This story picks up where American Gigolo ended. In that post explore the influence of the movie “American Gigolo” on my sexual awakening. As that post ended, I was being “courted” by Jenna and Roman. Jenna sent me a not-so-subtle email and let me know Roman’s biggest fantasy was to watch another man fuck her.  If I was interested, she wanted that man to be me.

I accepted and in a few weeks I was flying to San Francisco to see them. We met for dinner as a way to get reacquainted and ease into the evening’s feature show. Jenna looked fantastic and I was more than eager to zip through dinner and get back to their place. After what seemed like an eternity, the check came. I offered to pick up the tab but Jenna stopped me. “I want Roman to pay for your dinner tonight. It is part of the experience.” I liked that. He was showing gratitude for my services.

The cost of living in San Francisco is very high but they still had a really nice home. As I mentioned in the previous post, Roman was doing well professionally. Jenna made us drinks before leaving to freshen up. She came back wearing a tiny, low-cut dress with thigh-high boots (as I requested) and even darker eye makeup. Jenna looked amazing…for a wife about to be fucked by a “stranger” in front of her husband. Honestly, I really couldn’t believe this was happening. Her full blonde hair looked wild and sexy. Her blue eyes were framed in dark eye shadow and long, sexy eyelashes that looked like butterfly wings with every blink. She looked hot and deliciously slutty…and I mean that in a good way.

Jenna 5 copy 3

Roman had his camera out and Jenna took some time to pose for photos. The significance of these photos weren’t lost on me. These images would be the last he had of his faithful, adoring wife before she fucked another man. He would also be masturbating to them years I imagined. Jenna seemed nervous and understandably so. Honestly, I was nervous too but hiding it well I thought.

Jenna really liked her boots and said she had enjoyed taking Roman with her while shopping for them. “I needed a man’s perspective. I would try on different pairs and ask Roman if he thought you would like them.” I assured her that I REALLY like them! Roman must have been so turned on knowing his wife getting dolled up to look sexy for another man. I’m sure they fucked like crazy after that shopping trip.

As the photo session ended, I took control. I eased my body against Jenna and we touched a little before kissing. She resisted slightly as it must have been surreal for her to be touching and kissing another man…in front of her husband. Her lips slowly parted to accept my initial advance. Her resistance quickly melted away as the heat rose between us and soft sounds of moaning began to fill our space. Roman watched intently as I took control of his wife and familiarized myself with her charms.

Jenna 11 copy

I was very much into the mindset that I was fulfilling a role. Roman was going to watch me dominate and control his wife. I gave him good views of my hands all over her breasts and ass. I turned her to face him as I removed her dress. Jenna made a passing comment that it had always been her fantasy to be naked in a room with fully dressed men. I cupped and squeezed her breasts…tweaked her nipples. Her head fell back and rested against me as she surrendered to the moment. I asked if she shaved or waxed her pussy as I had requested. Jenna was melting in my arms and said, “Yes, I had my first waxing and I haven’t let Roman touch me. I did it for you and you are going to be the first one to enjoy it.” Taking control of Jenna’s pussy like this was, I’m sure, quite a mind fuck for Roman. His wife, my fuck doll.

I turned Jenna around so she was now facing me. “Show your husband what you have been fantasizing about.” Button by button she slowly opened my shirt. Her hands flowed across over my exposed chest, stomach, and back in a deliciously sensual manner.  Sliding her hands up towards my shoulders, she slipped off my shirt and it fell to the floor. Roman watched his wife undress me…just as she has done to him so many times over the years. She kissed my neck while squeezing my chest and pressing her hips into mine…I could tell she was getting hot. Her kiss trailed down and across my chest to my nipples as she playfully sucked and softly nibbled on them.

I took Jenna’s face in my hands and looked into her glassy eyes, “Get down on your knees and suck my cock.” I imagined the intense emotion flowing through Roman as another man commanded his wife to get on her knees. She obeyed. Jenna licked and kissed her way down my stomach before kneeling before me. This was an intensely erotic moment to have another man’s wife on her knees before me with her husband looking on. She seemed to savor each moment as she removed my belt and moved closer and closer to releasing my manhood…and her imminent sexual pleasure.

Roman had a front row as my cock sprung free and stretched out strong and proud before his wife. Releasing a sexy sigh and moan, Jenna buried her face near the base of my cock and balls and seemed to be inhaling my scent. Her nose traced the length of my sex on both sides before following the same path with her tongue. Gently cupping my heavy balls, she began softly slapping my meaty shaft against her face and lips before hungrily sucking and doing her best to deep throat me. Jenna was wearing her wedding band and engagement ring. I wondered if either of them found it erotic to see that jewelry and what is symbolizes as it pressed against another man’s cock. I did.

Jenna 14 copy

I sunk my hands deep into her blonde hair as I slowly and deeply fucked her mouth while alternating my view between her and Roman. There are few things more erotic than having woman on her knees before me while making eye contact with her lips wrapped around my cock. I have to admit, having her doing this in front of her husband was rather heady. I love having my large smooth balls caressed and sucked on and took this opportunity to ensure she gave each one the attention they deserved.

Jenna 15 copy

I also kept an eye on Roman. I wanted to make sure he was enjoying the experience, but I also wanted to make sure he wasn’t about to freak out on me. I pulled out of her mouth and rubbed my plump, dripping head across her lips. I adjusted my position a little, “Look at your husband while you suck my cock.” I knew it must have been incredibly intense for them as well to be making eye contact with her mouth full of my cock.

I lay Jenna back on the white leather ottoman in their living room. It would have been really hot to fuck her in their marital bed but it wasn’t to be…on this night. At this point, Roman was moving off to the side and grabbing his camcorder. Jenna would later tell me with a little amusement in her voice, “Roman watches the video of that night ALL the time!” Laying Jenna back on the ottoman was quite a sight. She has a fantastic looking pussy…her lips and clit were perfect for my taste. She was soaking wet as I went down…her scent intoxicating. Silky smooth from waxing, she was highly sensitive and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sensation of a new man between her legs. I could have stayed buried in sex much longer but knew Roman was eager to see more.

I spread Jenna’s legs wide before me as I rubbed my swollen head between her parting silky lips. I gestured for Roman to come in closer for a better look. This was no doubt the moment he fantasized about. His wife was laying with legs spread wide and her pussy dripping for another man’s cock. My cock was hard as steel and ready to storm the gates of her secret garden. I held my position and slid my head around her lips so he could see the exact moment his wife took another man’s cock inside her. Slowly, I eased my cock inside his squirming wife so he could savor every inch of my hot steel disappearing inside his woman.

Jenna 19 copy

Jenna came several times over the next hour or so. Roman was fascinated and very turned on that his wife was getting off. I learned she had never come during intercourse…only orally. Roman was working the camcorder, moving around, and rubbing his cock through his pants as I fucked his wife. I paced myself and fought off my own release many times but the tightness and pressure in my balls was building.  I think Jenna was still really enjoying herself when Roman mentioned the battery on his camcorder was about to die. I suspected he must have came in pants already and was ready for this night to be over. Time for me to cum.

Jenna 17 copy

I rolled his wife over on her knees and began fucking her deeply from behind. With her face pressed down into the cushion, she was looking at Roman and going fucking crazy! This was getting me off.  I fucked her harder as I talked to her. “Roman is about to see another man cum in your pussy…you want that don’t you!” She gasped, “Do it, do it! Cum in my pussy! I want you to cum in my pussy, Michael!”  I surged on last time and erupted like a volcano spewing my creamy hot, white lave deep inside Roman’s wife. My throat burned burned from the heat of my vocal release as I came. I can cum heavily at times and this was definitely one of those times! I must have jettisoned ten heavy pulses deep inside Jenna.

I collapsed on top of her for a moment as we both caught our breath. I rolled off and into awkward moment. Typically, I would pull my lover close and touch her…savoring our afterglow. Jenna wasn’t my lover though. I touched her and we shared some eye contact but Roman had other plans.

Jenna 21 copy

Roman slide her ass down to the edge of the ottoman and went down on her.  Yes, he buried his face and tongue in her cum-filled pussy. She looked at me and curiously apologized. I have often wondered about her apology and what it meant. That aside, I found this moment super hot on many levels.

Jenna 22 copy

It was fantastic to have another man watching me fuck his wife and making her cum. He took it to a whole different level by licking my cum from her well-fucked, cum-filled pussy. It was hot to think about it from her perspective too. What a crazy experience for a woman to have her husband eating another man’s seed from her between her legs. As for Roman, it seemed to be the grand finale. He picked me to service his wife and bought my dinner. It seemed that eating my cum from his wife’s pussy was an appropriate final gesture and acknowledgement of my status as the Alpha male…or American Gigolo.

Jenna 23 copy

It was hot when it all ended. Jenna was dialed in on me with my cum still dripping from her silky petals. Roman was standing there…his stomach full of my cum. I relaxed for a just a couples minutes before hitting the road. The show was over for tonight but, based on the look in their eyes, I had a feeling a repeat performance would ensue.

Jenna 26 copy

If you want to read more about cuckolding, I have a category devoted to it here – Cuckolding. I am also building out true stories of my experiences as the other man assisting in the cuckolding of another – American Gigolo.


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  1. Tosha Michelle

    Wow! Micheal, fascinating read.. Happy New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2016.

    1. Thank you Tosha, it was a rather trippy scene and experience. I’ve been on a short hiatus but look forward to catching up on your recent posts. Happy New Year! 🙂

      1. Tosha Michelle

        I can’t even imagine. It was certainly fun to read. I have a dear friend name Andy Behrman. You should check out his book Electro Boy. He’s had some similar experiences. Glad to see you back. xx

        1. I just read the overview of his memoir…wow! He had quite the journey…

  2. Tosha Michelle

    Yeah, the book is a wild ride. Andy is is certainly one of a kind.

  3. The imagery here, whew. The intensity was like I was there…sheesh. What a read this was.

    1. Thanks Valerie. 🙂 It was a little long but thanks for taking the time to give it a read…glad you enjoyed it! It was such an erotic experience.

      1. You’re welcome and I’m can only imagine that it was. Cheers to life experiences!

  4. that is some seriously sexy stuff right there.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this one. I’m fascinated by a woman’s reaction this scenario. Jenna and Roman never really gave me much insight into what the experience was like for them or their hot buttons. I was so curious to know what she was “thinking” as this played.

      1. well, i can tell you that for me the main thing that i enjoyed about cuckolding is that there was a claiming that happened afterwards when it was just the two of us that was like nothing i had ever experienced. i didn’t understand it at the time or even thought that what was happening might be classified as cuckolding but i suppose it could be. 🙂

        1. Mmmm, this is a story I’d like to hear! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience on this topic, Kristi. I agree and it is refreshing to hear this from a woman. As hot as the sex is when the other person joins, the experience belongs to the couple and is part of their relationship…long after the guy has left. Reclaiming is, as you point out, the true grand finale! 🙂

  5. Excellent read and expertly illustrated as usual. Thank you for sharing this story in such a way that really brings us readers into the moment with you. 😉 I think it would be hot as hell to be good and fucked by another man who really knows what he’s about while my husband watches on. Of course for me the attraction would be the shift in power which is badly needed. There would be no pleasure in it for him. Pity.

    1. Thank you for illustration comment…I’m learning but still quite a novice in the technique. As for the rest of your comment…feisty and deliciously naughty! 🙂 I had the visual of you strapping him down on the bed and straddling his face as you are fucked good and deeply from behind…maybe some cum spilling out on his face. Thanks for giving this a read 🙂

      1. LOL! There’s a vision! Your thinking is a bit more creative than mine.

  6. Amazingly hot!! Love this

    1. Thanks for taking the time to give it a read…glad you thought it was hot! 🙂

  7. It really grabbed my attention, very well done!

  8. Ummmmm, Michael.. I’m at a loss for words… Truthfully I’m not.. I have so many things I’d like to say but afraid to share. I loved all the descriptions you wrote about. I could read your pieces everyday.. Several times a day. One thing that made me laugh was when you said you kept your eye on Roman to make sure he didn’t freak out.. I would’ve done the same thing. Get to writing more… Pretty please 😉❤️

    1. Ohhh Carisa, you make me smile! What I would give to know those thoughts running through mind… 😉 Well, it is exciting to even know you enjoyed it. So true about Roman…it was dicey, ha!

      1. Oh, Michael.. Whatever your imagination is telling you is probably similar to what’s running through my mind. 😉 ha! The thoughts about Roman reminds me about high school friends. It didn’t turn out like this. I suppose they weren’t mature enough to handle it. It turned out with one of them in prison and another in the hospital for a months. 😳

        1. Mmmm, my imagination is…hard at work! 😉 Sounds like a wild story about your friends. Hope the prison and hospital stay didn’t come out of the threesome…that’s scary. The scenario is definitely something the couple needs to live with a while and fantasize about, clarify boundaries, and fully understand expectations. The couple lives with the experience and they need to be certain about it bringing it to life and making sure the focus is ultimately about their shared experience as a couple…no going back. Jenna and Roman are still married with beautiful children. I have more to share on them 😉

  9. This piece has had lasting effects. For me, when I view/read erotica, I often experience it as if I were the woman in the scene/story. There was a sense of anxiety, disbelief and fear at the beginning that quickly changed to passion, desire and pleasure once the action began with periods of tension and uncertainty peppered throughout the end.
    Maybe Roman learned some tricks, too.
    Great work on all aspects and steamy hot!

    1. Thank you for the very thoughtful reply 🙂 It is extremely exciting to think about you in this scenario, your perspective, and the range emotions and excitement coursing through you… What do you think Jenna was feeling or thinking the moment Roman went down on her? If this is too much for a public forum, I understand…just really curious about this from a woman’s perspective..

  10. Wow I am glad I read this before bed! What an amazing sexy adventure! Lucky you!

    1. I hope that eased you into some hot dreams as you drifted into the night! 🙂 Yes, I was quite fortunate to share that experience with them.

      1. I was certainly envious of the lady! She was so lucky!

        1. You’ve had some experiences like this I believe. Have your written about them? Would love to read all about it from a woman’s perspective! 🙂

  11. No I haven’t but I would love to experience it. I came close, but the guy I was with didn’t like the idea too much.

    1. Right, definitely hard to pull off if your man isn’t into having you experience that naughty pleasure. I hope you will though! 🙂

  12. LOVED IT!!!! What program did you use to create the pics? They were spot on!!! ❤

    1. Selina, such a gift to have you checking out a few of my posts! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the images…I get so hot working with them. I use DAZ 3D. I have a long way to go with mastery but it has been a lot of fun to play with. I do a little editing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop too. Your feedback on the images made my day! 🙂

      1. Mmmmmm now you have me perched on your window sill wondering what other ways I could make your day 😈

        I’m always here reading….but remember a good super villain won’t always announce their presence 😈

        1. Mmmm Selina, you are such a naughty little girl…so full of temptation and the promise of pleasure…dangerously naughty!

  13. Oh, this was a fantastic read. And all the better to know that it really happened. I love that you were in disbelief and that you were nervous too. That is endearing and makes it even hotter because of the real emotions involved. I imagine she apologized that he ate your cum out of her because she thought you might have found it weird or that you might have wanted it to stay there because you put it there. I don’t know… What a hot, sexy, wonderful experience! Thanks so much for writing about it!

    1. Aurora, this is such a wonderful and thoughtful comment, thank you! 🙂 I could have projected a different vibe but wanted it to be true to the memory…a twilight zone sort of experience, ha! No one has commented on her apology, and I appreciate your insight as a sexy woman. She may very well have been feeling I had a different resting place in mind for my cum. Thanks so much for giving this a read and really glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  14. BookofTatum

    Wow, fantastic read, super hot, absolutely loved it!

    1. So glad you enjoyed this one! Thanks for taking a moment to leave such sexy feedback 🙂

  15. SlutsandSoulmates


    This was such a pleasure to read; but more than the pleasure, were the images playing in my head as the story played out. You can also imagine the thoughts running through my mind and the build-up of arousal as I read the details of this encounter. I can only say – I am more than looking forward to being able to have a first-hand experience of it myself! 😉 Thank you for sharing!

    – Nicole

    1. Sexy Nicole…this message is ALL mmmm!🔥🔥🔥It is hot imagining the erotic thoughts running through your mind as you imagine yourself in a similar scene…one that I look forward to having a first-hand view of as well! 😉 So glad you enjoyed the read😊

  16. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    I won’t deny a thought or two of you has crossed my mind when I think about my boy’s cuckold fantasy. I will also admit, it scares me a bit. This post didn’t make it seem any easier! You have a real talent for stringing the erotic words together and such talent with the art, I’m just floored by how beautiful the artwork is.

    1. Whew, I thought your last comment was hot…I’m going to need a fire extinguisher er for this one. No, I’ll just imagine what it would be like to fulfill your cuckold’s fantasy of having you in front of him. It will much better to release my fire that way than trying to put it out! 🙂 So, why did this post scare you a little? I hope for a lot of reactions but not that one :-* Thank you so much for the art compliments…really appreciate it! These were some older efforts but I’m glad they add to the story. Thank you ❤

      1. CarlyQuinnAuthor

        I’m no exhibitionist, though I’ve been told otherwise. I might wish I could walk out like that but the reality is far more introverted. Even for the boy, I’m not sure it’s possible and there isn’t much I wouldn’t do for him. I thoroughly enjoyed the telling but trying to imagine, well, you know ☺️. Have no fear, I’m an INFP, I’ll run the scenario in my brain until it’s perfect. 🤓

        1. I’m with you…a bit on the introverted side yet have a craving for the spotlight in splashes. In these things, I imagine most of us are just role playing. I’m sure Jenna was nervous. I was a little nervous too. If everyone is genuinely a caring type person, we all want to make the experience amazing for one another and being nervous is a great indication that you care. Some people are far too carefree about this and, honestly, that puts a bit of a damper on it for me…it seems to lose some of the erotic edge and feels more like a porn scene if that makes sense. I think you would do wonderfully in the moment with the right guy joining you. Oh, and you’re an INFP? WP seems to be magnet for “your kind”, ha! Must be the writer personality. 😛

  17. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    You are very sweet! I agree with you re the too carefree = a bit too porny.
    I would be nervous as hell, not just for me but I’d be going nuts trying to gauge his reaction and whether or not he was getting off or it was all a disaster! Let alone trying to act interested in another man, lol! I might have to get to know the second guy well enough to be able to relax and tease, you know, ramp it up for the boy.
    You can tell I’ve never given it a second thought.
    Probably is a writer’s personality, lol.

    1. I know you will write the perfect script and do your very best to play it out🔥🔥🔥 You’ll find the perfect co-star to deliver a performance of the ages for your boy😘

      1. CarlyQuinnAuthor

        I have to remind myself to breathe when I read your comments. Breathe, girl, breathe!! Lord, he’s a hot one!

        1. The feeling is more than mutual…my hands go to what quickly becomes my straining (at times dripping) manhood and thousands of naughty thoughts take flight! I think you know this though…you turn me on in big way! :-*

  18. CarlyQuinnAuthor

    Why yes, that does make me smile. It’s a bit irresistible, given your enjoyment of spicy conversation. You certainly manage to flip some switches over here as well. 🙂

  19. Incredible writing. I’m new to writing this way as part of my own sexual discovery. This piece has really stimulated and inspired me. Thank you

    1. Thank you Angharrad, I really appreciate this feedback and so glad you the post…stimulating and inspiring.🔥I’m looking forward to following you on your journey of discovery. ☺️

  20. […] or girlfriend. I know this because there was a time when I fulfilled this desire for couples. In American Gigolo: Rise I describe my first encounter with a couple and that experience soon launched me into another world […]

  21. Very good read, Michael! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I live vicariously through you, brother!

    1. Thanks for checking it out. 😊 It is an oldie but one I still enjoy and decided to update the artwork for it. It’s funny you mention living vicariously…so many times I feel the same way. I’m in the moment and can’t even believe it is happening. It’s like I’m watching someone else..such an odd sensation. She was a hot one though and too much to resist.

  22. I read this in bed and was so very aroused by this tale. Found it difficult being so very hard.

    1. I hope you were able to take care of that…situation. Nothing like releasing some pressure before going to sleep. Thanks for sharing your reaction too. I certainly enjoyed the actual experience, but as far as telling the story goes, the best part is knowing it made someone hot…man or woman. Thank you for returning the energy.🔥

  23. I have no words after this one
    You naughty Man you
    But, I love your artwork
    Even if it makes me blush and I can’t say what else it does

    1. Cinnamon Gril, you can say what else it does…you can share.☺️🔥They are a happy couple…and it seems they both enjoyed themselves.😊Thanks so much for the callout on the artwork. These are older pieces from when I first started but they have held up okay over time. Thank you 😘

  24. Lucky, lucky lady…

    This part:

    “I took Jenna’s face in my hands and looked into her glassy eyes, “Get down on your knees and suck my cock.”

    Oh my god…this did all sorts of things to me…so arousing yet a little pang of pain at the thought of you saying those words to me but without emotion behind them…I wouldn’t want that…but if you felt something…then said that…god… I’d be yours


  25. Great read! I need to be my LIFE! Hopefully soon 🙂

    1. Yes you do!☺️I enjoy being cuckolded but also enjoy the Bull side… I suppose I need both edges to keep me balanced.

      1. I loved how you were intuned with how the husband was feeling. That was interesting. I especially liked how you brought him over before entering her. That’s something I would not have thought to stop and do.

        1. While it isn’t always the case, if the cuckoldress is truly in love with her man, she won’t do anything to jeopardize the relationship. If he isn’t happy with the way things play out…there won’t be a next time for that Bull. I always made sure the cuckold was having his needs met just as a good cuckoldress should. It has been over 10 years since I first played with them…I still see them a few times each year when they have the itch. So, you like that part where I invited him over to see? ☺️That is such a hot moment when a new man first enters your lover…her lips opening and wrapping around another man’s cock. I never want to miss that moment…it’s intense.🔥

          1. It does sound very intense and intimate! 🙂 for me I’d want my partner to be holding and kissing me during. At least for the first time.

          2. I like this too…it is one of those key “moments” for me. On the cuckold side, I want to be kissing my girl sensually while another moves deep and slow inside her…feeling her sigh and moan against my lips while taking pleasure from another man. Mmmm, so hot!

  26. This was freaking hot. Bravo.

    1. Awesome! So glad you enjoyed it 🔥This was definitely a crazy experience…at the time. I realize now that it is much more common than one would expect.

  27. Interesting that Jenna apparently never came during intercourse, only oral – until this very special cuckold moment. I find this very interesting that at THIS point in time, Jenna gets off. Not to put down your personal talents, but I wonder if the cuckolding situation itself, with the heightened emotions, intensity, etc contributed to her orgasms. This might explain why so many wives report this kind of thing happening.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, John. I totally agree with you actually. Like most men, I think I’m pretty good between the sheets…but I’m not delusional, ha! I think all of the erotic buildup that they shared as a couple, the emotions they feel for another, and this crazy erotic swirl playing out before them helped her cross the orgasmic threshold. She was experiencing a hot mind too along with her physical pleasure.

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