Thank you for checking out another edition of the Cuckold Corner. Today, Brian takes a seat in the corner and reveals his cuckold fantasy. Brian describes himself as a married, mid-40s attractive white male with a passion for white women who like big black men.

Michael – Thanks for reaching out and offering to share your story. I’ve seen a bit of it previously but would like to expand on a few things for others who are curious about this kink. You mentioned having this fantasy early on in life. When did you first become aware of it?

Brian – I first remember masturbating to the thought of it in high school. It usually involved fantasies about black guys at my school having sex with my girlfriend.

Michael – What do you think triggered this?

Brian – It seemed like the black guys were having a lot more sex than the white guys back then. I was still a virgin and not feeling very confident sexually. I guess that made them seem more sexually capable to me. Combining that with what I saw in the locker room seemed to give rise to the fantasy. My girlfriend was so pristine and I always wondered what she would do if she ever saw one of those big cocks. I thought about that a lot while jerking off.

Michael – Did you ever share this fantasy with your girlfriend?

Brian – No way! She would have died and thought I was crazy! I was too afraid to mention it to anyone. It would have gotten all over school and been so humiliating.

Michael – I get that. It’s a fantasy that is hard (nearly impossible) to share with other guys and one I only share gently with women. So, your fantasy started early on and continues today?

I’ve seen several instances of sexual research (real academic research) that suggest ~ 50% of men fantasize about watching their lover with another man. While being a common and popular fantasy, it is still a fantasy that is hard to share with other men in real life.

Brian – I thought it would subside with age but hasn’t. I still have such an overwhelming attraction to white women that love big black cock.

If you are a woman considering cuckolding, please keep in mind that real cuckold relationships are far more nuanced and couple-centered than the “fantasy” Brian will share today. He is focused on his desires which is fine because it is his fantasy. We know the woman’s desires are equally important. It ultimately has to be a shared fantasy and part of couple’s shared journey.

Michael – You are married now. Have you shared this fantasy with your wife?

Brian – I did share this with my wife but she completely shut me down and made me feel like an idiot. I won’t do that again. Now, I fantasize all the time about being in a cuckold relationship with another white female that isn’t my wife. If I could do it all over again, I would find a wife who was attracted to black men and open to having black babies. I would love to share the intimacies, openness, and hot fun that such a relationship could offer.

Brian makes an interesting comment about finding a woman who is attracted to black men. If she is genuinely has a preference for black men, and Brian is white, then she wouldn’t be interested in Brian. The reality of cuckold relationships requires a lot more nuance and focus on the relationship.

Michael – You mention a couple things here that I’d like to dig a little deeper on – wife breeding and your wife’s rejection of your fantasy.

In interest of keeping this interview to manageable read. I will defer the full “Wife Breeding” discussion to my post – Cuckold Psychology – Interracial Wife Breeding. In short, this fantasy deals with the cuckold’s submission to the Alpha male and the humiliation of surrendering his wife’s womb to another man – the ultimate state of emasculation. This is a male emasculation fantasy being pushed to the edge. Ladies, we know women own their bodies and it isn’t the man’s choice to surrender his lover’s womb. It is a fantasy…and a hot one for some men…and even some women.

Michael – In terms of your wife’s rejection, is there is a lesson in this for other men or couples?

Brian – Maybe this can a lesson for other white guys out there who have similar desires but married. My humble advice would be to give it your all in finding a woman who shares a smilar interest. Otherwise, accept that it is inside you and will always be a fantasy you will have to manage in your fantasies.

The cuckold fantasy is a tough one to share with the woman you love. To a lot of women, it doesn’t make sense. It runs counter to everything they have been brought up to believe in about relationships and men. It is unfortunate though that so many women reject this fantasy entirely and aren’t even willing to explore it at even the fantasy level. They are missing out on the intense release of passion and adoring love that can come from just talking about the fantasy and having fun with it. A woman’s rejection doesn’t end her man’s desire. Instead, he will turn his attention and passion away from his wife as Brian has.

Michael – Yes, if you are fortunate enough to feel confident in sharing your fantasies (and still single) there is time to find that perfect partner who loves you but is also open to having sex with other men. If we grow into the fantasy at a later age, we can still have fun with it in the fantasy realm. Ideally, your lover would at least be open to fantasizing about it with you. If not, you can find like-minded internet communities and live vicariously through others as you tend to visions and fantasies of your dream girl.

Brian – Yes, that is what I do now. Before the days of the internet I thought I was alone in wanting to be an interracial cuckold. Since then, I can see that there are many men like me who are in awe of the eroticism of interracial cuckoldry. Most of us will probably never find our ‘dream partner’ but that doesn’t stop us dreaming and fantasizing…which is a pleasure in itself! I am dedicated to the beauty of interracial sex between big black men and white women

Just how popular is this “secret” sexual kink? Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam analyzed one billion sex-related search terms as research for their 2012 book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts. They found that cuckold-related searches rank #2 among most searched for sexual content on the internet. Black cock, big black, and black men were also commonly searched two-word phrases.

Michael – Your fantasy specifically involves a black man “breeding” your wife. Why do you think it excites you more that the man is black?

Brian – The thought does makes me so hot! It does! In some ways I see myself as the typical small, white cuckold male. In the presence of bigger, stronger, and more dominant black men, I feel like a beta male. I get so turned on thinking about a physically superior black man taking my wife sexually and dominating both of us. It feels like this should be the natural order.

Many cuckolds will say “this isn’t humiliating – it’s just me accepting reality and my place in it.” Nonsense. Brian is experiencing arousal from submission and erotic humiliation in his fantasy. Denying that is humiliating only deepens the resignation which deepens the erotic humiliation.

Michael – This is quite primal…like a return to nature. Since he is bigger and stronger, he gets the reward of breeding the sexy female – your lover. You accept this but, more importantly, your lover wants to give birth to the Alpha’s offspring and not carry on your weak genes, right?

Brian – Yes, exactly! You really do get this! I feel so deeply aroused by the thought of being in an interracial cuckold relationship in which one or more big black males ‘own’ my partner and me – as long as we are all happy and consent to the arrangements.

Owning another person is something we clearly recognize as immoral. However, the notion of being a Master/Dom or sub/slave is a very popular and well-established BDSM sexual carried out among consenting adults

Michael – When you say being “owned”, I imagine this also includes sexual acts. Would you mind sharing what type of sexual fantasies you have around this?

Brian – Everything really. I would do whatever he wanted – he would own me and my wife. We are there for his pleasure. 

Michael – So, you would suck his cock and, if allowed, swallow his cum?

Brian – Yes, anything he commanded me to do.

Michael – I’m curious. If you were a single man, would you be open to seeing a black or white man in a one-on-one relationship?

Brian – No.

Michael – Thinking about others who will be reading this, can you help readers understand why you would be willing to suck a cock in the context of your fantasy but not interested in seeing a man as a potential lover.

Brian – It is taking my place in natural order as the beta male and serving to dominate male along my wife that excites me.

I already have a good sense of this dynamic in cuckold play and decided to stop pursuing this line of questioning with Brian. “Some” cuckolds will do things with the Bull in the context of cuckold play but have zero interest in male-male contact outside of that scenario. I believe this stems from the desire for erotic humiliation and submission. The cuckold is diminished and “forced” to do things he wouldn’t have to do if he were a “real man” like the Alpha/Bull. He is degraded and “forced” to have a long, thick cock stuffed in his mouth…in front of his lover who also craves the Alpha’s superior cock. It is submissive, humiliating, and a wildly erotic mind space for some cuckolds.

Michael – Brian, thank you so much for sharing your fantasy. I think there will be a lot of takeaways for those who read this.

Brian – Thank you Michael! This was a lot of fun and you made me think about a few things in a way I hadn’t really considered before. 

If you are interested in sharing your story, please let me know in the comments.

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