Some men are into a form of erotic humiliation known as “small penis teasing/humiliation”. I am one of those men. How does it work? As the kink’s name suggests, a man with this sexual kink gets turned on when a woman teases him about having a little penis or expresses her desire for a bigger cock than his. I explore the psychology of this kink (and others) in the post – Erotic Humiliation – Exploring the Layers.

A lot of my true stories element have elements of small penis teasing running through them – especially my cuckold/hotwife stories. Small penis teasing moments can happen throughout a cuckold couple’s day-to-day interactions and, individually, not worthy of an entire story. Still, they are erotic hits that keep passion’s flame burning bright. I will be sharing a few of these hot moments in a series called: Small Penis Teasing – Appetizers. Hope you enjoy these erotic vignettes.

What She Really Needs

“I need to be fucked and I either want you to fuck me or I want you watching a black man giving me what I REALLY need!” – Sienna

“I can almost feel the pleasant friction and tightness now as Jalen (her Black Bull) worked his much bigger, wider, longer cock inside me and slowly opened me up like never before! 😘💋🐓🐃🔥”

I Can’t Feel You at All

We had just experienced our first interracial cuckolding experience. That is, Sienna had just experience her first big black cock. I enter Sienna and feel amazed by how the larger black completely opened up her once incredibly tight pussy. There is no resistance or pressure on my shaft at all.

As a cuckold that gets off on the size difference, the reality of this moment only excites more. Sienna smiles at me a bit blankly and patiently, “Are you in, Baby?” She couldn’t feel me. Even though I had easily slipped in all the way to the base of my cock, she had no sensation of my cock being completely buried in her pussy. Fuck, this was hot. I told her I was all the way in. She laughs. “I don’t believe you!” Sienna slips one hand underneath and touches the base of my cock. Her fingers trace my base to her lips and confirms that I am all the way inside her. She is startled. “OMG! This is so crazy! Baby!!! I can’t feel you at all!”

Sienna Reacts to Small Cock Photos

Sienna and I would often send one another sexy photos. She often replied with very flattering comments but occasionally she would come back with some hot “small penis” comments.

Sienna – Baby!!!!! Did you purposely try to make your cock look little with your hand placed the way you did????? Hmmmmmmm? I want my little white cock!!!!!! Stomp stomp!!!!

Sienna – Baby, your cock looks huge in this photo? It must just be the angle…

Sienna – Mmmm, yummy! I LOVE your cock!!!! MY cock! My sweet little cock…

Empty Pocket

Sienna and I are texting one day while I am preparing to leave for a business trip.

Sienna – Baby, I wish you could stuff me in your pocket and take me with you! I know there is plenty of free space in there, mmmm!

Michael – You are being naughty, sexy girl! Are you suggesting my cock doesn’t fill in my pocket space?

Sienna – Well, I’ve reached in before and didn’t find anything in your pocket……empty. Maybe I didn’t reach down deep enough? No, I have reached all the way in and nothing there.🔥😘

I send her a photo of my hard cock pressing against my slacks. I am gripping my cock through my pants to accentuate the outline of my manhood.

Sienna – Baby!!!!! Did you purposely try to make your cock look little with your hand placed the way you did? Hmmm? I want my little white cock!!!!!! Stomp, stomp!!!! Mmmm babe, I would love to have you out of those pants NOW! I’m wanting you bad! You are teasing me and making my pussy drip!!!

Michael – I was thinking about you as I always do and this is what happens.

Sienna – Seeing the outline of your cock and your hand!!!!! Baby!!! F F F

Michael – You liked the way my hand framed your hard cock? All YOURS Baby…every inch of my manhood is yearning for You and aching to ease into and soak in your dripping wetness.

Sienna – Yes, MY little cock!!! I want to coat your entire cock in my yummy silkiness.

The Little Baby Cock Ring

I had recently purchased a pack of cock rings with three sizes – small, medium, and large.  I tried on each size and sent photos to Sienna beginning with large and then medium.  Finally, I put on the small ring which fit perfect and had my cock bulging the way a cock ring should.

Yummy baby!!!!! Now that’s more like your size…just right for my little mouth! Look how perfectly that little baby cock ring fits! 🔥 – Sienna

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