Sienna and I explored many things sexually and interracial cuckolding was one of our favorite fantasies. For the hundreds of you that visit my blog each day specifically for the cuckold content (but are too embarrassed to comment or click the like button), this post is for you. It includes links specific to my cuckold(ish) experiences with Sienna for your viewing pleasure. Some of the stories don’t yet have links but I will add those links once I release the stories.

Sienna - Black Dress 6 v4

I’m in the process of retelling our story and all of these posts are backdated. Consider this a sneak preview. Hope you enjoy.

  • Michael’s Revelations: 30 Days – Sharing my cuckold fantasy w/ Sienna for first time
  • Spa Fantasy – Sienna’s First BBC Free Flow
  • Spa Fantasy – Michael’s First BBC Free Flow
  • Opening Night – Sienna and I prepare to reveal our black cock fantasy on our blog
  • Unveiled (Part I)
  • Unveiled (Part II)
  • Tale of the Tape – Putting my cock to the measuring tape for Sienna
  • Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective
  • Our Souls are Making Love (While He Fucks You) – Discussing our black cock fantasy
  • Sienna’s Sensual Massage I – Sienna’s first massage with a black masseur
  • Sensual Massage II – Sienna’s second appointment with her black masseur
  • Sensual Massage III – Sienna’s third appointment with her black masseur
  • Tell Me a Story (Part I) – Sienna gets off on an interracial gang bang fantasy
  • Tell Me a Story (Part II) – Sienna gets off on an interracial gang bang fantasy
  • Perfect
  • Tattoo You – Body Writing
  • Exhibitionism – Room Service in a Flash
  • Cuckold Boundaries: The Other Man’s Cum
  • BBC Swirl and Emotional Context
  • Framing the Fantasy
  • Your Naughty Girl (submission)
  • Toying with the Fantasy
  • Please Drop the Towel – Sienna pleads with a hung black man to show her his cock
  • A Fine Wine – Shaping the erotic vibe between Sienna and her potential black bull
  • Cowgirl – Sienna wants to be a cowgirl and ride her black stallion
  • Hotel California: Anticipating BBC (Like a little girl at Christmas) – Sienna messages with her Black Bull and shares her excitement for his juicy big black cock
  • Hotel California: Reservations – Sienna and I discuss final cuckold boundaries
  • Hotel California: Arrival Day – Immersed in the cuckold angst
  • Hotel California: One Last Photo – Private moments before meeting Jalen
  • Hotel California: First Night – Exhibitionism and erotic humiliation
  • Hotel California: The Altar – Sienna worships at the BBC altar
  • Hotel California: Sienna’a Surrender (Day One of first BBC)
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two of BBC – Part I)
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two of BBC – Part II) Carried to Bed
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two of BBC – Part III) Sloppy Seconds
  • Hotel California: Master’s Chamber (Day Two of BBC – Part IV) Sienna’s Ass
  • Hotel California: Black Cock Slut
  • Black Cock Sensations – A Decadent Pleasure
  • Black Cock Sensations – Pleasantly Tender
  • Sienna Confesses: The Sexual Hierarchy – Sienna reflects on interracial cuckolding
  • It’s Lust Lunch
  • Fuck Doll – Sienna’s Barbie Doll Fantasy and Psychology
  • Cadet Inspection
  • Sienna’s Dreamy Black Cock Afterglow
  • A Knowing Wink – As a woman who now knows, Sienna has BBC on her radar
  • The Wall – Sex Club Fantasy
  • Jamel: Echoes
  • Naughty Santa
  • Cuckold – Interracial Wife Breeding (Sienna’s Take)
  • I’m Craving More (Big Black Cock)!
  • Point of No Return
  • Sexual Superiority
  • 5:15 Part I
  • 5:15 Part II
  • 5:15 Part III
  • Sienna’s Massage w/ Two Black Masseurs
  • And…

The above posts are specific to cuckolding, interracial sex, and erotic humiliation but our relationship was about much more. It was a love story.

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  1. Excellent, Michael. I enjoy your texts. Intelligent and very arousing 😘🔥😘🔥


    1. Thank you Christina 😘 I thought some folks into that are into cuckolding might enjoy these real-life experiences buried deep in my archives. 🔥

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