I wish you were here with me at this wedding, it is so beautiful! I’m so distracted and horny though! I’m not wearing panties as you directed and it has me so turned on. I can’t stop thinking about you. I wish you could sneak me into the men’s restroom and have your way with me! Baby, I am needing to be fucked hard! It would be so easy to lift my dress and bend me over in a stall, lick my sweet wetness, and then enter me slowly and deliberately.

You will feel me close in tight around your hard, throbbing cock. Our rhythm will be so right. You feel my pulling you in and squeezing you tight as your cock makes my tight gushing pussy respond to you so magically! Mmmmmm Baby!!! I would love that! F F F!

Mmmm, you are now fucking me hard in that thin little stall and I am so loving having you inside me, I needed it so desperately! Then, we hear someone come. My orgasm is too close and it all feels so intense! I’m beyond the point of being able to stop…I have to cum! You try to shush me as we hear a low, deep voice outside the stall. He asks, “Is everything okay? I can’t hold back and being to scream and whimper as you make me cum so good and fill me with your thick hot cum.

I gasp while trying to catch my breath. I know my heels and your shoes are visible below the stall wall and this mystery man knows exactly what kind of mischief is going on! We hold perfectly still with the scent of raw sex filling the air… He asks again, “Young lady, are you okay?” I tell him that I’m better than okay and ask if he enjoyed the show. We exchange some flirty comments and within a minute, I am outside the stall with this mystery black man’s big cock in mouth.

Baby, you fucked me so good but it was just an appetizer for what I really need…a big thick, black cock! You stand by the bathroom door so you can warn us if anyone is coming. This stranger bends me over again in the stall and fucks me until my legs are so weak I can’t even hold myself up any longer! Finally, mercifully, he pumps HIS creamy load inside me! Oh god baby, I LOVE the way a Big Black Cock fills me up so wide and deep and makes me cum so hard!!! I’ve never felt anything like it!

We clean up and go our separate ways. I don’t even know his name and it makes me feel like the black cock slut that I have become. I love walking arm in arm with you amongst the guests at the wedding. I feel so naughty having the man in my dreams by my side with cum of two men trickling down my thighs. We head over to the bar for a drink and get in the short line. Wouldn’t you know it? The mystery black man is standing there with his wife. He glances at me and winks before turning back to his wife.

Oh god, I didn’t even know he was married. Strangely though, it makes everything even hotter! I am standing so close to this woman with her husband’s cum dripping from my pussy!

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