Black Mystique – Ancient Bull Gods, is the second in a short series on the underlying psychology of interracial sex as kink – specifically the sexual mystique around black men and “big black cock”. Along the way, I am also trying to unravel how interracial cuckolding evolved as a fantasy for me. And, as I will remind readers throughout this series, this exploration is about interracial sex and cuckolding as a sexual kink and not about loving interracial relationships which are as beautiful as any relationship. This is a work in progress and will likely undergo several iterations as I work through this complex topic.

In Black Mystique – Mandingo, I make the case that interracial sex and cuckolding are not based on racist beliefs. Instead, they are a reaction to sexual repression and societal constraints. I went on to discuss how sexual fulfillment and the desire to break free of sexually repressive societal constraints began to be projected on the black male and the fascination with “big black cock”. I also acknowledged that interracial sex is but one outlet for this primal energy and others exist such as those found in BDSM. I concluded with a teaser suggesting sexual desire is innate human drive that was once acknowledged as an archetypal energy that was celebrated – even worshipped – by men and women in the form of Old World gods.

One of the things I explore here on the Dionysian Experience is mythology – especially that of Dionysus. Winding through time and labyrinth of human psychology, we find ancient cultures (e.g., Egypt, Celts, Crete, India, and Greece) where the Bull was considered divine and worshipped for thousands of years before the rise of Christianity.

Minatour 21 copy-1These gods, often the chief god, took on the zoomorphic traits of a bull. The traits of physical strength, large phallus, and big heavy balls carried symbolic weight. However, there was also literal meaning – sexual vitality. Sex was not seen as a sinful, it was a natural human act and one that was celebrated…even worshipped. If we take the entirety of human history into account, the notion of sex as a sinful act is still relatively new to us and perhaps runs against our nature.

Dionysus was a zoomorphic god worshipped by the Greeks and Romans (known to the latter as Bacchus) who also took the form of a bull, especially in his early history.  Dionysus was a nature god – wild, free, primal, ecstatic, and sexual. Dionysus represented liberation from societal constraints and equality to all. In his honor, a large phallus was often erected and worshipped in ancient Greece. I explore the psychology of this in Dionysus – Cock Worship. Dionysus and all ancient gods flowing in the Dionysian current represent an innate human dream – an archetype – of liberation and transcendent spiritual and physical ecstasy.

Phallus Worship 4

We can try to eliminate or suppress archetypes, but they never die. They only morph and return to us in different forms. I continue to believe that the gods of the old world are psychological archetypes and represent the shared dreams of humanity. Those same visions (even if culturally repressed) still reside deep within us. When basic human drives (like sexuality) are denied and suppressed, they often return to our fantasies in more bestial forms.

The vision of the “Bull” is one such manifestation. In cuckolding, the couple often refers the other man as a “Bull” or “Black Bull” when interracial sex is in play. The term is frequently used by black men in the kink as well and often referenced in their profile description or username. Women are said to worship at the BBC altar. For some, there is a clear connection (even if they are unaware of it) to the mythological worship of the Bull and large cock. The overwhelming adoption of Bull as the term of choice in the kink isn’t, in my opinion, due to randomness.

There are other innate human dreams or archetypes at play as well. One point of archetypal friction for women is Hestia (goddess of the home) vs. Aphrodite (goddess of seduction). A more modern label for this is the Madonna-Whore complex. Many women don’t want to carry the divine projection of angelic purity (Hestia or Madonna) cast upon them by courting lovers and, on a larger level, societal expectations from the collective dreams of men. I take a deeper look at this in Hestia vs. Aphrodite: Cognitive Dissonance. Women want to fulfill the archetypal dream of Hestia but they also have sexual needs and want to experience transcendent ecstasy as well. They want to release their inner Aphrodite.

For some women, and society at large, the suppressed archetypal sexual energy of Dionysus morphed in the psychology of early Americans and was projected on black men. It is not because these desires are racist, it was instead a reaction to sexual repression and racism around them. Society created the interracial taboo by denying sexuality as a part of our basic human nature. One constant of Dionysian energy is the breaking free from societal constraints. If we think about it, almost every sexual kink shares this Dionysian energy.

The taboo of interracial sex is fading at a cultural level but it still exists – the echoes are becoming faint but can still be heard and felt. How long will it take for the “taboo” to completely fade? Generations. However, I can look around and see that it is already fading with each subsequent generation. While the taboo is fading, the popularity of interracial sex is on the rise. How can this be?

The desire to break free from sexual repression and societal constraints is the larger psychological driver of interracial sex and the Black Mystique. Women crave sexual liberation and freedom. Even as the taboo fades, the promise of overwhelming sexual fulfillment by the Black Bull and Big Black Cock will keep this kink going strong for generations. Archetypes don’t die, they only morph and return to us in different forms. In 2020 the archetypal energy of Dionysus is alive and well as more and more women kneel at the altar.

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