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Setting the Stage

Back in 2013 – 2014, I shared a blog titled Sensual Shadows with Sienna. We used this blog as a platform for building something together and staying connected across our long-distance relationship. We wrote about our love, sexual fantasies, and naughty experiences. We (at Sienna’s request) eventually pulled back from blogging and much of our story was left unfinished…until now. I hope you enjoy your stroll through my Sensual Shadows. As your personal guide, I encourage you to dress appropriately…or undress. It is going to be a hot one ~ Michael

Gently Removing Sienna’s Mask

Across the room, I saw her. What I felt at that instant was something so powerful I can feel the sensation like it happened today. It was as if I was in the presence of a Goddess. I asked the guy next to me if he knew her? “Who, Sienna? Yeah, good luck with that one!” he laughed.

Sienna was standing in the center of the picnic area having a conversation. I was looking at the most beautiful woman in the world. Sienna is a breathtaking sight to behold. I savor beautiful sunsets and sunrises, panoramic mountain views, and star-filled heavenly nights. None of these remotely compared to what I experienced looking at Sienna. Her long, blonde hair and blue eyes certainly pulled me in. Sienna’s incredibly tone figure and sexy curves were beautifully accented with fashionable clothing and jewelry. I was drawn in deeper. But, there was more…so much more that cast me into a dreamy haze.

I remember the thoughtful expression in her eyes and her face as she spoke with others. Her smile seemed so warm and sincere. Her hands and gestures flowed with sensual grace…sparkles of light seemed to be radiating around her. I could sense her inner tempo and spirit as she flowed. She was beautiful and sensual. It is a lot absorb in one glance, but I felt it. Sienna seemed to have such depth that I was now aching to explore. While clearly experiencing a somewhat emotional reaction, there was also an equally compelling physical reaction. Yeah, I wanted to fuck her. My cock sprung to full mast just looking at her. I wanted to take Sienna tight then and there…to fuck her good and make her my girl! I wanted this, but…I wanted more.

As a matter of self preservation, I avoid work romance and didn’t approach her. I only acknowledged my reaction and reluctantly yielded to my self-imposed restraints. Over a year would pass without me ever making an overt move to ask her out. We didn’t work in the same state and would only see each other a few times a year at meetings. Each time I saw Sienna, I had the same reaction physical and emotional response. I couldn’t seem to shake her from my thoughts.

When we did briefly connect at meetings, our conversations often centered around fitness.  We both enjoyed a physically active lifestyle and enjoyed hearing about one another’s training and upcoming events.  I somehow managed to get through these moments despite feeling like I couldn’t form complete sentences around her. It was as if there were circles of light running between and through us…it was electric. When we would part, it was like I had just been shocked but felt so alive and alert. There was something magical happening.  I wondered if she felt the same way?

She wore just enough of a protective mask that I couldn’t see or get to that next level with her. Beyond breaking my self-imposed, work-romance vow I really didn’t have anything tangible to loose. I don’t know…I worried about coming on too strong or overstepping. I’ve been shot down by women many times in life and it’s no biggie. I’ve had plenty of successes too. No risk, no reward they say. It was different with Sienna. Her perception of me mattered. I never wanted her to see me as one of the hundreds or even thousands of guys that probably hit on her all the time with one thing on their mind. I didn’t want to be viewed as lacking substance and authenticity in my intent. I never wanted her beautiful eyes and heart to see and feel me in the way I carried myself in my American Gigolo phase. I wanted her to see the real me…to feel my soul.

Time would pass and we no longer worked at the same company. By chance, our paths crossed again at a professional society meeting and the light show was still firing around us.  I was coming off an elevator to go out for a run. Sienna was waiting to get on the elevator.

Sienna writes:

We randomly ended up at the same bank of elevators. I was waiting to get on and you were hustling off for a run. Michael, your gaze slid over me like a veil of fire. You ignited my deepest desires with that one single glance…I so wanted to join you! I decided right then…. WE will Be! ❤❤❤❤❤

I remember seeing Sienna as I came off the elevator. Once again, we had a brief conversation that left me dazed. I recall beating myself up about how ridiculous I must have sounded and why I couldn’t form complete thoughts when she was close to me!? As I set off on my run, I could feel her running with me…running through my thoughts and pulling at my soul. I could feel and see our story in her eyes. Fortunately, the meeting still had a few days left and I was hopeful that I would have a chance to rally and get myself together. This could very well be my last opportunity to remove Sienna’s mask.

The next evening I was relaxing near the bar with a small group of colleagues. Through other forces at play, Sienna found her way to this bar and was folded into our little group. This was it…my last opportunity. I locked her down in conversation pretty quickly. I wasn’t going to give the other men any glimmer of hope with Sienna. The larger conversation soon began to evolve on plans for heading out to a pub outside the hotel. I could sense the other guys’ excitement about the prospect of Sienna joining us but she wasn’t so sure about it. I remember focusing in and asking her to come out with us…emphasizing that I wanted to spend more time with her. She made me promise I wouldn’t leave her alone and that I was the only reason she was going.  Oh man, this was exciting news!

Sienna wanted to go up to her room to change, and I decided it might be a good idea to do the same. After freshening up, I left my room and hopped on the elevator to go back downstairs. A few floors down, the elevator stopped and Sienna entered. She looked fantastic in those tight stretchy jeans showing off her long legs and perfect ass. The high heels took it to a whole new level of hotness! Yes, I was drooling. I also recall thinking how interesting our timing was. Just a minute earlier or later and we would have come down separately. Coming down together propelled us to look for the other folks together. We soon found ourselves away from the lobby and alone together.

We talked about our passion for exercise and the almost spiritual feeling we experience during extended endurance-type workouts. The topic made an important shift when we discussed how the passion and spirituality we feel about and experience in our exercise is missing in other areas of our life. The conversation went deeper as we shared what we value in relationships and the inability to find it. After years of just scratching the surface, we were tapping into and connecting on a deeper level. We were acknowledging we valued the similar things in a lover…would we find this in each other?  Slowly and gently, I was removing Sienna’s mask.

Our ever deepening conversation was broken by the group forming around us and the hustle for taxis.

To be continued…


24 thoughts on “Gently Removing Sienna’s Mask

  1. I actually started with the taxi but had to come here first. 🙂

    1. We are tickled to have your browsing through the archives and leaving a trail a sunshine! 😀

      1. awwww thank you Michael.

  2. Ginger Cholder

    It’s nice that you include sweetness in your Sensual Shadows. I love that even after years of longing, you and Sienna came together, and now share each other’s passions.

    1. Thanks for checking out one of our early stories. I wish we hadn’t waited so long, but Sienna was definitely worth the wait! We started this blog as another fun way for us to connect across the miles…savoring and sharing both the sensual and naughty dimensions of our connection. Thanks for visiting 🙂💖

  3. Baby, I LOVED this post…reconnecting with the moments of our awakening…realizing the magic we share was always there in our eyes…dancing sensually behind our “masks”…waiting…wanting to be freed. You are more than I ever dared to dream.

    1. My sweet Michael, I love your expression and sharing of your thoughts and feelings here. The way we connected and communicated with each other in that “one glance”, truly powerful! Our dance which began a long time ago only has become even more beautiful and eloquent as time goes by. I love you SO my prince! I love your connecting comments, all of the moments described are so vividly alive in my mind and I regularly visit them with a blushing smile and a full heart! xoxoxo

  4. This is so sweet! I love knowing how people met and that pull between each other. You wonder is it just me? Are they feeling it too? And both of you were. Perfect!

    1. Thanks Tis… So true! Our story and beginning is a powerful and magnetic one. We had years of such a powerful, being drawn to one another, type feeling… By the time we actually trusted and surrendered to it, ’twas an indescribable reality! xx

  5. You two are the epitome of timeless love! I told a real-life friend of mine about the two of you….and your SMOLDERING online romantic musings lol. She couldn’t quite wrap her head around it. I said ‘hey, don’t try to understand….just go READ THEM’. lol – hope it stays this way forever. There are many out there who will never know love like this. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Jalen, this was a very sweet comment. No doubt there is a smoldering love we have for one another!!! I think the key to keeping it is staying engaged and equally contributing. We are always learning more about each other everyday, just as any relationship with success should encompass. “Study each other”… This is a key element! It’s the ebb and flow of adoring love and “hot naughtiness” always woven together! Michael knows me so well, but even if he’s not sure or testing the waters on something…he will figure it out and we communicate!

      1. (taking notes…)

        1. That’s awesome, we love to inspire! And your Girl will appreciate!

    2. Thanks brother, this was such a special comment, really means a lot! 🙂 🙂

  6. don’t you just love that electricity? 🙂

    1. Yes JK! And it sounds like you completely understand what Michael and I experience as described by such adjectives… nouns… verbs 😊

      1. Yes, I get it. Thankfully.

  7. I love to read how you first met and the instant connection you both had.. Amazing, when things happens because they are meant to be.
    It’s funny I am also writing about our first date. 🙂

    1. I LOVED your story too and want to go back in and read again!!!!! It’s been a busy weekend… Will cuddle up with some down time this evening and go back and read!! It is powerful I agree… It’s the glue to your connection with one another!

      1. Awww thank you for the sweet comment about our first date.
        I am slow but will post part two soon. 🙂
        Yes it is, especially when one is long distance…
        Hope your weekend settles. I am happy that I am able to catch up on blogs. 🙂

    2. Thank you MariMar, I know you are very familiar with the energy and power of the connection that surrounds moments like this. Excited to see your magic with CJ as the story you are sharing unfolds! 🙂

      1. Yes, I am and I am so lucky that I do. I never knew one could have this type of relationship with another human being. 🙂
        We, as others that are like us, are very lucky.

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  9. Hmmmm…wow.
    Such a love 🖤

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