Sienna - One Last Photo v3

We are a few hours from meeting Jalen and our first cuckold experience. I’m breathlessly excited but also feeling very nervous and somewhat shaky. There are so many questions running through my mind about what we are about to do and if it is something that would be best left in the realm of fantasy. Am I really going to standby taking photos and running video while another guy fucks my girl? And, is she really okay with this…even looking forward to it? I love Sienna dearly. Yet, I have created and fueled within her a wild desire to be taken by another man…a hung black man. Today, in only hours, I will practically place her in the arms of another man with a much longer and thicker cock. The singular purpose of this visit is for him to fuck her and fill her with more than she has ever experienced before.

I look at her with complete confidence and pride knowing I am the man that has provided her with the most amazing sexual experiences of her life. She feels the same as she looks into my eyes. Sexually, I have taken her to places of sexual bliss she never imagined possible. Today, in a few hours, this all likely to change. This new man may very well provide her with the most exciting and pleasurable sexual experience of her life. Our sex will still be really good, but she will now know that it is possible for another man to take her to an even higher level of physical pleasure.

As I stand at this intersection of time and space, the weight of the moment is not lost on me. I ask her to lay on the bed and pose for a few photos. Sienna recognizes the significance behind my request and asks, “Baby, are you taking a before and after photo? Do you want one last photo of me before I have been with a black man? Do you think I will look or feel different?” I downplay the questions so I don’t create any unnecessary stress for her but admit I do want one last photo before she cuckolds me. Do I think she will look differently afterwards? No, but I believe she will feel different…not a bad different, just different.

For the first time since she fell in love with me, she will spread her legs for another man and excitedly welcome him deep inside her. Her breasts, once reserved for me, will welcome his large dark hands. Sienna’s amazing ass will be his to squeeze and spank as he treats my lover like his personal fuck doll. He will no doubt make my lover cum all over his hefty manhood and empty himself deep inside my lover’s pussy. And, she wants it all to happen. How can it not be different between us? In this moment, I believe in our relationship and our commitment to sexual exploration as a couple. After today, it will be different…hopefully even better as we start off on a new sexual journey together. Still, the future is unknown and I wanted…one last photo.

13 thoughts on “Hotel California – One Last Photo

  1. It is the unfolding of her wings and her transition from enraptured lover to another man’s common fuck toy that is both her doing and her undoing here. Yet another falling angel captured in mid-flight so well by your words and pictures. And as she becomes more angelic in our eyes, she falls. Yet her fall just elevates her before our eyes. And so our minds spin round yet again, unable to comprehend or accommodate Truth. All we can know here is what we can feel.

    1. Damn, this is so good!🔥”…transition from enraptured lover to another man’s common fuck toy…” During our buildup to this meeting, he would make a “Fuck Doll” reference to Sienna and it ignited something deep within her. Her belief in us being soul mates, yet her willingness and excitement about being treated like a fuck doll. I am rolling this story out a bit sporadically but I appreciate that you are picking up on her angelic qualities in the midst of this erotic swirl. That is the opposing energy that does make the mind spin.

  2. Love the darkness of the image, contrasting her sweet golden hair and pale beauty. The words compliment the picture, with an exciting mix of dark, light, romance and sharing.

    1. Zabhella, I really enjoy how you dig a little deeper and share your reaction. She had been so angelic…it was really hard to get my mind around what was actually about to happen.

      1. The contrast between fear and arousal? Jealousy and pride?

        1. Yes, you know this space…the erotic tension mounting as you are being pulled at from both edges of the emotional and mental spectrum. Each reaction fuels the counter-reaction as the swirl builds.

  3. Posereality

    Delightful story!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! These moments are intense…really the entire journey is intense and wildly erotic.

  4. Beauty Well Done With Great Story-Let The Journey Continue ! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lexxii…on with the journey! 😈💖 Thanks for checking out the story.☺️

      1. Welcome-My Pleasure 🙂 Journey On !! :heart:

  5. Great work as always! The sentiment is beautiful. Then again I am a hopeless romantic. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you brother, glad you enjoyed the sentiment too…it was intense. This genre often misses the intimate and romantic connection of the couple.

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