A collection of visions and emotions. I don’t know if they speak to me but I am aware of them…like thoughts inside in a dream. Watch the video for the full emotional impact.

Digital Art and Video Mix: Michael at The Dionysian Experience

Music Excerpt: Blue by Gemini



9 thoughts on “Thoughts Inside a Dream (Digital Art and Video)

  1. Great images. They will speak to many

    1. A lot here to choose from…glad you enjoyed them.

  2. They certainly have a lot to say to me. The woman with the ghost…and are you morphing between bull and prince?

    1. Happy New Year, Carly 😊 I feel like I’m sitting here with all these puzzle pieces…fragments of dreams that I know have meaning. Traces and iterations of dreams that have flashed for millenniums. I like your callout on “morphing”. The first flash of the Dionysian current seems to have been in 8,000 to 5,000 BC in the form of a bull which is one the most cited zoomorphic versions of Dionysus. Duality is inherent in this archetype – perhaps prince and bull. Life, death, and afterlife; light and darkness; release in submission, the ability to see deeper while wearing of a mask, fear and angst against transcendent ecstasy. It is all a bit disjointed but I’m fascinated by challenge of piecing it together and understanding it. Equally amazed by how it was once understood so well…and now lost to time.

      1. Once understood but lost to time. Perhaps not by all.

      2. We’re too busy now. Too bombarded every second of the day to be able to sit and think and puzzle it out in silence or in nature. You know from my other blog how little time I spent on in the last two years? What does that say about my time about something I’m so curious about so interested in but I’m completely unable to explore? Like being kept from living by life itself.

  3. Amazing work as usual. I tend to enjoy your art just as much as your pieces, you certainly have a gift.

  4. Engaging… Ecstatically beautiful images…

  5. Wow great images

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