Keisha is a beautiful, pregnant massage therapist I introduced in Exhibitionism – Keisha’s Temptation. Her touch, tempo, and pressure perfectly matched my inner rhythm and the first appointment had been fantastic. I had also been a bit naughty and playful during the first visit that led to some “accidental” flashes. She had also been a bit naughty herself and provided with some extended “accidental” contact with my balls.

Returning for my second massage, I’m already feel aroused and filled with anticipation. Like my first massage, Keisha begins with me on my stomach. Right away, I can feel my cock swelling and struggling to expand beneath the weight of my body. I raise my hips slightly to allow room for my manhood to expand outward to its full length. My head and some of my shaft are definitely exposed. Keisha’s hands flow sensually down my side to my hip and is on course to brush against my exposed cock…my heart is pounding!


At the last moment Keisha adjusts her path just enough to move above and around my swollen head and engorged shaft… Damn, soooo close!

She is obviously stealing peeks because she moved her hand perfectly to avoid making contact….perhaps to tease me. Does she know I am aware my cock is exposed? Does she want to touch me but isn’t sure if I want to be touched? Is she fighting her desire or am I just imagining the electricity in the room? I raise my hips slightly with each pass of her magical hands and tell her how amazing her touch feels. Keisha makes some flattering comments about the way I dress and compliments me on my physique like in the first massage which I genuinely appreciate. But, there is no arousing contact at all which is a step back from the last visit. I’m feeling a bit bummed.

Keisha finishes with my back side and has me roll over. Just like the first time, I had already discarded the heavy blanket and was only using the sheet for draping. I push the sheet all the way down my abs and let it drape loosely over the base of my cock…the sheet is clearly past the “appropriate” line. I suspect a portion of my cock may even be visible under the loose sheet. Keisha doesn’t say a word and begins working on my legs. My cock immediately stiffens again in response to touch.


Keisha is careful not to move too far up the inner side of my thigh. I let her know the top of my inner thigh needs some work. Disappointingly, she is unresponsive to this request and my arousal isn’t apparently a shared experience. Things aren’t going anywhere so I decide to make one last bold attempt…very bold. I reach down between my legs to the upper portion of my inner thigh and expose my balls in the process. I ask her to work on “this area” as I trace my thigh and run my hand along my balls. Keisha obeys my request and immediately moves her hands up and inward towards the area I identified. Mmmm, good girl. Her hands brush against my balls and I whisper, “Mmmm, that feels REALLY good.” Encouraged, her hands slowly return to my balls and at long last she takes my balls fully into one of her hands.

Over the course of several minutes she focuses on massaging my heavy balls. With my balls in one hand, she rests the other on my stomach just to the side of my straining cock. She asks uncertainly, “Do you like this?” I smile and say, “Yes, this is just what I need.” Keisha’s free hand moves along my hip and lower stomach and then frees my manhood from the sheet. I’m breathless as she wraps her hand around my straining manhood.


It is such an amazing moment to have gone through this teasing journey and to have this woman finally holding my cock and balls. I lean up to kiss her but she pushes me back down. She seems to be taking a moment to enjoy the sensation and view of having me in her grasp. My cock stands hard and proud as she caresses my length. All too soon, she releases me and covers my hips with the sheet. Keisha moves behind me and begins working on my shoulders and sinking her hands into my hair. She tells me she loves the feeling of running her hands through my hair.

This oddly timed “head” job feels great, but it isn’t the head job I’m craving. So odd that she stroked my cock, rejected my advance for a kiss, and is now rubbing my head. This won’t do. I slide the sheet off my hips again and slowly reach for my engorged cock and begin to slowly stroke it. No words are spoken. What is she thinking and feeling? Is she wet? Why had she denied my kiss? As my thoughts swirl, I’m startled to feel her breath against my ear followed by a soft kiss on my ear and cheek.

I turn my head towards her and pause before our lips connect…she seems so dreamy and wanting…now lost in the erotic energy swirling around her. The angle is awkward so I sit up and spin around to the side of the table. I want to pull her close and kiss her but she had other ideas. Apparently Keisha finds it hot to suck a man’s cock before she has even kissed him. Or, maybe she thought kissing was too intimate and wanted to save her lips for her husband. Keisha drops down on her knees and immediately stuffs my cock deep in her mouth. Well now, this will definitely work.


She pulls my cock out of her mouth and takes a long wanton look at my manhood. It is such a rush to see a woman taking me in like this…looking, touching, assessing, and tasting. She tells me, “I don’t normally think of a man’s stuff as looking good but you have a beautiful cock.” She then runs her tongue along the underside of my shaft several times before focusing her lips and tongue on my plump, dripping head.


I drift into the erotic layers of the moment. I bet the last thing her husband thought his pregnant wife would be doing today is sucking another man’s cock at work. She gently lifts my balls and looks at them with a lustful gaze before giving them the attention they need. Her skin tone contrasts vividly against my straining white cock and, one at a time, my large balls are completely enveloped in her full luscious lips. She lifts my heavy sack upward as her tongue flicks softly below along my smooth, hair-free bottom (courtesy of waxing). I lean back onto the table and raise my legs to give her better access.

With my legs lifted, Keisha licks underneath my balls. Her mouth trails slowly downward as her lips and tongue work their way towards my clinching, smooth opening. Keisha’s attention settles here as her tongue licks and probes my exposed tight space. She is so into this and I am definitely loving it! Drifting back to my earlier thoughts about her husband…okay, THIS is probably the last thing he thought his wife would be doing today. Keisha grabs both my cheeks and pushes them apart before plunging her tongue deeply in and out of my ass…my toes are clinching and my eyes are rolling…fuck this is amazing!

As good as this feels, I didn’t want to run out of time and miss the opportunity to fuck her. I don’t know…maybe this is even better! My curling toes are causing my feet to cramp so I sit up and pull Keisha up off her knees. I savor the weight of her milk-filled breasts and trace her pregnant curves before slipping two fingers into her soaked pussy. It is driving me wild thinking about fucking another man’s wife while she is carrying his baby.


I move off the table with intention of going down on her. Instead, she leans over on the table and spreads her legs. She wants to be fucked right now. I rub my dripping head along her ass cheeks as I savor the contrasting skin tone and then briefly between her pussy lips before easing inside her pussy. Her juices saturate my shaft as I work deeper and deeper into her married pussy. Our passion is exploding but needs to be contained. On both sides of our room there are other massages going on and I can hear people and soft voices moving up and down the hall outside our door. The swirl of the moment and the need to be quiet only enhances the naughtiness of our secret adventure.

I lean back to take in a good view of the scene below. I squeeze her ass and spread her cheeks as I watch my rock-hard shaft sinking inch by inch inside her clutching pink. Keisha’s long ebony legs look are spread wide and flow perfectly into her amazing ass. I am feeling like one very fortunate man. She pushes against me while slightly rolling her hips and whispers how incredible it feels. Softly, she pleads with me to never stop fucking her.


I drive slowly and fully in and out of her under-serviced garden. I can feel pressure on the tip of my head as I penetrate her depths. I press harder and deeper as she struggles beneath me before surrendering to the fullness of my conquering invasion. My heavy balls have tightened and swing powerfully against her clit. She urges me to cum inside her, “I want to have part of you with me all day…” The electric surge is building within me. I grab her shoulders and drive her like I own her and her pussy. For a moment in time, I do. I want my creamy load so far up inside her that she would feel me dripping out for days.

Vignettes of her husband unknowingly tasting my come or having my seed coating his shaft dance through my thoughts. I fight my release but Keisha makes it impossible. She is pushing back into me and clenching tight as she milks my cock…pleading with me to cum inside her. I can tell that she is getting off on this and enveloped in her own orgasm release. It is all too much. All of it…the entire scene. I lose the ability to resist and jettison endless white-hot, creamy ropes deep inside the lovely young Keisha. I hold her ass steady as she continues to spasm beneath me. As my softening cum-soaked cock finally slips out, I smack it against her sweet ass and milk it as I spread a few creamy dollops across her sexy buns.

I would see Keisha several more times before she stopped working to deliver her baby. Keisha never really gave me any insight as to why she fucked me. She only said that she felt so crazy, couldn’t believe she was doing it, and never wanted it to end.


23 thoughts on “Exhibitionism – Keisha’s Surrender

  1. I have missed your writing so much!

    1. Thank you Dana 🙂 It is hard “coming back” and feels so good to have a friend with some history to share with. Btw, this was an awesome massage! 😉

  2. Omfg, I’m so aroused right now.

    1. Mmmm, and you just made this one so worth it. You are sexy! I hope you were able to take care of things… 😉

      1. It made it interesting.. Hehe

  3. Tiffany Being Free

    This is really hot! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m glad you found this story erotic. I sometimes wonder what women think about this one…the therapist was a very naughty girl. 🙂

      1. Tiffany Being Free

        I treated a woman today that reminded me of Keisha, threw me off my center for just a moment. =)

  4. Ok, I have never had a massage like that! Wow! Kinda makes me want to be a massage therapist…but I think I’d get myself into trouble…

    1. Glad you found the body work stimulating! 😉 Most of my appointments don’t end up like this one but it happens often enough to keep hope alive, ha! I think she was definitely concerned about the risk but once she felt comfortable, she really let go. I suspect you would be awesome esthetician and massage therapist…certainly fun thinking about visiting you! Thanks for giving it a read.

      1. I will admit that I sought this out for the picture of your ass that you mentioned somewhere else. 😬
        If I were giving massages, I know I’d “accidentally” brush a lot of cocks and balls. I have an issue with touching people. I do it a lot- friends, nice looking strangers- I may need an intervention. Lol.

        1. Mmmm, it is hot that you did that… I hope you search was worthwhile and you liked the photo. 🙂 I may start sprinkling more in…if the curiosity is there. As for your “issue”…I think it is fantastic. You’re just being naughty and sexy and there is nothing wrong with that 🙂

  5. It was worthwhile. I think you should sprinkle. 🙂

    1. Blushing…along with other circulation issues… 😉

  6. I like it so much but I don’t know if I should say why

    1. Mmmm, please do share why you like it…I would love to know what hot buttons it push for you :-*

      1. Let’s just say The scintillating movements that are described, exotic caresses of bodies together, stimulating kiss and sensual desire it has everything that i love. This is the cleanest way i could describe why i like it so much.

      2. And we’ll I’ll say a certain Part of me maybe you could guess which part was silky and pulsating

        1. I love knowing it had that effect on you… It makes me wish I was in that room again and you were my massage therapist. A certain part of me pressing strong and firmly against the thin silky sheet…aching with the passion flowing through me. :-*

  7. That would have been a much more enthralling exotic sensual throbbing moist scene.

    1. MmmmHmmm, I would have needed to extend the appointment into the evening and then the next day…and again…and again :-*

    1. Thank you 🔥Glad to see you around again…hope life is treating you well.

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