Glory Hole 3-1 copy 3

Digital art by Michael.

This vignette takes place after my first interracial cuckold experience with Sienna. We’ve been a bit unsuccessful in finding our next play partner, and Sienna has become increasingly and playfully frustrated. She is now taking on a more active role in facilitating the search for her next Black Bull.

Sienna – Baby I’ve been exploring naughty places and stumbled across some interesting things 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

She sends me a few links to lifestyle websites and twitter accounts of clubs devoted to connecting white couples with black men. The market is quite strong for this type of service and it comes as no surprise to me that so many clubs like this exist to meet increasing consumer demand. This message from Sienna is particularly exciting because it shows how much she truly enjoyed her first Big Black Cock experience and how eager she is for more.

Sienna – I was thinking about how it felt to be opened so wide and full like never before…sort of inspired me to see what is out there and explore a little. I know how crazy hot and over the top you get thinking about seeing your girl being taken and opened up, it is also an incredible gift of pleasure that you provide for me. I don’t mean to be greedy, but I want another gift baby…please!

Michael – Mmmm, it is so hot to see my sexy, sensual girl being so naughty and getting wet thinking about visuals of long, thick, manly black cocks so eager to open and stretch your tight, little white pussy.

Sienna – Mmmm, yes!!! I am thinking about it! I know you love this too and how it makes you cum so hard! It’s so sexy and makes me crazy thinking about the excitement we both share in this! Could you read that web address? I searched on it…and…whew! There are private parties and events for couples like us looking for exactly the same thing!

Michael – What do you mean by “couples like us”?

Sienna – Baby, you are being naughty! You know what I mean. I’m talking about white couples like us. There will be men like you with little cocks that want to see their woman getting more. There will be women like me that are craving big black cocks so we can experience the deeply fulfilling sensation of being completely FULL!

It is the experience of “couples like us” that lead to places and moments like this:

On one side of the wall, he sits in a chair by his lover. He touches her beautiful face, kisses her precious lips, and wipes away the tears of pleasure from his lover’s glazed eyes. Meanwhile, on the other side of the wall, an endless procession of well-hung, black men take their turn between his lover’s legs.

Throughout the night she moans—screaming with pleasure at times—as an endless stream of orgasms sweep across her body. A pattern soon emerges. Her eyes open widely as another stranger moves between her legs and soon buries himself deep inside her pink, silky walls. Then comes the furor of the crescendo as yet another cock blasts its creamy load inside her wanton pussy. As the stranger’s cock recedes, her inner walls begin contracting as if trying to regain their natural form after being stretched so widely. She is breathless and flushed as her man nurtures and soothes her during this brief intermission. They kiss sensually and passionately. The couple’s moment of soulful connection is soon broken as another man parts her silky petals and plunges deeply into her garden. The pattern plays out over and over throughout the night.

They are not alone in this journey. There are at least a dozen, maybe more, couples in the large room with similar desires—wives/girlfriends craving big black cock. Collectively, the couples paid a hefty sum for this experience through their lifestyle club. On any given night, variations of this scene play out in clubs, hotel rooms, and homes across the country as more and more women are opening their minds and legs to idea of being serviced by groups of willing and hung black men.

The men providing the “service” tonight have a few things in common and chief among them is their desire to fuck white women…especially attached white women. Their road to this point included a rigorous screening process (to include medical tests and background check) that culminated in face-to-face interviews with the club’s executive committee. When the committee agrees a particular man will be a good fit, he is then extended an offer to participate in the activities. The men are known affectionately within the club as Bulls. This is a nod, no doubt, to their physical stature and endowment along with the stud service they provide.

The wall and “glory holes” are an integral part of the night’s experience. From a practical standpoint, it affords anonymity to the couples. Most members of the club are affluent professionals and privacy is of the utmost importance. The wall was also symbolic. The woman’s heart, eyes, and love remained on one side with the man she loves. What she needs physically—that which her man is incapable of providing—is made available to more endowed men on the other side. These women have a wild side that aches to be freed and physically tamed. Being used like a fuck doll by a group of black men is exactly what they crave. There is no pretense of purity and emotional connection to navigate. They only want long, thick black cocks stuffed in their tight, little pussies. They want to be fucked again and again until physically spent with the cum of multiple men dripping from their well-fucked and satiated pussies. Then, they will collapse into the arms of their cuckolded lovers to be nurtured and cared for in the afterglow.


I have received quite a few requests to show the other side of the wall and plan to do so. I am curious though. There are several women in this scene and throughout the larger room. While the couples share a common experience, the experience for each couple is unique. How do you envision the other side of the wall? Is the male partner in a cock cage or in some way restrained? Is woman restrained? Is the male partner masturbating? Is the couple close and intimate sharing touches and kisses as one black man after another takes his place between her legs? Maybe she is touching you and as masturbate to the scene unfolding before your eyes? If it were you and your lover, how would it be for you?

If you are interested in reading more about cuckolding, I have a portion of my blog devoted to it. Visit Cuckolding to read more. If you are interested in viewing more of my digital art, please like here – Digital Art.

79 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Lord have mercy Michael…. I’m speechless and you know that doesn’t happen often. 😉 on a side note, I’ve missed you and I hope you are doing well. 💋

    1. Hi Beautiful! 😃So great to see you here…I have been a serious hiatus and just easing back into WP. Been spending a lot of time to to improve my digital art. Sounds like this one is working, ha! Things have been going well here. I’ve missed you and hope life is treating you great…you sure deserve it! 😘

  2. So hot. Would love to be in a chair beside my wife! One of the sexiest things I’ve seen!

    1. Thanks so much P. William. Sitting in a chair beside your wife is exactly where you would be so you could savor ever inch of pleasure she is receiving…from another man.

      1. Believe me. I’d enjoy every minute of the pleasure she’s receiving.

  3. Sooooooooo hot…

    1. Glad you found it exciting! This one seems to tap into a few erotic fantasies… 🔥

      1. I would love to be forced to watch this kind of thing…. ☺️

  4. Very imaginative . Excellent story and render. Would definitely love to see more of this type of scenario.

    1. Thanks for another great comment, my friend! Glad you enjoyed the story too. I seem to be creating pieces that beckon for the “rest of the story”. I will have more from this one. 👍

  5. Wow!😳That is interesting and definitely something I’ve never really thought of…

    1. Glad you found this interesting…something about this scene really gets me hot! 🔥

      1. Me too. But I don’t know how long I could stand it. I mean, the intimacy of it… I would rather just ride them no privacy or if I wanted to remain anonymous, a mask would work just fine.

        1. I don’t mean to take too much of your time but your comment is fascinating. First, it is very hot that you would be open to (mentally at least) some variation of an erotic scene like this…so very hot! You also made me take another look at the dynamics at play. Though not shown (only mentioned in the description), these women are with their lover on the other side where intimacy is taking place. While these women are cuckolding their lovers, they are also in a submissive state rather than being in a controlling femdom role. They are the equivalent of blindfolded, bound, and being taken. Then again, I can see how you might prefer a more controlling position. 😉🔥

  6. Oh, yes, I do like to be in control but I also like the submissive role from time to time and don’t worry you haven’t taken too much. I love these types of simulating and intellectual conversations.😃 Gives me good ideas for Story content. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me 😊

    1. Ms Hyde, you are such a delight and so naughty ☺️You mentioned story ideas…if you have ever have something like this, don’t let me miss it. 🔥

      1. *grins* I definitely won’t let anyone miss it 😉

  7. Great place! A woman’s dream

    1. Thank you…for some women (and their lover) this may be the case.😈🔥

      1. The feelings are probably feel but not to see who uses your body.

        1. Mmmm, I like your description🔥The element of not knowing who is using your body for their pleasure adds another level of eroticism. Love your comment, thank you.

  8. I’d love to see more of this… perhaps a split wall so we can see some of how the women are reacting on the other side! Beautiful work, and great story!

    1. Appreciate the comment and the request.😊 I’ll create more viewpoints from this scene in the future.😈🔥

  9. Oh wow!

    1. Key to the future, a good future…

      1. Zabhela, I thought this might enjoy this one…🔥 Thanks for checking it out.

  10. Brilliant image! I’m turned on by the guys as much as the girls!

    1. Thanks for sharing your reaction to this. These men are indeed impressive and that is why they are there. The husbands/boyfriends behind the wall know it as do the wives/girlfriends.🔥

      1. I’ll bet! 😊

  11. :faint: :horny: Hot dayum!! Now this is some sexy stuff! Love the anatomy! :nod:

    1. Mmmm, love this reaction (great emojis too)!😃🔥I wanted to highlight the anatomy to show why these men are there as well as the women…and why the husbands/boyfriends are on the other side of the wall.😈

      1. Thanks for highlighting everything. I do mean EVERYTHING. 😀

  12. I’d love to feel my wife’s pussy with my tiny penis after the night is over!

    1. Hi Pete, I’ve had a chance to view your blog and what kink you are into. We both know she wouldn’t feel you. You would have the cum from all those other men all over your tiny penis and probably cum in seconds. Regardless, it isn’t your job to physically satisfy your wife anymore. You will have surrendered that role to the black bulls. Your job now is to nurture and love her…and perhaps clean her up.

      1. I just love the humiliation of Tina telling me that I’m way too tiny and she doesn’t feel me at all. That makes me shoot in seconds.

        1. I do believe this is the case for most men that get off on small penis teasing/humiliation. In your case, it is especially true. 🔥

  13. Tina doesn’t seem to mind getting a physical thrill from men who can offer a LOT more than I can.

    1. Nor do you.😉

  14. Wow! Great work on this one! So detailed 👏👏👏

    1. Thank you, always a treat to have a beautiful woman stop by to check out one of these naughtier works.☺️ There was a lot going on with this one and appreciate you noticing.😊🔥

      1. Hahaha yes, I like all kinds of works, even the naughtier ones :nod:
        And there is a lot to notice in here, even the title, it fits perfectly for the theme. Anyways, you’re welcome Michael 😊

  15. Omg….every week there’s a new surprise from you. I’d not thought of this possibility.

    1. After seeing it, how does it make you feel?

      1. Seeing that made me first look, study, and then contemplate the wildly erotic event at hand. Your written description spelling out the physical experience for a woman invited me to think deeply about it and live it. It made me wet.

        Years ago in college at a couple different parties a couple of my girlfriends got involved in a train experience. I couldn’t believe what was involved and always had a fear fantasy mindset about it.

        The amazing thing about your image and description is those men – especially the one facing with frontal view. Omg…his size!!

        1. Thank for sharing this note…so hot to read! It is hot to imagine you at home…wet and drifting into a fantasy imagining yourself in that scenario as these black men take turns between your sexy legs and filling you like never before. For me, one of my biggest turn ons is a sexy woman, like yourself, craving a large black cock(s), mmmm! ~ Michael

  16. You’re publishing what some of us hide in our imagination…

    1. Thank you, brother! Like you, I am trying to bring cuckolding out of the darkness and into the light in a way that others (not into the kink) can connect to and at least understand it a little. Plus, as a man that harbors the cuckold fantasy myself, I know a little about what others like us are thinking but may hesitant to share. 😉🔥

  17. Fuck, yeah!

    1. I like that reaction!🔥

  18. M—I’m still reeling from all of the emotions (and physical reactions) of your piece! As a petite female, the size of the equipment kinda scares me but then I found myself wishing–for a split second–that I wasn’t single! Then right after that, thinking “Where is this place?!” Then I noticed that my hands were shaking and all of my blood flow had headed south…I will have to get back to you XO DWD

    1. DWD, so great to hear from you.☺️Your comment is by far the hottest I have received on this…thanks so much for checking it and sharing what you were feeling. You created a bit of a chain reaction here…I experienced a very erotic and strong rise to this. Imagining you in this scenario (and being the fortunate man to be on nurturing side of the wall) as you indulged your primal urges is an intense rush!🔥 I realize the featured image and story doesn’t push a hot button for everyone but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the hot reactions from women and men that would want to see their girlfriend or wife experience this…myself included.

  19. I would love to suck the cock of the character in the back. And, I would love to see more of him and his big black cock. No matter if it´s a single picture of him or anything else.

    I really love this character!

    1. Oh damn, Valka🔥You are making me crazy hot over here!🍆🔥I’d like to bring you into this place and be on the other side of the wall as you take your position on the table. Then later, have the guy in the back at character present himself to you through a glory hole…

  20. Will you not show us the other side of the wall? I imagine women in ecstasy and their hubbies sitting by their sides…

    1. I will brother, been away for a month with heavy workload. Look forward to getting back into the groove and will create the other side along with a few other scenes. When I do, I’ll track you down and let you know if you miss it. Glad you enjoyed it…seems to be one of my more popular works.

  21. DarthSparrow

    looks like the perfect breeding situation 🙂

    1. Mmmm, this seems to have struck the wife-breeding chord….. A perfect venue as one man after another pumps her full and overflowing.

      1. DarthSparrow

        No one knows who impregnates who in such a situation. The only certitude: the father was black.

        1. Right, there would be no hiding from the fact that you have been cuckolded. It adds another erotic layer to this scene for sure…along with the size.

  22. DarthSparrow

    That’s why the Bull must look as different as possible from the cuckold 🙂

    1. Interesting point to call out. I suspect that part of the underlying allure in this scenario is the contrast…skin tone, size, monogamy vs. multiple partners, love-lust, etc. This is the erotic swirl for those drawn to contrast.

  23. Fascinating! 😄

    1. Sexy girl, you are digging deep in my archives 😛I have some older stuff here that I backdated (not ready for primetime yet, ha!) Glad you found it intriguing. I’ve been away and look forward to reconnecting 😘

      1. Absolutely enjoyed your adventures and archives🍯😉
        Yes I’ve missed you, also looking forward too the reconnection❤😘

        1. Do you think a sexual adventure like this would be hot to share with your lover? You don’t have to answer of course…I just find something about to be exciting and primal. 🍆🔥

          1. Yes indeed..and also its one adventure I’ve never had the pleasure of trying or researching…yet😉
            Next too the fact I’ve mastered the excellence at using this 🔥 🐱🙌& 👄on the 🍆, I think it is all a wonderful work of art physically, especially when the imagination comes out too play!😋

          2. Tamara, you have mastered all of those ways for giving pleasure…including the mind. it is so hot that you would be willing to explore a scene like this, mmmm!🔥I imagine myself on the other side of the wall very close to you and adding to the erotic whirlwind of the moment as you experience these new sensations…unless my cock is caged 🔐But, my hands and lips will be free😉😘

          3. Ooh🍆..a very arousingly 🔥 and sexy thought too take with me to bed later, you’ve also mastered how too get the👄watering & the 😻💦’s flowing Michael😅😘❤

          4. Mmmm, you make me smile (among other happy reactions) ☺️😘

  24. I love your picture “the wall”. In my mind is the other side of the wall. As a cuckold, I would like to sit there and watch my wife for hours.

    1. I suspect most cuckolds would enjoy being on the other side of the wall watching their lover being pleased. I imagine there are also quite a few sexy women who wouldn’t mind that arrangement as well. 🔥

  25. what a sensational image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you 😃🔥It seems to have sparked a few flames in some folks…glad you liked it!

  26. This picture is absolutely fantastic. So many options for more subsequent fantasies. The story behind it is very creative and also very exciting for women (says my wife). We love your picture !!!

    1. Thank you Ive, I will be working on the view from the other side soon.🔥

  27. I read this three days ago.
    Then I tried to sleep.
    That didn’t work.
    I built the hottest fantasy, I kid you not.
    However, your questions at the end made me think about the other rooms, behind that wall. Yes, rooms. I picture a row of small, spa-like cubbies. Comfortable beds, pillows, gentle lighting, a wheeled chair or small stool that can be pulled from under the bed. A few elegant hooks on the wall for clothing. Almost soundproof. I say almost because after you put your bottom half through that funky door thing and you hear a muted echo of some woman’s wildly unprepared exhale/shriek, you just soaked that elegant bamboo sheet you’re lying on and not in an embarrassing way. So when you feel the first tentative stroke of a hand on your leg, you are riveted.
    I’ve just had a thought. Isn’t part of the cuckold’s pleasure being able to see the other man? There could be a St Andrew’s cross on the wall across from the bed. Just close enough if I reach out I can wrap my hand around that cage. Until I can’t even maintain that grip and have to brace my hands somewhere. Maybe the bed needs some kind of roll bar or handholds? I think there is a moment in this when I completely forget he exists, just for a moment. At the end of round one, discreet servers bring you pre-ordered drinks and steamed washcloths. They murmur a quiet reminder of the five-minute intermission before round two begins….

    1. Wow Carly, this reply has had me mesmerized and aroused for days🍆🔥The thought of you reading this and struggling to get to sleep is so deliciously hot! I hope you will write out that fantasy you came up with…I’d REALLY love to read it. Or maybe the rest of your comment was the fantasy? You know this fantasy so well and pushed my buttons throughout your naughty lil’ vignette. You soaking the sheet with anticipation…mmmHmmm that pushes some buttons. Seeing your expression (while not being able to see the other men) and pleasure would be more than riveting. Losing yourself in ecstasy to the point you forget I exist…I mean your man exists…so, so hot! After all, your pleasure is a big part of the cuckold’s pleasure. I love the quiet interlude too. 5 minutes to refresh and reconnect with your lover as your every need is attended too…well, except one. And that is why you are here in the first place. The bell just went off…time to slip yourself back out there and get what you are really craving…

  28. I will be posting it on a too long ignored place, the perfect spot for that scenario. Give me a couple of days to get it out of my head and onto the screen.

    1. Oh goodness, I am already breathless with anticipation…can’t wait to see what you come up with! Really, put those fingers to work… 😉

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