As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. Taxi, take us home.


Setting the Stage

I am in the process of sharing an erotic journey called Sensual Shadows. Sensual Shadows was a blog I once orchestrated with a great love, Sienna. I will share of many of those posts here and finish out the rest of our journey with new material never before shared publicly. It is first and foremost a story of transcendent love. It is also a detailed journey into sexual fetishes and, ultimately, the realm of interracial cuckolding. Taxi, Take Us Home is a continuation of how Sienna and I came to be lovers and is part II of our three-part origin story.

  • Sensual Shadows – Introduction and Love-Lust Toast
  • Gently Removing Sienna’s Mask is part I.
  • Part III is coming soon.

Taxi, Take Us Home

Sienna writes:

It is after 1 am and we are standing outside the hip eclectic bar where we have spent the last three hours socializing with colleagues. The unspoken strategy we both seemed to employ was a sexy dance of moving in and out of conversations, sitting next to each other, and grasping the guiding hand of the intense sexual/spiritual energy that swirled around us. I was caught up in this haze of sexy, erotic energy.  Michael, I could physically feel your passion flooding my presence while sitting next to you. As we mingled and worked the room, I remained focused on your whereabouts like a laser GPS…steeling glances and making eye contact that communicated what would soon read out like an addictive romance novel.

As we waited outside under the Spring moon, we engaged deeply into what must have seemed to be a business conversation to the colleagues swarming around us. Yet, it was a purposeful focus on a YouTube video you insisted showing me. I love your passion for music. We hung back and looked down intently at your phone as others rushed into cabs to get back to the hotel. You were keeping us back from the hurried rush for taxis so that we would have our own private ride. While others hurried past us, my world became quiet and fiery…it was just Us.

We slid across the backseat of taxi almost as one. I remember resting my inside leg over yours as we settled into watching the YouTube video on our ride back to the hotel. I looked over at you and deep into your eyes as we waited for the song “Hypnotized” to play… I was already hypnotized.

Michael writes:

“Sienna, you had me hypnotized and still do. This was the first time we were truly in one another’s intimate space. I can still feel the electricity from that ride…the charge echoing throughout my soul. Our bodies were close with legs entwined and my heart gently pounding.” 

As I shared in Gently Removing Sienna’s Mask, our interactions over the years leading up to this moment had been brief, yet very intense. She had just enough of a protective mask that I couldn’t see the path to her heart. And, while she is gorgeous, it is her heart that I wanted…even the uniting of our souls.

In the taxi, we lean into each other…hands touching as we play with our phones sharing songs and videos. We seemed so involved in our music and playlists. Funny though, we couldn’t get anything to play. Even simple tasks such as making a selection and pressing play were beyond us. Our attention was on each other and our subtle but increasingly sensual dance. Our hands rest warmly and perfectly over one another’s thighs. Sienna leans into my chest as we laugh with nervous energy. Her scent fills my being and I am illuminated. Pressed together in the cab, an overwhelming sensation of wholeness begins to rise within me.

Sienna writes:

We arrive back at hotel too quickly. I didn’t want it to end. As we walk toward the elevators, Michael leans in close and whispers his room number along with an invitation to come to his room for a glass of wine. I’m speechless and feeling so nervously excited. The elevator opens and soon fills with the people we had spent the last several hours with socializing. My floor is the 6th, and his is the the 8th. I slip off at 6 and say goodnight to Michael and everyone in the elevator.

With a quick glance into one another’s eyes, we communicate in a language nobody else could interpret but one that told Michael I would see him soon…in a matter of minutes. I quickly rush to my room brush my teeth. I realize I’m wearing my “everyday beige” lingerie but have no time to change and could care less. At least they were matching and sort of lacy…(okay a stretch, boring and daily). I bolt out the door toward the elevator and seconds later it was as if my body had floated up to the 8th floor. There I was… standing outside Michael’s door…heart pounding and body shaking with excitement. I knew this knock would open a door to a whole new world.

Michael writes:

Based on how the night had gone, I felt pretty confident that Sienna was going to come to my room but wasn’t sure. However, I was damn sure that I wanted her here with me. I scramble around the room straightening things up, setting the lights, queuing the music playlist, and opening some wine. I hear a soft knock on the door and everything else in the world fades away.  She’s here…my angel of love is home.

To be continued…



24 thoughts on “Taxi, Take Us Home

  1. All I can do is smile at the love in your words, even though it makes my heart ache at the same time.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Desiree. He will come to you…just hope you share the magic with us!

      1. You both always offer such great hope! Thank you!

      2. And of course I will share. I’m share you will get sick of me if that ever happens!!! 😉

  2. This is so sweet and sensual. I love how you two are reminiscing and the emotions of what you both were feeling. xoxo

    1. Thanks Tis💜 it’s always so good to go back to the beginning to tell each other your story…to reminisce and fall in love over and over again! Michael and I do this often and I love that we have a place to capture and share our story. What began years ago will still be as powerful and connecting as it was when WE started! xo

    2. Thank you, Tis 🙂 I get such a special rush revisiting these sensual memories with Sienna…to learn what she was thinking and feeling…sharing my memories with her. Each time we do this, it is like reliving it again and giving each other a special gift!

  3. ” I could physically feel your passion flooding my presence while sitting next to you” I love it. I know exactly how you feel and I love the way that you two talk about your past. You can feel the love in the words that you write.

    1. Thanks B! I appreciate the thoughtful comment, it means a lot that the emotion comes through. It is even better that you can identify with it…you too have a special gift! We do talk about some rather naughty things from time to time but loving posts like these are a mirror…reflecting our true light.

  4. Angel Morals

    I can not express how much I enjoy your blogs. It gives me hope that one day I will have a man of my own who will love me as you love Seinna. I love how you both connect so well its amazing.

    1. So glad you are enjoying… I’m sure “He” is out there for you. It took years before Michael and I actually connected …we both knew intuitively that we were meant to come together, But it took a while. Be patient! The love of your life is worth the wait!

    2. Thank you for sharing your feelings and reaction as we share and celebrate our love for one another. When he comes, and he will, you will know it was worth the wait…. 🙂

  5. These are the moments, the memories that live with us forever. I’ve always been one to shun material things in favor of experiences, spending freely on experiences, finding them to be far more lasting, far more meaningful. This dance you danced, at the party, in the cab, in the elevator, is a dance everyone else in the world craves. You’re very lucky to have danced it with each other, and continue to dance as you will.

    1. So true JK. I love your words. I treasure these moments of “our story”. Michael and I re-tell and reminisce often, all the while recreating new memories to fill our treasured vault of commemoration. Thank you for your thoughts on this 🙂
      It is evident to us that you and Sofia connect with stories like ours, of your own “WE” story!

  6. Mr. Modigliani

    Just the whole idea of this blog is spectacular, that you are co-writing it together, creating a lasting remembrance of your passion. Also that it is sensual, loving and hot.

    1. Thank you Mr. M! We both feel this shared experience is the most unique scenario. Many blog separately and post on each other’s…yet for us we feel vulnerable and free in our open blogging environment. It also helps us to share and connect more as we may have differing opinions or viewpoints on things… This makes for rich conversation… And phenomenal love making! We really appreciate your comments 😊

      1. Mr. Modigliani

        I agree. I have had some hot affairs with bloggers where we write very beautiful posts for each other (without telling the world), but your approach is unique. And the fact that you make it real is just stunning. Best regards.

  7. I can’t stop reading…
    This is so touching and beautiful.
    More please…

    1. We have so much to post and write about experiences we have had that are touching, loving, hot, sexy … Be patient, there is more and it is coming! xo
      So glad you are enjoying 😊

      1. I will try to… Wait… I will be patient. lol
        Sounds better no? 😉

        1. We have so much we’ve written and will be posting MORE soon!!!!! Very soon!!!! 😉

  8. I think this comment has been covered, lol! 😉 Thanks again for exploring the stories around our first moments and feeling the sensuality and beauty in these memories. 🙂 As for more, you have a few requests for that as well…we are anxious to see what happens next with JK… 😉

    1. You are so welcome. You are both great writers that bring such different perspectives. I love that.
      Oh and I just posted part two… nothing sexy yet that will come soon. 😉

  9. 😘

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