As I work through the psychology of my sexual history and relationships with women, I have often wondered if I wanted to fuck every woman in world or if I wanted to make love to the world. There was a time when my behavior clearly suggested the former. Ironically, there is something about a bad boy that only leaves them wanting more. This 2:00 minute video captures the spirit of that mindset.

I hope you enjoy the images flowing through this video. As you might imagine, each one takes quite a bit of time. I will be featuring some of these in an upcoming gallery on the Dionysian Experience.

Hope you enjoy Hammer of the Gods ~ Michael



15 thoughts on “Hammer of the Gods (A Digital Art Video)

  1. Have you found the reason as to why your sexual history has been what it was/is? This is interesting because psychology shows we actually start our sexual discovery in childhood years. Not to bring up a sensitive subject, and answer this if you want to, but Do you think the reason for wanting to be with all these women stems from the loss of your mom? Trying to fill the void, perhaps?🤔 I speak from the mindset of wanting to be able to show everyone happiness and how beautiful they are in inside and out. To make sure they are never alone. Or what about this: WHY do they gravitate towards you? What is about you (surely it’s more than sex) that makes them want more?

    Personal example of what I mean: my gravitation towards older men more than likely stems from the experience I had as a child. I remember being around 4 maybe 5 years old and touching myself. Although now at 29 I have turned that gravitation to work towards my advantage and network. I never understood why men I bluntly told to go fuck themselves and go away come back to me for more, or write me out of the blue. It’s because I was honest and brash and for some reason that Domina inside of me that came out appealed to them. Im fascinated by that lol.

    In any case, it’s highly interesting. I’m so ready to read what your exploration has found for you. And great video! 😘

    1. Oh! And don’t you EVER forget…you are still her rose! 🌹❤️

      1. And the song! Ok I’m done commenting 😂I promise.

      2. Thank you so much 💖💞

    2. Hi Vegas, thanks so much for the thoughtful comment.☺️I think a lot of young men want to be with women and lots of them. I have always been a very driven person and I was all in on my pursuit of women. It was a very consuming drive…far beyond “typical” behavior. I think it started off as a way to prove that I was worthy of a woman’s attention…despite not being enough to keep my mother from committing suicide. I may have been even lashing out at women as “payback” for the emotional pain they were capable of bringing to boys and men. Over time, this desire morphed quite a bit. I was still consumed by women but became dialed in on their emotional state. Instead of not giving a damn, I worried about not being able to help someone that felt emotionally broken. It seems you have this mindset too. I can feel it in your interactions with me…watching out for me in a way. 💞I have a lot of this duality of purpose swirling within me and have come to appreciate that this is associated with the archetype of Dionysus. I will build this out in the future. The reaction you have experienced with men that keep coming back is something I totally get. Where I once thought a woman would disengage if she thought I was with someone else or with several other women, it seems to be the opposite for many women. It becomes a challenge to get the man that has a world of opportunities before him. An exact duplicate of this same man would be less desirable if he were sweet and doting. I have been fortunate to be in a place where I can “take it or leave it” and believe this has been part of the appeal. Sorry for the long reply…not very well developed but I’m still thinking through some of this. Glad you like the video AND the song 😃 Led Zeppelin is my favorite band by far. And, this song just gets me going…cock rock at its finest 🔨🍆

      1. I understand completely! And I don’t mind the long comment, I enjoy these conversations. I’ve been on the “take it or leave it” lately. For me, I would disengage if the person I was connecting with and getting close to was with other women. I don’t like the competition, and it makes me feel unpretty in a way. An almost “why bother” sort of feeling.
        At the same time, (and tying this into the top half of your comment) we cannot change everyone or make them love us. I like to think I’m worthy of a decent man’s attention. I’m a giver. I always look out for my fellow hurting neighbors. I think that comes from me being so hurt from different areas of life and not wanting others to experience that. I become protective. (So if I ever cross the line you let me know!) but true, the sweet and doting guys/gals get “friendzoned” it seems.
        How interesting would it be if we got Dionysus and Hera together? 🤔

        1. I love this comment and appreciate your kind soul. You could never overstep the line with me…that line good or bad is nonexistent because I know it comes from a good place.😘 Also, not that you were necessarily wondering, you are someone that I do consider a friend but you are definitely not in the friend zone…I have very naughty thoughts about you! 😄🔥😘 I think (hope) there will one day be an opportunity to feel the unleashed passion of Dionysus – Hera. 💖

          1. ❤️❤️that passion will be intense!

          2. MmmHmm 💏✨🔥

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  3. I love 😍the imagery and music of this work and find myself and my solacious thoughts living and loving in this very same place, as my legend(😼) has been forced to always remain settled into long term relationships that stopped appreciating my best well oiled attribute or met by a few stalkers whom I just couldn’t hold in my greatness any longer from, and I just unleashed this hot tropical mist and whirlwind upon…guilt-free.
    Either way I feel this great piece!! 😍😘

    1. Mmmm, what a thought provoking and swelling sensation your presence has on me.😍🔥 When I read your works, I feel engulfed in your whirlwind as my heart quickens and your steamy tropical mist settles in upon me. In my life, I have often been a hunter…hunting for what is the question and it is deeper than sex. It is always a rare treat to cross paths with a huntress that seems to be on a similar quest. 💖😘

  4. Absolutely! Summed up quite well if I must say so
    I must say we certainly warrant a full and different kind of love, that keeps me on a journey at arms length.😂😘💗

    1. I hope you don’t stay too far from me…I like feeling your presence around here…even if virtually.💞🍆🔥

      1. No
        Same here Sweets, I love the thrill of you 😘❤💦

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