Some men are into a form of erotic humiliation known as “small penis teasing/humiliation”. I am one of those men. How does it work? As the kink’s name suggests, a man with this sexual kink gets turned on when a woman teases him about having a little penis or expresses her desire for a bigger cock than his. I explore the psychology of this kink (and others) in the post – Erotic Humiliation – Exploring the Layers.

A lot of my true stories element have elements of small penis teasing running through them – especially my cuckold/hotwife stories. Small penis teasing moments can happen throughout a cuckold couple’s day-to-day interactions and, individually, not worthy of an entire story. Still, they are erotic hits that keep passion’s flame burning bright. I will be sharing a few of these hot moments in a series called: Small Penis Teasing – Appetizers. Hope you enjoy these erotic vignettes.

Cock Swinging Freely

I was away on a business trip which happened to be near the coast. I was going commando and wearing shorts made of thin fabric. I described to Sienna how good it felt to be swinging freely in the refreshing weather. She took this an opportunity to tease me.

I’m not sure “swinging freely” conjures up the right visual, Babe. When I hear that, I think of a long, thick cock draped powerfully over a man’s balls and hanging low. We know that isn’t you, lol! Maybe it more the case that your little cock is bobbing and bouncing on top of your big balls?

My “Incapable” Man

What follows is a really hot message from Sienna that she sent to her Black Bull as we were building towards our first cuckold experience.

Sienna to Jalen (her Black Bull) – I thought I’d send you a photo of me with Michael’s cock in my mouth so you can imagine the contrast. I’m imagining how hot it will be to see and feel the difference between you and Michael and to have both of you in my mouth and hands! Imagine me kneeling before you…looking up and beckoning you to have your virgin white pussy….all our anticipation…me knowing that you will give me ALL that I have craved but that which my man is incapable of giving me. More and deep rich, dark fulfilling BBC goodness to satisfy and please, mmmm! That which I can only receive and have from my Black stallion…

Whew, it is such a rush to witness the woman I love telling another man that he can give her all that she craves…and that which I am incapable of giving her.

Cock Comparison

It is mid-September and we are about one month removed from Sienna first black cock experience. It is the first time we have seen each other since that epic experience. We are tucked inside our Vegas suite and laying on the bed. Sienna has my hard cock in her hand and seems to looking thoughtfully at my cock like she has something she wants to say. I sense that she is thinking about Jalen’s (the black guy that fucked her) cock and making a comparison.

I break the silence, “Not as large as Jalen’s?” The words float unanswered between us for a moment. Sienna’s soft sultry voice finally fills the space, “You must have been reading my mind. No Baby, his black cock was much larger.” “Thicker,” I ask? Sienna’s hands and sensual fingers flow around my straining cock and tight balls as she makes a thoughtful assessment. I am turned on beyond belief with anticipation and the mind fuck is building.

The sensation is more intense than ever before because what we are both feeling in this moment is now based on reality and no longer just a fantasy. “Baby, I think his cock was twice as thick as yours and at least three inches longer. He fucked me in the ass with his big cock. I never thought I would do that but I did…and I really liked it. Baby, your girl can handle a lot and I want to do it again!

Drop the Mic

Sienna and I were talking and I dropped the phone between my legs. I apologize and said, “I must have sounded muffled.” She said, “No worries, it didn’t sound muffled at all…there isn’t much there to cover the microphone.”

Short Sell

Sienna – Baby, you are selling yourself “short!” You know what your Girl needs and what she wants!!! You know how to please her!!!❤😘

Michael – Selling “short” LOL! Nice, Baby! Mmmmm, I never suggested that I didn’t know what my sexy Girl needs and how to please you! I’m just working with less than some. It all works incredibly well for US and is so HOT!

Sienna – MmmHmmm! Yes Baby, that’s why we are perfect together. Well, it is one of many reasons. You little cock fits my little pussy and ass PERFECTLY! If you were bigger, I wouldn’t have the same desire to explore and yearning for more…a longer, thicker, and darker cock…. Mmmm F F F Baby!!! I’m dying for my man to fuck me good, long and purposefully! I love your little cock, Baby! Mmmmm! My Little Cock!!!!! ❤😘❤😘❤😘💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

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