Some men are into a form of erotic humiliation known as “small penis teasing/humiliation”. I am one of those men. How does it work? As the kink’s name suggests, a man with this sexual kink gets turned on when a woman teases him about having a little penis or expresses her desire for a bigger cock than his. I explore the psychology of this kink (and others) in the post – Erotic Humiliation – Exploring the Layers.

A lot of my true stories element have elements of small penis teasing running through them – especially my cuckold/hotwife stories. Small penis teasing moments can happen throughout a cuckold couple’s day-to-day interactions and, individually, not worthy of an entire story. Still, they are erotic hits that keep passion’s flame burning bright. I will be sharing a few of these hot moments in a series called: Small Penis Teasing – Appetizers. Hope you enjoy these erotic vignettes.

Big Balls

We are going back and forth with some fantasy texting about her and another man. I describe penetrating her after her black bull has pulled out of her now gaped pussy…

Michael – You feel my weight against you and my lower abs pressing against your clit. You feel my balls against your lips but my smaller, thinner manhood elicits no sensation within your sweet opened pussy…

Sienna – I can almost feel your cock…sort of, I think…not really. But, in a few days I should be able to feel you again. But, I do love the feel of my man’s big heavy balls swinging and bouncing against my ass…FUCK!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Baby, your balls are huge!!!! You do know this right? Seriously!!! This how you prevent Black Bulls from breeding your girl’s little white pussy. Your little cock can’t fill me like a big black cock but you fill my pussy with so much creamy cum! Nobody can hold a candle to my man and cum more than you!!!!!!

Small Window

We were trying to find a window in our busy day to talk and she was becoming frustrated and stomping. I sent her my schedule so she could match it up with hers and pick a time to chat.

Sienna – “I just tried to call you, mmmph! You have very small windows…just like your small cock!”

Hungry Girl

Sienna is a very healthy eater and that usually entails eating what I consider to be rabbit food. She is complaining about being hungry and I suggest she might need something more filling…like meat. I was only teasing her about her vegetarian-like eating habits but she turns it into something more. Sienna responds, “Mmmm, yes! Some BIG, juicy dark meat would be perfectly fulfilling!” She then leans in and whispers sensually in my ear, “I need some, baby. I need more black cock”. She notices my cock has begun to quickly swell. “Wow, look at how fast and hard your little white cock gets when your girl is craving black cock. This is so hot!”

NBA Draft

Sienna enjoys sharing naughty thoughts she has during the day and loves the freedom she has to share anything with me…even her thoughts about other men. We were chatting one day and she said, “I was watching highlights of players in the NBA draft and all I could think about was the size of their cocks!” It is a small thing but it made me so damn hot knowing my lover was out and about in the world fantasizing about black men and their bigger cocks. She often said that I had changed her. Clearly, she was now seeing the world through a new erotic lens.

Should I Feel Inadequate Too?

Early in our relationship, Sienna and I were discussing my “small penis teasing” kink. It was something she had a hard time getting her mind around at first.

Sienna – So, should I feel inadequate that I feel pleasured and fulfilled by your little cock?! ❤❤❤❤ 

This was an interesting question. I often wondered if women felt a sense of pride around their man’s endowment. How would it feel for a woman to be with her man in a group of couples and realize that her man probably had the smallest penis? Sienna’s reaction suggested, at least in a small way, that size of my cock was at least a little connected to her self concept.

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