you feel the erotic and mystical world around you. I hope to one day know how these images and some of the erotic themes suggested in these earlier artworks tap into your mind…or deeper. Are there themes of liberation, breaking free of oppression, or secretly held desires/fantasies? If you ever feel the urge to create a post on such thoughts, you are more than welcome to use any of my art…anytime. It would always be an honor.πŸ’–πŸ˜˜

          1. Really? You’re making me swoon here…I’ve thought about it and being able to use your images may have just thrown me I’ve the edge…mmmmy delicious wheels are turning and you’ve laden them with your liquid honeyed words…

            Also…your first sentence of this comment…I may have a huge crush on you now…if I could kiss the words out of your mouth…mmm I hungrily would.

            I think I may have met my match in seduction, though..alluring…yes you are. You have me.

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