Sensual Shadows was a blog I once shared with Sienna, a great love from yesteryear. Early on in our blogging journey, I was drafting a post that clearly communicated one of our favorite fantasies — her sexual desire for black men and my desire to watch her being taken by a hung black man.

As a white couple writing about the love and romance we shared, this was a big revelation to share with our readers. As you can imagine, it is pretty intense to reveal to others that the woman you are so deeply in love with actually fantasizes about being with other men…more endowed black men. Adding to the erotic swirl of this revelation is my acknowledgement that watching her experience a black man also turns me on.

Our interracial cuckold fantasy was a steady part of our storytelling with one another and took the intensity of our sex to another level. Flaming this fantasy in private was one thing. Sharing it with friends in our blogging community was on another level. I was hesitant but sent her a featured image that communicated a message similar to this…

Three empty frames


Sienna – OMGosh!!! Baby! I love it!

Michael – Mmmm, sexy girl…so glad you like this.

Sienna – You are so naughty! I love the story that the image tells too.

Michael – What story does it tell to you?

Sienna – I like that it shows us together and also reveals our naughty secret.

Michael – Yes, I thought anchoring the image to us a couple first was a key ingredient to this piece. It makes the rest of what is shown even hotter. You mentioned the story that it tells, what story is it telling?

Sienna – Mmmm Baby, you know the story! That sometimes I need MORE…like a thick, juicy black cock! Are you okay sharing an image like this of me and everyone knowing I have a thing for hung black men?

Michael – Yes, of course. It taps into our exhibitionistic desires as a couple for sure. It will be so hot to show you off and also to see the reactions. How about you? Are you comfortable with others knowing about your dark cravings?

Sienna – Yes!!! It makes my pussy gush just thinking about it!

Michael – Damn, it makes my so hard knowing it turns you on for others to know you love getting a big black cock! So damn hot!

Sienna – It is different for me though. I think most girls will be jealous that I have a man that lets me experience this decadent indulgence within our loving relationship. As for the guys, I don’t really care what they think because I love you and you are 99.9 perfect for me! And, in the area where you do come up a “little short,” you provide other men to fill that void. I’m just not sure about how you feel?

Michael – Whew lover, you know how to push my buttons! I think you characterized this perfectly and it is this same line of thought that excites me. I feel a sense of pride in showing you off and in having earned the love and affection of such a beautiful girl. I’m also turned by the thread of humiliation running through this…a masochistic rush I suppose. It will be pretty clear to viewers that my cock is smaller than what you crave. While a bit embarrassing, this revelation turns me on in big way!

Sienna – Baby, I don’t want you to feel shamed or humiliated. I have a different reaction to it. I think of it as you being completely confident in yourself, in our relationship, and unselfish. You know that no matter how well these black men fuck me, I am coming back to you. That is powerful! There aren’t many men in the world that would look for and provide men with larger cocks to fuck their girlfriend or wife. I am blessed that you love me so much and are willing to give me this gift of pleasure. I feel like you are my strong, sexy man and I get the best of everything. I get you AND I get long, thick black cocks too! Share it baby!

Michael Muses: This vignette may resonate with others that are into cuckolding. It certainly had me turned on in a big way. My writing though is also about digging deeper to connect a few dots and better understand my past. There are some themes touched on this post that I have or will explore on the Dionysian Experience:

  • Exhibitionism – Exhibitionism can come in many forms. I can be an exhibitionist through showing my body. I can get a similar rush when my lover shows off her charms. When she does this, it is different than the voyeuristic rush someone outside our relationship would get. She is my lover and revealing something private and intimate that is typically reserved only for my eyes, and I get a rush from “showing off” my lover. We can also get an exhibitionistic rush through telling our erotic stories and sharing fantasies like I do on my blog.  This isn’t the only reason I write, but I recognize that there is an exhibitionistic layer at play. To read more about the psychology of exhibitionism please read Exhibitionism: Exploring the Layers.
  • Cuckolding – I have a category with numerous posts devoted to exploring the layers of this sexual kink on The Dionysian Experience. Please visit here to learn more about the psychology of cuckolding and why so many men are aroused by the thought of their lover being with another man.
  • Interracial Sex – Coming soon.
  • Erotic Humiliation (Small Penis Teasing) – In this post, I explore the psychology behind the kink known as erotic humiliation and discuss several variations for how this kink is experienced. This includes one my kinks that I am most uncomfortable about  – small penis teasing – but it is one that drives me wild! Whether it is true or not (and I leave that the readers imagination), the erotic humiliation is real.
  • Erotic Theatre – Cuckolding can be viewed as erotic theatre with person in the scene fulfilling a role within this sexual play. Also, explore the influence of the cuckold as the director and driving force of the cuckold scene playing out before him. Given the Dionysian influence in my blog, no surprise that Dionysus was the patron god of Greek theatre (among many other attributes).

25 thoughts on “Sensual Shadows: Opening Night

  1. Nice, I love this image. It truly does capture the couple and then the images beyond finish telling their story. Very nicely done :clap:

    1. Thank you Ms. Hyde, the couple is so often ignored in this kink when, in reality, they are the cornerstone.💖 I’m glad the naughty story ame through in this image. ☺️🔥

      1. 🙂 definitely did ☺️

  2. This is clever ;p

  3. Glad you enjoyed this…I still feel a little awkward putting up works like this. Even though I am mostly anonymous, sharing a cuckold fantasy isn’t always an easy thing to do. I think most people here are sexually open though and appreciate sexual kinks even if they don’t particularly indulge in that kink.

    1. haha i totally get u and yes, i enjoyed it :nod:
      I’ve always thought that as long as nobody gets hurt and all is consensual,
      and although i don’t agree with some fetishes and ideas, fantasies are fine :aww:

  4. Great scene, and I enjoyed the dialogue!

    1. Thanks Laspe, the dialogue is really what drove the art. Thanks for taking some time to give it a read. I always appreciate your visits.

      1. You are more than welcome. Always a pleasure to stop by and enjoy your creations!

  5. I like your cuckold scenes. Very nice!

    1. Thank you Cheryl, you are always kind ☺️These scenes are so fun and hot to bring together. I truly savor every inch of the journey… 😉

  6. I absolutely loved Sienna’s answers. They are exactly how I feel about the fetish too. It just baffles me how so many single cuckolds retell to me how other women will say “if you let me have sex with others that means you don’t really love me”. That makes no sense at all! If anything it is more love as Sienna said! Perhaps I’ll try to research why other women may react that way. Not sure.

    1. This reaction you hear from other “aspiring” cuckolds is very common and, for the most part, I believe it is true. For a woman that lives in a vanilla sexual world, this can be a shocking revelation. I believe most feel that is the guy’s way to somehow be able to sleep with other women and it confuses the woman and his underlying motive. It just doesn’t seem “norma” for a man to desire seeing his lover with another man. I’ve had this reaction quite a few times when sharing my fantasy as well. Sienna, the first time I shared it, was open minded and wanted to understand it. She was still shocked but never shut me down and instead asked questions to help get her mind around it. In time, it became her favorite fantasy too and she saw it in a new light…like how she shared in this particular interaction. Thanks for giving it a read. This particular line of posts about Sienna was an intense cuckold journey.

  7. Carly Quinn

    I remember the first time I read one of your cuckold blogs and my confusion at my own reaction to it! You’ve certainly shaped my growth and informed me in so many areas! Reading the conversation above just makes me feel warm all over! The degree of open, honest communication without fear of judgement is what allows such freedom. I especially love that you don’t confuse me so much anymore, lol. Now I recognize the nitro your words feed directly to my flushed and plumped up receptors through some cosmic inter-venous connection between us.

    1. Carly, Carly, Carly…I have missed you! 😘 Such an amazing rush to log in and feel your presence again 🌌✨ I’ve learned a lot from you as well as through your questions and how to better present the erotic layers of cuckolding…to women. Your last sentence has me readjusting in my seat – “nitro to my flushed and plumped receptors…cosmic connection”. Whew, that stirs my soul and my now flushed, plump… Btw, your receptors are divine. 🔥

  8. Carly, Carly, Carly…I have missed you! 😘 Such an amazing rush to log in and feel your presence again 🌌✨ I’ve learned a lot from you as well as through your questions and how to better present the erotic layers of cuckolding…to women. Your last sentence has me readjusting in my seat – “nitro to my flushed and plumped receptors…cosmic connection”. Whew, that stirs my soul and my now flushed, plump… Btw, your receptors are divine. 🔥

    1. Carly Quinn

      So nice you wrote it twice. lol.
      I didn’t realize you’d changed your blog name. I’ve missed your words so much! I just stumbled across you four days ago! I feel like I’m back home again. All is right in the world.

      1. Haha! I wonder what happened with that duplicate reply? With you though, once would never be enough!😃🔥 So my blog – The Dionysian Experience – it is actually somewhat new. I’m importing posts (and comments) from my old blog. I had to recreate it. I’ve sprinkled a few new ones in too. Welcome home beautiful 😘

        1. Carly Quinn

          I’ll just kick my shoes off and make myself comfortable. Looks like I’ve got some…mmm……reading to do.

  9. Hmmm, I’m thinking how fully I would savor watching you “read”…

    1. Carly Quinn

      I’m afraid I wouldn’t get too far, if you showed up. We’d have so many things to talk about you’re poor blog would be immediately relegated to resource material only. Now, about that audio recording, I want you to…..

      1. Hmmm, I do seem to recall some form of audio request ☺️I had forgotten about that but it would be fun. I’ll have to think about how to best present that…maybe narrating a little story with the sound of man doing something to ease his throbbing tension…. 🔥

        1. Carly Quinn

          Oh….I wasn’t ready for that. I know most women don’t but Llllord have mercy if you do that I’m afraid there might not BE any safe place for you on this planet. I, it, when…enthralled! Can’t look away! Love it, love it, love it!😍

  10. Mmmm Carly, this is wonderful encouragement 👋🍆💦 An audio would be acceptable for public release but perhaps a private video might be even better… 🔥

    1. Carly Quinn

      Don’t. Tease. Me. 🤯🤤

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