One of the topics I explore on The Dionysian Experience is cuckolding and my journey into this erotic fetish. A key part of a couple’s sexual exploration is understanding what one another’s erotic buttons, knowing limits, and establishing boundaries. As it pertains to cuckolding, long after the Bull has left the couple’s bed, the couple is left with that experience as part of their shared history. Pre-established boundaries, if any, go a long way towards ensuring reality of the moment and memories are pleasant rather than hurtful.

One moment we can certainly anticipate in any cuckold experience is that the couple’s Bull is going to cum. This raises some obvious questions for the couple to discuss. Are there any places the couple feels should be off limits for the other male’s cum? For example, a woman may not want the other man to cum on her face or in her mouth. Or, she may not feel comfortable with him coming inside of her.

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The man being cuckolded may have reservations as well. There are also potential scenarios where the cuckold may come in contact with the other man’s cum. This could include the cuckold’s cock entering his lover’s cum-filled pussy or may involve the cuckold licking the other man’s cum from his lover’s pussy. How does the couple feel about this? Do they find it arousing or not? If so, how far does that contact go?

As Sienna and I move towards our first experience with another man, I want to know where she was on these questions and understand her boundaries. Where does she want her Bull to cum and how does she feel about me potentially licking his cum from her pussy (a fantasy of mine)? I write this rather nonchalantly, but let me tell you, hearing the woman you love discussing her thoughts about another man coming on or inside her is breathtakingly intense! And, broaching the topic of me eating his cum from her pussy is like dropping a sledge hammer on my erotic humiliation button.

We are chatting one day when I bring up a WordPress article and comment thread about men tasting their own cum. Some men enjoy it purely as a physical sexual experience without any form of mental or power play. Other men find it exciting when framed as a submissive act and/or a form of erotic humiliation to be “forced” to eat their own seed. Some took it further and said that what they really fantasized about was eating another man’s cum from their lover’s pussy. She was curious and wanted to know how I felt?



Before answering this, I should provide some context around our relationship. Sienna and I enjoy mental play and my favorite fantasy has been to see her taken by a well-hung black man. She loves when I whisper naughty stories about this in her ear as we fuck and it always makes her cum so hard. We are both fully onboard with making cuckolding a reality in our relationship but aren’t really into the Femdom element often associated with cuckolding. In fact, she is actually quite submissive and thinks of me as her Daddy Dom. To gather some insight into how a submissive woman can successfully engage in cuckolding, please check out Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective.

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While I lean towards being dominant and controlling in sexual play, I also enjoy a dash of erotic humiliation/teasing. I explore the psychology behind this kink in the Erotic Humiliation post. The thought of licking another man’s cum from her pussy is a form of erotic humiliation that drives me wild with excitement! Also, I love when Sienna teases me about having a little cock and expresses her sincere craving for more—specifically, a Big Black Cock. I suppose this desire comes across to me as her being a somewhat defiant submissive. Of course, this makes me want to punish her…preferably by spanking and fucking the hell out of her for being so naughty.

So, back to our conversation about the other man’s cum as well as the potential for tasting my own cum and/or her Bull’s. Sienna has always really enjoyed tasting her juices on my cock and likes how naughty it makes her feel. She could see how I might have a similar feeling of naughtiness when tasting my own cum and pressed me, “How do you feel about it?”

I remind her that I’ve gone down on her several times after coming inside her and enjoyed it. However, it isn’t something though that adds an extra level of intensity for me. Tasting my own sperm is one thing. Tasting another man’s seed from her well-fucked pussy is a whole different ballgame, right?

Before I revealed my desires, I needed to get her thoughts about where she wanted or didn’t want her bull to cum. “Baby, the thought of slipping my cock inside you and feeling it coated with another man’s cum would be so intense!”

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Mmmm Sweetheart, I like the thought of him coming inside me too…especially you taking me after a black man has filled me with his creamy load. As for my mouth, I love the taste of your cum and love when you cum in my mouth. Baby, it is such a personal experience for me to have you this way. But, just like I wouldn’t want to kiss another man, I wouldn’t want his cum in my mouth. It is much too personal and something I only want to share with you. – Sienna

At this point in our journey, she is adamant about not kissing the other man or wanting his cum in her mouth. Personally, neither of these would have bothered me, but they are her boundaries based on a level of intimacy she only wants to experience with me. Even though she finds the idea of fucking other men exciting, there are some things she only wants to experience with me.

Knowing Sienna likes the thought of another man releasing inside her, I follow up and ask for her thoughts around me licking his cum from her pussy.


Wow, that is a hot, crazy thought! For you to lick another man’s cum from my pussy is a crazy good mind fuck! It’s such an epic “wrong” in my head but it makes me so wet! For me to fuck a man I don’t even know is so out of character. My desire to fuck a black man or any man just because he has a big cock is something I would have never done before meeting you. Now, for all of this to be encouraged by the man I love and for it to happen in front of you is crazy hot! This is an incredible gift you have given to me. Then, I can’t even get my mind around you licking my pussy after another man has filled me with his seed. It is crazy hot, Baby! – Sienna

It is delicious erotic to have the woman I love describing the desire and pleasure of being able to fuck a well-hung black man in front of me as a “gift”. To know it makes her wet thinking about me licking his cum from her well-fucked pussy takes it another level. She has become so sexually liberated and it is so hot to be a driving force behind releasing her sexual inhibitions.

I ask Sienna if there are other places she would be excited to feel her Bull cum when we fulfilled the fantasy?

Chanel 37a

Except for my mouth and ass, which will always be Yours alone, you can share me as you wish. You can tell him to empty his creamy load on my face and neck so you can run your hands through it as you fuck me hard afterwards. You can have him cum in my hair which I work so hard on to be pretty for you. He can cum on my tits, and then I will rub your little cock in his cum. I know that will be hot for you. He can pump his cream out on the lower part of my back so it runs down the crack of my ass and open lips. Or, if you want, he can plant his seed deep in my pussy. It’s up to you, Daddy. However you want to see your girl taken—just not in my mouth or ass. I only want Daddy’s sweet little cock in my ass. Mmm, I so want and need your cock in my ass! Rub your hands all over it and spank me as you penetrate me slow and deep. I need you to have me this way. Daddy, your girl really needs it! – Sienna


With this reply, she reminds of another boundary for her Bull–no anal. Like her other boundaries, I have no reservation against this but now understood this and all her boundaries more clearly. I had also ensured my sexy little girl had thought about them too. And, she apparently continued to think about it throughout the day.

Chanel 37d

Sweetheart!!!! Wow that was such a hot talk today!!!! I was very weak in the knees when you shared your fantasy in that low sexy voice of yours!!!! Babe… As soon as your voice drops down into that lower octave and you get quieter and that sexy Mmmmm so yummy tone hits me…. F F F 
I’m aching and arching for you!!!! Arching to stick my ass out a little more and expose my open wet petals below. I’m still so overcome with that “weak-knee” feeling!!!! 😊 Baby, whatever happens and however things evolve… Just know that our fantasies are “our” fantasies and expectations are only about what WE can control! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💜💜 I love you Daddy and can’t wait to see you next week! – Sienna

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39 thoughts on “The Other Man’s Cum – Cuckold Boundaries

  1. I possibly have a fetish when it comes to cum (heh). I like it. A lot. I like the thought of where it goes and how it moves and how it tastes. I love the thought of a man who is free enough to lick his own cum from his lover’s mouth or pussy. The thought of him licking another man’s cum from his lover’s pussy just puts it over the top in hotness. Maybe because the thought of two men together is hot or it’s just the sexuality free from limits that I like or possibly because the visual is so arousing- dripping cum. I just have always found it hot. Ha, I suppose that’s not the point of your post. 😁 I think it’s great to be able to have these discussions about both desire and boundaries. And you seem very thoughtful when it comes to her needs. I would love to read the links but this has been a pleasant packing break and now I must get back to it! 😘

    1. Oh Lila, you definitely captured the essence of this post (imagining you capturing it in your sexy lips)…. 💦💋 I should probably actually ask the question in the post but I am curious how other women and men feel about this topic. You have certainly left a comment that has me dizzy with arousal imagining being in a scenario like this with you.🔥😈 I’m glad you enjoyed your packing break…you will be missed😔 Damn, just read your comment again…so F’n hot!🍆🔥🔥🔥 I’m simply fascinated by a woman being so turned on by a man licking another man’s cum from her pussy, mmmm!😘

      1. It’s such a hot scenario to me. The few times it’s happened to me (with his own cum) the thought of it is almost as good as the actual tongue. I might be a freak though. 😝😈 I’ll miss you guys too, but maybe I’ll post a pic from the beach. 😀👙🌊

      2. My husband ALWAYS has to clean me up after my black boyfriend has ejaculated inside me. In the beginning he didn’t like it at all. He would almost throw up.

        He has now come to enjoy it, to love it and to crave it.

        Now we both consider it an indispensable part of our cuckolding relationship.

        By performing oral sex on my pussy that is full of black sperm, me husband submits and accepts the facts of his life. Another male has access to his wife’s pussy and is allowed to ejaculate in his wife. That is never going to change.

        It’s also an amazing way for us to bond with each other after I have had very intense interracial sex with another man. My husband and I love each other very much when he eats me out. We hold each other’s hands and he alwaysttells me how much he loves me.

        Our spiritual connection is so very deep that we both feel that we cease to exist as two separate individuals. Instead we feel that we become one soul. As you can imagine, we’re never going to give up creampie eating. It has become part of who we are. It part of our identity. It has also become a strong symbol of our love for one another.

        1. “By performing oral sex on my pussy that is full of black sperm, me husband submits and accepts the facts of his life. Another male has access to his wife’s pussy and is allowed to ejaculate in his wife.” Whew, I LOVE this comment…totally pushes my erotic hot buttons! 🔥🔥🔥I love the way you brought it back to you and Hans. It is an intense moment to be looking in your lover’s eyes as you kiss with the scent of remnants of another man’s sperms all over your lips… This is something Sienna and I were potentially moving towards.

      3. M that is it exactly

  2. I had quite an amazing experience where my husband licked the cum of another man out of my pussy. it was anything from a cuckolding experience for us as he is not into that but was still erotic and a turn on none the less.

    1. Sexy girl, I’m fascinated by this comment on several levels. I’m trying to imagine a scenario where a man licks another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy…but he hasn’t been cuckolded. You know, all the other stuff about humiliation, male submission, etc is all just other kinks added to cuckolding. Does he express any level of excitement around you being with another man? Also, why don’t you share some of these hot stories you drop clues about?! 😀

      1. You know it was something he mentioned that he’d thought about before and I don’t remember the exact details of the conversation but basically it was, *if the opportunity ever presents it self than go for it* and it did. and then he did. 😛

        Yes, he’s expressed interest with me being with another man and it’s something we did but afterwards was difficult for him. Although I got a lot out of it, I think it will have to stay in the fantasy realm from now on unless its him that wants to give it another go.

        And ya know, I’m not sure why I haven’t written about it. I’ve actually had some really amazing experiences in the past year but for some reason haven’t felt the need to document them like I used to in my past life. Never say never though… xo

        1. Mmmm, I bet that was so hot for you to have him do that. I’ve always been fascinated by what a woman feels and thinks about in that moment…like what is that makes her hot? Of course, I know what most men feel about it but women don’t seem as open about sharing their hot buttons. As for sharing your naughty escapades, I guess it will happen when and if it feels right again. I couldn’t get away that though since my blog is a sex blog, ha! Well, maybe a little psychology and art. But, I know my niche. 😈😇

          1. what is it that makes her/me hot? seeing my partner turned on, turns me on, seeing them or hearing them experience pleasure gives me pleasure. it’s as simple as that. for me. 🙂

          2. Makes complete sense, you are such a special woman and so giving…always concerned about others and their happiness and pleasure.😘💖This whole idea of licking another man’s cum is such a turn on within cuckold play…wish more women were as open minded as you. Hope you’re having a wonderful week😘

        2. Thanks for sharing your experience! I love to read about other people’s experiences.

          I hope that your partner is going to put his male ego aside. He can still be a very good partner even if he can’t satisfy you like another man can. And so what?! You still love him, don’t you?

          My husband can’t satisfy me the way my black boyfriend can. But I love my husband more than ever. He’s a very brave man who is ready to accept what’s best for us as a couple. He accepts and enjoys me cuckolding him with a very potent black man. In the beginning he was afraid. Now he LOVES it!

          I hope that you you as a couple will progress on the way of cuckolding. Both of you have so much to gain.

    2. It’s beautiful and very intimate.

  3. While I don’t know if I could watch another man take my lady, I find the idea quite arousing. Seeing her dripping with another man’s cum, does inspire an errection or two.

    1. Nothing wrong with keeping it in the fantasy realm. It took me over 10 years of savoring the fantasy before making the move to reality. Hope to have a few more posts out soon on this blog. Have a great weekend

    2. My husband doesn’t need any Viagra when he sees that.

    3. My husband was afraid in the beginning. Now he loves it!

  4. Michael,

    I am more set on enjoying my own cum inside of her. It has been and will be extremely erotic to see, smell and taste my semen inside of my wife. In the deep recesses of my eros, I have visualized another man’s semen inside of her…especially when I have already cum multiple times inside of her and to re-enter for more sets that side of me alight.

    1. Thank you for taking a moment to read this and share your reaction. I just read one of your posts (will read more in time) and your desire to taste your own cum does come through. It seems natural to me just as a woman taste herself when she gives us oral after sex. As for your feelings on tasting another man inside her, I certainly get that one.

  5. wierd stuff

    1. Sexual fetish. If it was seen as “normal” then it wouldn’t be a fetish. Thanks for the “like” though on this and several other posts.

      1. u r welcome!!

  6. This one left me speechless. And no, that’s not a bad thing🙈😄

    1. Cinnamon Girl, this is a rather hot conversation, right? Can you imagine whispering to the man who loves you about where you want to feel another man cum? It was really hot in the moment and still today just reading it. Glad you enjoyed it and hope your loss of speech was due to other reasons flowing below…🔥

      1. Mmm yes indeed I enjoyed it. And pulsating below😄🙈

        1. So sweet and naughty…of course you have me imagining having that conversation with you right now and you share your boundaries for the other man… 💦☺️

    2. :)))))))))))

      1. Yes, I liked her reaction 🔥

  7. Sweetamatory

    Sir Michael, as you have probably noticed, I am still very young and have not experienced so much sexually and this is one of the things I have read about but never really indulged in. I have explored the idea in my previous blog, the idea of the man I am with sharing me with another that we both trust – a threesome basically. I have fantasies about so many aspects of the whole scenario and now reading this, I am instantaneously aroused by the idea of a man licking his cum from me. I never really thought I had a ‘cum’ fetish. But this made me feel a certain way. 🔥💦 I think I will stop reading your blog for today cause I am at work and soaked. If I continue reading, my co-workers will have a silly story to tell lol. But tomorrow I will continue to catch up. Besides I hate spamming you, but I just love reading your work. You make me yearn for so much in life sexually cause of all the knowledge and experiences you share with us.

    1. Mmmm, I LOVE the thought of you being wet and soaked 🔥Your reaction to this somewhat embracing revelation of mine, has me achingly hard right now. You mention being turned on by the thought a man licking his own cum from you. That would be hot when he shares it with you in a kiss. How would you feel about your man licking another man’s cum from you? This is a question I was trying to get Sienna to think about. The thought of it excites me… Samantha, thanks for spending some time with my posts…so glad you enjoyed them. I will never ever feel like you are spamming me. Every reaction you share is a special gift that I appreciate and cherish 😘

      1. SweetAmatory

        I don’t know how would feel about it. The idea of it is interesting though. I have been busy lately sir Michael but I will be reading a lot on Sienna 😊

    2. Having a man lick cum from you is truly AWESOME!


  8. I still want and NEED to experience this. I am slowly building up going bareback with my Bull and I think that my sweet Cuck would love the humiliation. I find this so erotic. My Cuck says he would do anything, so let’s take it to the test ;).

    1. It’s EROTIC beyond belief. And your cuck is going to LOVE it once he gets used to it.


    2. Thanks so much for this super hot comment…sorry I missed it in my absence. I love this a form of humiliation. 🔥It makes it even hotter knowing a woman (you in this case) finds the thought hot too. 😈 I’ve often wondered if women find the thought of their lover licking up another man’s cum. Seems you and Sienna share a similar desire 💦👅

  9. My wife and I both like men to cum inside of her. Sometimes I will add my load to the other man’s cum, as I enjoy the lubrication of the other guy’s cum on my cock, but either way, I have no hesitation to lick her clean. Sometimes I lay where I have easy access, and when the man is ready to cum, he puts his cock in my mouth to swallow until he is done shooting his load. My wife doesn’t like anal either, but I do, and if one of the guys want anal they fuck me. She loves to watch a cock going in and out of me as much as I do to experience it.

    1. Thanks so much for the great comment, RIC! Comments like yours really add to the discussion and give readers some hot, erotic variety in how men and women experience this lifestyle. The act of one man licking another man’s cum from his lover’s pussy is a hot subject…as well as the man performing oral on the other man, and anal. Do you experience this as a form of erotic humiliation or is it free of humiliation and just something you like as a pure sexual experience?

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