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Naughty Angel speaks to the psychology of contrast, duality, and breaking free of social conventions. The erotic rush associated with breaking from societal norms is part of the psychology and behavior the ancient Greeks associated with Dionysus and it is, therefore, part of the Dionysian experience.

She is the love of your life and returns the energy to you. She loves and adores you…so sweet and angelic. Yet, she also has dark cravings…and wants you to watch. She wants more…another man’s bigger cock – a big black cock. Her sexual craving is free of the desire to emotionally connect with this more endowed man and is driven purely by her desire for unrestrained sexual pleasure. It is very arousing to see a sweet, sensual woman being consumed with such raw, primal desire.

Creating a space where a woman is deeply in love with me but also craves men with larger cocks is no small feat. Is it possible to create a space where a woman is comfortable embracing her wild side and break free from social constraints within the emotional safety of a loving relationship. Free of emotional angst and what society deems as appropriate behavior, can she accept the experience of another man as a “gift of pleasure” from me…the man that truly loves her?

Does the naughty angel archetype truly exist?

If you are interested in viewing more of my digital art, I have a folder devoted to it here on The Dionysian Experience – Digital Art. If you are interested in cuckolding, you can find those posts here – Cuckolding.

27 thoughts on “Naughty Angel (Render)

  1. I totally missed this wonderful work, now one of my favourites :nod:

    1. Mmmm, it is hot that you like this one.🔥Thanks for adding it to your favorites 😈😇

      1. Haha why? =D No problemo, u did a fine work here :highfive:

  2. A grand job here :clap:

    1. Thank you, this theme seems to resonate with some. 😇😈

  3. Posereality

    So well done and very erotic!

    1. Thank you brother, she occupies both edges perfectly. Glad it resonates…😈😇

  4. Nice and big “one” 😉

    1. This is something of a dreamscape inspired by a past lover. We were into interracial cuckolding and fantasizing about BBCs never failed to make her soaking wet! It had a powerful effect on me as well.

      1. I´m pretty sure she will have a lot of fun with “it” 😉

  5. Wow…he looks soooo good…would love to be in her place!

    1. Love to see you switched in there too, Curia

      1. Yay me!!!

    2. Mmmm, I like the way you think! Thanks for sharing your sexy reaction 🔥

      1. you’re welcome!!

  6. Sexy couple. Looks great

  7. Jees! Fuckin’ both of them are set for life. Talk about having no problems.

    1. Thanks so much for your visit, Gina☺️ I’m a big fan of the erotic theme you explore on your blog. This is a bit of an extension on that theme I suppose with the woman craving “more” than her man can give her. She gets the best of both worlds–the man she loves and another man with a larger cock.

  8. Well Done!

    1. Thank you, Lexxii☺️ This kink is a erotic hot button for me…glad you liked this one.🔥

  9. Very well done !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and appreciate you taking a moment to share your reaction.☺️

  10. Such a Beautiful woman…is that what you like, Michael?
    What does a woman have to ‘have’ to make you hard for her?😏💕🖤

    1. The answer to your question is not in the image. Rather, it is in the title…Naughty Angel. I crave the sweetness, sensuality, goodness, and innocence of the spirit that I imagine in the soul of an angel. I crave the naughty mind, excitement for sexual adventure, and the yearning for passion of an inverted angel…a naughty angel. It takes both edges to create the erotic tension, the allure of contrast, the ability to experience inversion. No matter how naughty she becomes with me, at her core she is always an angel. 😈😇 You have this…I feel it. My cock is rock hard and dripping as I think about you and spiral through your thoughts.💗🔥

      1. You and my soul could have been having a discussion about my true essence and the outcome still wouldn’t have been as perceptive as THIS COMMENT.
        I feel like I battle (?) with this notion and inner turmoil every day…all my life. I know that parts of me are pure, good, illed with love, the love of a mother…the need to nurture, to be pure and good and worth someone’s love…to be essentially good, and then this other side of me, that YOU know a little…a sensual, sexual…naughty side , still enmeshed with my goodness , which I so often doubt…always tries to escape and I think it has found its way out through you. But….but, but ,but…I have this need to hold you, to stroke your hair, to care for you and tell you that you are unbelievably beautiful in spirit and energy and body and that you were born to be loved and desired and to give that sweet desire and love to those who are worthy of it.

        I want you to want me in the most insane way, but I need to caress and care for you and whisper words you want to hear to your soul, arousing more than just your had, throbbing desire for me.
        I feel, so often that I am NOT a good person…look at what I am doing, without remorse…but i do feel a sense of guilt…that my two sides are fighting eachother inside constant battle.
        But just know this…if in any transcedental realm, you and I were ever to actually touch each other , literally and through each other’s gorgeous energy, I don’t think I’d ever have to suppress one side or another. That I could just fucking….BE .
        Does any of this make sense?

        I feel that these words you sprinkled on me here…are a truth I never knew existed. You think I have this duality that you desire? I believe it when it comes from your lips…the eroticism of inversion…I have so many more thoughts about that… but I’ll pace myself because I have poured out so many thoughts to you… I know you like that though 😏🔥
        How much I want to feel you…so hard… it’s making me insane…in the naughtiest, most angelic way 😏
        See what I did there? 😉💋😘

        1. This has to be one of the most amazing comments I have ever read…possible exceptions may be other comments you have left.😃😘Wow, so many special thoughts you have shared. First, the sensuality and tenderness of your spirit and how you transfer that energy to me touches me in the deepest manner…it resonates in my soul. 🌌✨It is because I feel this that the naughty sexual thoughts we have been exploring take on a whole new level of eroticism. It is your tenderness and thoughtfulness that makes the expression of your sexuality so dizzyingly intense to me. You have described this duality perfectly (I may have to borrow it for a future post 😛) I feel Hestia and Aphrodite in you…I need and fully savor your duality 🎭

          1. You want to take inner thoughts and wants and use them? Of course… anything for you.
            Well, that my comments to you affect you so deeply and uniquely makes me so blissfully hot and happy. I told you a while ago (seems like aeons now…😍) that I love…NEED to feel unique and unlike anyone else for you and that you feel that somewhat is…intense.
            There’s something about you and the way we are connecting that is opening me up in more ways than one. I can’t help but feel things and thoughts intensely and I am compelled to share with you my deepest desires. From our first interactions I felt that you were the most erotic, deeply pensive and utterly meserising person I’d ever encountered. The way you express yourself, and your intelligence, your energy…your beautiful soul , these intangible yet hyper real aspects about you make erotic fires erupt inside me. The desire we share because of our connection, here and… elsewhere is a fragment of lunacy which takes my sanity, and fucks it hard with wild passion and slow, forceful need…electrified by two souls, dispersed in the ether, magnetised towards each other and undeniably connected.
            You set every part of my existence on fire.

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